Married At First Sight 2024: Everything You Need To Be Up To Speed With Season 11’s Drama

You know how it goes — another year, another cooked season of Married At First Sight Australia. The MAFS 2024 season delivered a whole new batch of hopeful singles willing to put their reputations on the line to wed a stranger on national television. You gotta love it, don’t you?

Believe it or not, we’re up to Season 11 of the beloved/loathed/highly discussed reality show. This year boasted rivalries, heartbreak, betrayals, twists, turns, shocks and bombshells.

This season has been full of drama. (Image: Nine)

Here’s everything you need to know about MAFS 2024 (Season 11).

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Latest MAFS News, Spoilers & Tea

April 7, 2024

The MAFS Reunion was everything we hoped for and more but Ellie and Jono‘s behaviour following their hard launch was definitely insensitive. Read the MAFS 2024 Reunion recap here.

If you’re needing your Lucinda Light fix, we’ve got good news for you. Lucinda Light Tribe has officially launched.

If you’re needing your Jack and Tori fix (lol), they’ve reveal which MAFS scene of theirs was scripted. Did you know they almost quit the show mid-season, too?

Speaking of, can MAFS villains really make bank on social media? And do MAFS couples have an advantage on that front?

Someone who’s both a villain and unsuccessful in a MAFS marriage is Harrison Boon, who has come under fire from the public after cruel comments he made about MAFS brides from his season. Abbie Chatfield also got involved.

April 2, 2024

The show may *technically* be over but this gooch period before they get their socials back in a breeding ground for MAFS tea.

Fresh from their MAFS Final Vows airing, Jack and Tori have spilled on what Jono reveals to Sara at the MAFS 2024 Reunion.

The controversial MAFS pair also addressed a bunch of rumours about them — from Jack not having any friends to the “just fake it” comment from Tori. They even revealed that they almost left the show halfway through.

Lauren also squashed the rumours about something going on between her and Jayden, but another MAFS couple swap possibly emerged when Timothy and Andrea were spotted hanging out.

But wait: there’s more! Apparently the MAFS brides were at war this season and had to be separated during filming of Season 11.

April 1, 2024

And just like that, MAFS 2024 came to an end! Or did it? Following the MAFS 2024 Final Vows of Jack and Tori, Sara and Tim and Jayden and Eden, we were blessed with a MAFS 2024 Reunion trailer and it was everything I hoped it would be.

March 31, 2024

MAFS Final Vows have commenced, with Ridge and Jade declaring they want to continue their relationship and Lauren and Jono wanting the exact opposite. Here’s how Australia reacted to Lauren’s mic drop.

Oh, and as we near the end of MAFS Season 11, why not look back at some of the best MAFS outfits?

March 30, 2024

If you love a good throwback, please enjoy these resurfaced photos of MAFSEden that have been found on the internet. She was just like us!

March 28, 2024

Jade revealed that Ridge got a tattoo of her name during a recent visit to Bali together at Fitzy, Wippa & Kate‘s dinner party held in the MAFS cast’s honour.

Timothy exposed Jack and his ex, Courtney Jade, during the same party, plus a whole bunch of other stuff went down, including how Lauren really feels about the Jono and Ellie texts. Read about all of the goss from the Nova 2024 MAFS Dinner Party.

Some keen MAFS investigators reckon there’s more to Tori’s “fake it” comment to Jack than meets the eye.

March 26, 2024

With MAFS 2024 wrapping up for another year, there was one question we all needed to answer: what exactly the story was behind Jack’s moustache. Hint: it’s petty AF.

In other news, a MAFS bride has been spotted on the dating apps before she’s even said her MAFS final vows.

March 25, 2024

Lucinda Light is gone but not forgotten, squashing rumours that she’ll be an expert on MAFS New Zealand. As long as we see her on our tellies soon, I’m OK with that!

We had our final dinner party of MAFS 2024 last night and Jono really revealed a different side of him after being caught texting Ellie. Read about in in the MAFS 2024 Episode 34 recap.

During that same episode, Tori told Jack to “fake it” after asking him to kiss her. The internet’s going wild. Did she not want to ruin her lipstick or are they up to something bigger and better here?

March 24, 2024

If you’re dying to know more about our MAFS grooms before they’re off our screens forever (one can hope), here’s some intel around Jack‘s teeth.

But let’s get into what’s actually happening on the show: Lucinda Light and Timothy are gone for real now, choosing to leave during the MAFS 2024 Episode 33 recap.

Tori also dropped a bombshell on Jono and Lauren during the Commitment Ceremony. Not everyone’s happy about the way Tori went about revealing the news about him texting Ellie, though.

Jayden and Eden seem to finally be on the right track but there might have been some editing at play during the last MAFS dinner party when it came to them leaving the table.

Oh, and for a bit of fun, check out these throwback photos of the MAFS 2024 cast.

March 20, 2024

Tori and Jack did the deed! Or did they? The pair announced that they consummated their marriage at the dinner party during the MAFS 2024 Episode 32 recap but it doesn’t look like everyone believes them!

In the same episode, Lucinda and Timothy saw each other for the first time since their breakup and handled the situation very maturely.

Remember that bracelet Jack got Tori during MAFS Home Stays? Eagle-eyed viewers reckon they know where it’s from.

Meanwhile, any hopes we had of MAFSAsh and Natalie being romantically involved have been crushed.

As the season draws to a close, it’s time to start hypothesising which of the MAFS cast will give OnlyFans a crack. That came out wrong.

March 19, 2024

Tori copped an absolute grilling from Jack’s client Lizz and it was shocking that he didn’t jump in to defend her. Read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 31 recap and hear what Australia had to say about the Lizz battle.

Meanwhile, Timothy has seemingly been popping of on TikTok about his breakup with Lucinda, and reports have come out that Jack granted a temporary protection order against his ex.

On a completely different note, here are the MAFS people on OnlyFans.

March 18, 2024

After weeks of trying her darn hardest, Lucinda has decided that Timothy is not giving her what she needs. You know what? No one blames her. She gave it her all. Read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 30 recap.

Meanwhile, Andrea has revealed why she left Richard at the last MAFS Commitment Ceremony.

March 17, 2024

MAFS expert John Aiken has had enough of Tori and Jack, so went head to head with the “power” couple during the latest Commitment Ceremony. It was stunning. Read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 29 recap.

In a weird turn of events, Eden and Jayden started to show cracks in their relationship. How do we feel about Jayden throwing Eden under the bus like that? Me no likey!

Also, have you been wondering why Dicky is always wearing a scarf? Neither.

As we near MAFS final vows, let’s check in on the MAFS couples still together today.

March 13, 2024

After unveiling her delightfully cheeky side, Lucinda and Timothy are closer than ever. And they kissed!!! Which you can read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 28 recap.

In off-camera goss, Sara has admitted she cheated (emotionally) on Tim after initially denying it.

And perhaps the biggest news so far, we finally know who our MAFS narrator is! I’ve always wondered.

March 12, 2024

Jayden continued his interrogations during the Feedback Week tasks and this time the target was Tori —which you can read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 27 recap. Also, Lucinda and Timothy are so damn cute lately – their latest activity for Tori and Jack had the audience squealing.

We’re well and truly past the halfway point in the experiment now and you know what that means? We have one hellfire of a MAFS 2024 reunion coming up.

March 11, 2024

Sara was taken to town by Jayden during the Feedback Week task —which you can read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 26 recap — and Lauren put together an amazing list of questions for Jack (that sadly he never got to hear).

March 10, 2024

Sara was schooled about her secretive behaviour at the MAFS Commitment Ceremony — which you can read all about in the MAFS 2024 Episode 25 recap — and Tristan learned the harsh truth about Cassandra‘s feelings.

Meanwhile, did Eden reveal whether or not she and Jayden are still together?

March 6, 2024

Even with the MAFS Couples Retreat all wrapped up, there’s a lot of tea we didn’t even see with behind-the-scenes drama still flowing in.

Following Jack’s fat-shaming comments, he pulls Timothy and Tristan aside for what could be the worst apology I’ve ever seen. Then all eyes are on Sara as she reveals lie after lie about her ex-boyfriend. Read about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 24 recap.

March 5, 2024

The MAFS Couples Retreat wraps up! Jack made fat-shaming comments (disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!!!) and Eden revealed a damning text message she received from Sara. Read about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 23 recap.

Side note: Is anyone else obsessed with Timothy and Tristan‘s friendship? It’s been great to see them bond, as well as how Tristan has been there in support of Timothy’s grief this season.

March 4, 2024

It’s Couples Retreat time! Timothy has an emotional breakthrough for both himself and his relationship with Lucinda, and Sara makes some huge claims about Jack that she wants to tell Tori. You can read all about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 22 recap.

March 3, 2024

Tori gets a rude awakening at the Commitment Ceremony when Jack admits that she is a little further along in their relationship than he is. Ben and Ellie also left! For good this time! Check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 21 recap.

February 28, 2024

I’m calling it — we had the most chaotic dinner party of Season 11 for the MAFS 2024 Episode 20 recap.

It was so batshit that the very next day Tori apologised for her “feral” outburst and Ellie went rogue on a Facebook post about Ben.

February 27, 2024

Ellie and Ben’s relationship is as good as over after Ben listed out all the things he didn’t like about Ellie, which resulted in her kicking him out. You can read about it in thMAFS 2024 Episode 19 recap.

Not to be overlooked was the song Ben wrote for Ellie all about their MAFS experience. If it’s not a hit song in the next three weeks I’ll be very confused.

Interestingly, there are also rumours that Ellie had a boyfriend who she dumped for MAFS.

There was a lot of goss that dropped today, including rumours around MAFS intruder Ash and ex-MAFS 2024 cast member Natalie being an item. It comes just after Ash and Madeleine‘s shock exit from the show this week.

February 26, 2024

Lucinda’s dad stole the show as Family and Friends Week kicked off for Season 11, with the cheeky bugger telling Timothy to have a one night stand with Lucinda. You can read about it in thMAFS 2024 Episode 18 recap.

If you have thoughts about Jack and Tori‘s conversation with her bestie, Lea, you’re not alone.

February 25, 2024

Jack was schooled during the Commitment Ceremony after he told Jono to “muzzle” Lauren. All the other men were also called out for being complicit by being silent during the exchange. You can read about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 17 recap.

February 21, 2024

Jack has angered and upset the nation by not only offering Tori to the other grooms if there’s a couple swap task, but also telling Jono to “muzzle his woman”. It was truly disgusting and you can read about it in the MAFS 2024 Episode 16 recap.

Oh, MAFS 2025 applications are also open if that’s ya thing!

February 20, 2024

We meet Ridge (who says “dece” instead of “decent”) and Jade who was also cheated on by her partner with her best friend, like Eden.

Madeleine and Ash embark on their honeymoon which is both weird and entertaining for all involved when she says sorry to cows and has a psychic download over a wine. See the MAFS 2024 Episode 15 recap for more of that!

February 19, 2024

MAFS intruders time! We meet Madeleine and Ash in the MAFS 2024 Episode 14 recap, as well as Michael‘s beautiful new groom, Stephen.

Plus, we explore the rumours that Tim had a secret girlfriend while the cameras were still rolling. JUICY!

February 18, 2024

The second MAFS Commitment Ceremony of the season saw Sara get called out for yelling and pointing at Tim. A lot more happened, like Lucinda and Timothy turning a corner, so be sure to check out the MAFS 2024 Episode 13 recap.

In case you missed it, there are some absolutely fabulous StarNow photos of Jack circulating and two of the Season 11 stars are in deep shit for exposing the MAFS couple swap of 2024.

February 14, 2024

The second MAFS dinner party was absolute mayhem with Tori and Timothy going head-to-head, as well as Sara and Tim having a yelling match loud enough to make the entire table uncomfortable. For more about what went down, see the MAFS 2024 Episode 12 recap.

Another point of conversation was Ben and Ellie‘s relationship, however, a video of the MAFS couple has surfaced showing them looking happy and insinuating that we’re only seeing part of the overall story.

Just in case there wasn’t enough going on (lol), Channel Nine also announced five new MAFS intruders, including a Home & Away star.

Another MAFS actor? No way!

In case you’re already missing Natalie & Collins, the MAFS couple did separate interviews about each other dishing the dirt.

February 13, 2024

Intimacy Week is underway and Tim and Sara are butting heads after she was too hungover to go on a date. Ellie is also feeling uncomfortable about Ben after he mocks her. For more about what went down, see the MAFS 2024 Episode 11 recap.

It was also reported that Natalie and Collins were “removed” from MAFS, with there being more to the exit than what we saw on TV.

February 12, 2024

Alright, we think Collins and Natalie have left for good this time (but we’ve been fooled before). In other areas of Skye Suites, Intimacy Week AKA Fucc Week has commenced and not everyone’s happy about it. For more on Lucinda and Timothy’s boob fight and Lauren and Jono‘s yelling match, see the MAFS 2024 Episode 10 recap.

February 11, 2024

Collins’ debut on the MAFS Commitment Ceremony couch has sent Australia into an absolute tizzy, with the MAFS groom being overly stressed out about Natalie’s decision to write ‘Leave’. A lot of people are saying it’s a case of bad acting — but check the MAFS 2024 Episode 9 recap and decide for yourself!

February 9, 2024

MAFS recapper Chantelle Schmidt and PEDESTRIAN.TV Entertainment Reporter Laura Masia sat down to unpack three very big moments of MAFS Season 11 Week 2: the potential MAFS couple swap, Jayden’s confession and whether clout-chasing through MAFS is such a bad thing after all.

February 8, 2024

A MAFS couple swap is on the cards this season as two contestants were papped getting cosy in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. The groom of the wife who was papped has chimed in (I’m choosing not to name them in case you don’t want spoilers!), saying he knew something fishy was going on and that he’s disappointed they spoiled the ending of the show.

February 7, 2024

Every year there’s some discussion about “the edit”. However, this discussion usually takes place after MAFS has been on air for at least a month. This time around, contestants on the show are already calling out the drama-intensive editing on the show. You know what they say, some things are certain in life — the grass is green, the sky is blue and MAFS is edited in a drama-focused way.

In Episode Eight of MAFS 2024, Confessions Week continued to cause a stir as Sara decided to not partake in the phone swap challenge, and Jack asked Tori to prove why she’s the hottest bride. Oh dear!

Following Jayden’s wild admission to sleeping with his ex-girlfriend’s friend while she watched on, a woman claiming to be Jayden’s ex-girlfriend reached out to PEDESTRIAN.TV saying that she never cheated on Jayden and that none of her friends slept with him.

February 6, 2024

In Episode Seven, we enter our MAFS 2024 Confessions Week. Nothing quite prepared anyone for the bomb that Jayden dropped on Eden and side note: Collins and Natalie are back! I have a headache.

PEDESTRIAN.TV also caught up with Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley, with Jack saying he’d prepared Tori for the ex-girlfriend story well ahead of it coming out at the MAFS dinner party.

February 5, 2024

In Episode Six, we attend our very first MAFS dinner party of 2024. The topic of conversation is a new article about Jack, saying he broke up with a girlfriend on the outside to come on MAFS Season 11. Natalie and Collins also called it quits!

February 4, 2024

In Episode Five, we meet MAFS‘ most chaotic bride, Lauren, who gets coupled up with Jonathan. We also meet a more mature couple with Richard and Andrea and I’m already really rooting for them to make it through the MAFS experiment and beyond.

In case you missed it, Ella Ding also chimed in on seeing her ex, Mitch Eynaud, back on the show. Her comments are juicy!

February 1, 2024

In Episode Four, we caught up with a bunch of our already-married pals before getting stuck into some more weddings! Sweet Tristan asked Cassandra if he could give her a smooch and Lucinda and Timothy did a life drawing class. So those two couples are slowly heating up. But on the other hand, Jack told Tori that he wasn’t sexually attracted to her. Ouchie mama!

Plus, we saw another couple make things official at the altar — Ben and Ellie! They were vibing until Ellie’s cousin started questioning whether Ben was on MAFS for the right reasons.

So, that got PEDESTRIAN’s entertainment reporter Laura questioning whether there is such thing as going on MAFS for the right reasons anymore. You can read her hot take HERE.

January 31, 2024

In Episode Three, we caught ourselves a ~ dorky ~ wedding AND the return of Season Nine groom Mitch. This time around, Mitch’s brother Jayden tied the knot with Eden. We also saw “not-like-other-girls” Natalie make things reality TV official with Collins, who says never has gotten past a first date. This should be interesting.

A cheeky source also spilled which MAFS 2024 couples are still together beyond the show. Spoilers within three episodes? Spicy.

Thinking of sharing your opinion about the MAFS 2024 cast? A father of a MAFS bride is nervous about exactly that, telling a radio show host to “look after her” when discussing the production on air.

January 30, 2024

Episode Two has continued the trend of being a rollercoaster of emotions. There’s the gorgeous, high-flying emotions of the pretty weddings, and then there’s the bold lows of the slowly bubbling relationship issues that the couples will (most likely) be facing. On Episode Two, we saw Jack and Tori, along with Lucinda and Timothy tie the knot. I’m telling you now, Lucinda is the best character on this god forsaken show.

January 29, 2024

It’s finally here!!!! The first episode of MAFS has kicked off and honestly, it’s my favourite premiere of the last few years. And the best bit is, that our recap guru Chantelle is back to give you all the goss. You can check out her first (hilarious) recap here.

January 23, 2024

A TikToker who almost became one of the 2024 brides has dished the dirt on the application and interview process going on the show — and it’s just as juicy as you’d expect. Also, fun fact, she dated one of the current 2024 grooms! My bet is on Jonathan. If it ever comes out, you heard it here first.

January 22, 2024

There’s been a lot of rumours swirling about one particular MAFS cast member whose official cast pic looks janky AF. In a new trailer released by Channel Nine today, it is revealed that one groom has left the experiment. After a little bit of digging, it’s become pretty clear that the groom who legged it is Simon Flocco. We’ve broken down the tea in a little explainer.

January 18, 2024

The latest trailer for the new season of MAFS has dropped. After it hinted that a contestant will be booted from the show for ‘repulsive behaviour’, I am intrigued, I am excited.

January 15, 2024

The official cast list has been shared by Channel Nine! Hallelujah! There’s a great batch of interesting singles this year and I’m currently taking bets on who is most likely to get a teeth whitening sponsorship after the show.

January 11, 2024

The new MAFS 2024 season hasn’t started yet but boy, oh, boy, we already have some pre-season drama to wet the whistle. Apparently, one former groom spilt some tea on his mate’s relo from the current season. JUICY!

October 26, 2023

Ouchie mama, this one is a doozy. Apparently, a MAFS 2024 contestant tried to score a free feed from Sydney’s Coogee Pavillion before the show even aired. Fairly embarrassing, no?

August 10, 2023

During filming there was an alleged cast leak. Here’s who was rumoured to be tying the knot in the 2024 MAFS season. It’s looking pretty spot on, TBH.

August 7, 2023

As the MAFS season approaches, we always hear the same rumour: that an upcoming bride or groom has dumped their partner to go on the show. Season 11 is no exception with sources claiming upcoming contestant Jacob Dunkley — who goes by Jack — dumped his misses to give the show a crack.

July 28, 2023

In July 2023, filming for Season 11 of MAFS was well underway in Sydney. That means there were plenty of paps around and about reading to snap a cheeky pic of the upcoming wedding. One of the locations was the same place where Kyle Sandilands married his now-wife Tegan Kynaston so you just know it’s all class.

Lauren from Married At First Sight Australia drinking wine
Lauren is such a vibe, TBH. (Image: Nine)

Where can I watch Married At First Sight 2024?

Confused about where to watch Married At First Sight Australia? You can watch MAFS live on Channel Nine or you can stream it on demand on 9Now. You can even catch up on old episodes if you want to get into the Married at First Sight spirit.

Why not check out PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION? It’s our bonkers ass channel streaming chaos 24/7 on 9Now. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Tag yourself!! I’m the bird staring into the next three months of a show that will happily take over my life. (Image: Nine)

What day and time is MAFS on?

MAFS is on at 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday and 7pm on Sundays from January 29 to early April.

Is MAFS scripted?

It’s not! That being said, MAFS cast members such as Olivia Frazer (via Instagram Q&A) have admitted in the past that they have sometimes had to repeat or rephrase lines which can make it seem a bit scripted. But that drama is real, baby!

Of course there are producer strategies and MAFS cast members with a clout-shaped agenda that helps, but there’s no script that they’re reading off!

When was Married At First Sight 2024 filmed?

Channel Nine reportedly began scouting for MAFS Season 11 contestants back in March 2023. Then, once they’d found their victims new batch of fun, attractive singles, filming kicked off at the tail end of July.

Where was Married At First Sight Australia filmed?

The latest season of MAFS is following in the footsteps of its predecessors and filming in the beautiful city of Sydney. However, word on the streets is that the couple’s apartments have moved from the iconic Sky Suites and into more low-key places in Green Square, about a 10-minute dash from the Sydney CBD.

When is the Married At First Sight 2024 finale?

The jury is still out on this one, unfortunately! But don’t worry, we’ll make sure to let you know as soon as we find out. Going off previous years, we can assume it would air around early April.

When did MAFS 2024 start?

MAFS 2024 kicked off on Monday, January 29 at 7:30pm on Channel 9 or streaming online at 9Now.

Is there a trailer for MAFS Season 11?

Yes, yes there is! Many! The good people at Channel Nine have bestowed upon us many clips with plenty of goss that’ll keep us watching for all of Season 11.

The first clip was a surrealist dreamscape date announcement trailer that shows a bride and groom falling into the cloud-filled abyss before catching each other. What a beautiful and not-at-all-obvious metaphor for falling in love.

“I’m looking for that missing piece of my life. I’ve never been in love,” a male voice says, presumably a groom.

“All I need is the perfect stranger to catch me,” a female voice says, presumably a bride.

You can check it out below.

But that’s not all! We were well and truly hooked in with 51-year-old Andrea who cracks a joke, 43-year-old Lucinda who tells her partner that she is “dinner, a show and dessert” and 62-year-old Richard who declares that he is “not everyone’s cup of tea but fuck them I drink coffee anyway”.

You can catch out all the trailers and more on the official MAFS YouTube page.

Who are the MAFS couples of 2024?

Season 11 of MAFS is boasting its most diverse cast of brides and grooms to date. According to the press release, Season 11 has the oldest groom yet and is bringing back a same-sex couple. However, judging by the pics below, I think it’s fair to say they could have brought more diversity to the table.

Although the MAFS team likes to keep the cast under wraps as much as possible, these days it’s a struggle. After all, they’re filming in public all over Sydney where paparazzi are buzzing like little fruit flies. So the tea was already spilling back in August 2023 about who would be walking down one of the many aisles on Season 11.

Let’s meet them all, shall we?


Andrea at MAFS 2024 wedding

51-year-old Andrea Thompson is reported to be a photographer based in Brisbane. She was papped tying the knot with fellow mature contestant Richard. I hope it’s a good match because she seems sweet!


Groom, Tim, at the Married At First Sight Season 11 wedding

Tim Calwell is a 30-year-old bloke from the Gold Coast. The Wash and So Dramatic! has reported that he is a marketing e-commerce wiz. He also looks like he has a nice smile — which is always a plus.


Lucinda at her Married At First Sight Australia wedding 2024

Wedding celebrant Lucinda Light revealed in a promo that she’s looking for a man who is “confident, generous of spirit, knows himself and evolutional life”. I know traditionally we set the bar very low for men but I do think this is a big ask on a show like MAFS.

The 43-year-old is one of the few contestants who has copped their very own trailer so far so I know she’ll be a firecracker this season.


Eden at her MAFS 2024 ceremony

Eden Harper is a 28-year-old recruitment consultant from the Gold Coast. But she also has about 12k followers on Instagram and is incredibly good-looking.


Groom, Jonathan, at his MAFS Season 11 wedding

Jonathan McCullough, 39, has reportedly been single for a hot minute and is ready to find a long-term partner. According to his LinkedIn, Jonathan is a Managing Director from Brisvegas.


Bride, Natalie, at her Married At First Sight Australia wedding

Bride Natalie, 32, is one of the other lucky contestants who has copped their very own teaser trailer. She’s an osteopath from Melbourne who seems a bit quirky.

“I’m quite different to a lot of girls,” Natalie says in the promo.

“Definitely not a bronzed babe. My teeth are too big, I smile too gummy, I’ve got wrinkles on the side of my eyes.”

I don’t looove the “I’m not like other girls” sentiment but it’s early days yet. Only time will tell.


Cassandra - MAFS 2024 bride

Cassandra Allen is a 30-year-old influencer from the Gold Coast. As you can see, shes gorg and has over 10k followers on IG. Is it really MAFS if there isn’t one influencer in the mix?


2024 MAFS bride Lauren at her wedding

Lauren Dunn is a foodie blogger and PR consultant. She runs an IG account called @So.Cooked which has over 12.8K followers and then her private account has about 4K followers. Not too shabby, hey? According to So Dramatic! the blonde bombshell used to date AFL star Ryan Crowley before going on MAFS.


MAFS groom of 2024, Jack, in the first episode

34-year-old Jacob “Jack” Dunkley is a fitness coach from the Gold Coast. Trust me when I say, this man is ripped. However, if previous reports are to be believed, he dumped his missus to go on the show. Abs in a profile pic AND dodgy rumours? My alarm bells are ringing very softly, but again, I refuse to judge before we see them on the show.


Richard, Married At First Sight Australia groom, episode one

At 62 years old, Richard Sauerman is the oldest contestant to ever go on the show. That’s a slay in my books — pop off Richard!

He is an advertising expert who also works as a motivational speaker who uses the moniker “The Brand Guy“.


New season of MAFS 2024 sees Tori on her ceremony day

Tori Adams was one of the first brides to be identified when the cast list leaked. She is a 27-year-old development manager from Melbourne and according to her LinkedIn, she has dreams of “quietly conquering the world”.

Go get em, gal!!!! First stop MAFS!!!!


Ellie, Season 11 MAFS Bride, at her wedding

Ellie Dix, 32, is a registered nurse from the Gold Coast. As far as the cast goes, she’s a slight woman of mystery because I don’t really know anything else about her at this stage.


Married At First Sight 2024's groom Jayden, at the season premiere

Conversely, we have Jayden Eynaud. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the brother of Season Nine’s Mitch Eynaud. You know, just a sprinkle of nepotism to finish off the season.

He’s also a world champion kickboxer which is pretty fkn impressive if you ask me.


Sara, MAFS 2024 bride, in episode one

Sara Mesa is a nutritionist and fitness coach hailing from Sydney.

A “close friend” of Sara’s apparently told the Daily Mail that they weren’t surprised she was going on the show.

“She is a lovely, sweet, and a very hard-working girl, who has had bad luck in the love department,” they said.

Aw, I hope she finds love!


Tristan Black is an entertainment manager at a popular Sydney venue. According to So Dramatic! he’s very down-to-earth and genuine. Could he be the potential wholesome king of the season? Only time will tell. Tristan wasn’t included in the initial promo but he’s been widely reported as a contestant so I’m thinking he’ll most likely be an intruder.

MAFS 2024 cast member Tristan at the season premiere

Now that we’ve covered all the contestants confirmed in the Channel Nine promo, let’s get on to those that have either been papped or rumoured to be on the show. While I’m fairly confident we’ve got this correct, please allow me some wiggle room, okay?


MAFS groom, Mike, rumoured to be an intruder later in the season
(Image: LinkedIn)

Mike Felix is an American Tesla sales and customer service professional making an appearance on MAFS 2024. He’s rumoured to be one of six intruders and one of the same-sex couples appearing in this season.


Maddy is rumoured to be a MAFS bride in the 2024 season
(image: IMDb)

Maddy Jevic may be an actor who has appeared on Home and Away and Wentworth but that doesn’t mean she’s not looking for love! She’s rumoured to be joining the cast as an intruder and if I don’t see her burst into tears at least once on the show I’ll feel robbed.


(Image: Facebook)

Ben Walters is a tour guide from Newcastle and I sincerely hope he shows all of his tour guests the Newy special — it’s ice in your white wine, FYI. While being a tour guide is his day job, Ben is a seasoned traveller who has a heap of followers on social media for his travel videos. Rumour has it that he was tipped to be the next Bachelor, but it fell through. Bummer!


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Collins Christian is a Perth-raised yet Sydney-based state government worker. According to the Daily Mail, he’s a really nice dude who “has a really good sense of humour” and loves a pint at the pub. Other reports claim that he’s been trying to get on MAFS for yonks.

Judging by the bible verses in his IG bio, he also seems like a Christian. Take that as you will.


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Tim Smith is a real estate agent from Melbourne. He can (presumably) sell homes, but can he find love? As I always say, only time will tell.


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It’s not this groom’s first foray into reality television. Sydney-based Pro weightlifter Ridge Barredo has appeared on First Dates in the past. Fingers crossed that his second time on a reality dating show will pay off.

Ridge has previously competed in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 and 2022. Pretty impressive, no?


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Model Jade Pywell is rumoured to be another intruder bride to rock up this season. Jade calls the Gold Coast home and is a mum of one. Rumour has it that she’ll be paired with Ridgey-didge above. She has the most IG followers of the bunch at a cheeky 12,600.


According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Stephen Stewart was a last-minute addition to the cast after Mike’s groom backed out at the last minute. Juicy! All we know about Stephen at this stage is that he’s a hairdresser from Perth.

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Ash Galati is a pest control worker from Melbourne. So far, all we know about Ash is that he’s set to rock up to the experiment as an intruder.

Who are the Married At First Sight experts of 2024?

Experts John Aiken, Mel Shilling and Alessandra Rampolla return for 2024!

Married At First Sight Australia experts, John Aiken, Mel Shilling and Alessandra Rampolla advise from the sofa
Let the torment begin!!!! (Image: Nine)

John Aiken

John has been the OG “relationship expert” since the series launched in 2015 but according to his website, he’s been giving relationship advice to singles and couples for over 25 years in private practice. On MAFS, Johnny Boy is known for delivering hard-hitting feedback and holding people accountable for their actions.

Mel Shilling

Next up is Mel, a specialist in human behavioural performance and purpose. While her background is in psychology, she now makes her living as a dating and relationship coach, author and speaker. She’s been sitting on the expert couch since Season Two in 2016 and I love how expressive her face is when people are talking mad shit.

Alessandra Rampolla

Finally, we have Alessandra who joined the MAFS Australia cast in 2021 for Season Eight. As a clinical sexologist, Alessandra has built her career by helping individuals and couples to communicate and effectively find their spark in the bedroom. With a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, a heap of other degrees in sexology and over 20 years of experience, she’s the most qualified of the bunch.