3 MAFS Brides Were Reportedly Locked In A BTS Feud So Brutal, They Had To Be Separated On Set

L: Eden Harper on MAFS covering her mouth. R: Sara Mesa on MAFS wearing an orange dress pointing while yelling.

I’m low-key grieving the loss of Married At First Sight (MAFS) in advance, with the show set to wrap up Season 11 next week. But there’s one silver lining: the messy cast is constantly entertaining us with plenty of behind-the-scenes drama. 

Rumour has it that Sara never forgave Eden for exposing her cheating ways halfway through the season. According to Daily Mail, the pair have been embroiled in a nasty feud that caused absolute chaos for production. 

An insider claimed the production team had to separate the two brides whenever possible and made sure their glam teams knew about the conflict. 

“Hairdressers and makeup artists were briefed on the situation and had to juggle schedules to accommodate the feud, ensuring Eden and Tori weren’t booked in around the same time as Sara and Lauren,” the source said. The publication added that there was “so much tension” between the groups that “they couldn’t be in the same room together”. Yikes.

Ridge, Tim, Sara and Lauren on a couch before a MAFS dinner party.
There’s been some drama playing offscreen. Is anyone surprised? Yeah, me neither. (Image: Nine)

But wait, the feud didn’t stop there. It bled into the brides’ personal lives – with the contestants fighting over Sydney beauty salons during their free time. After the divided group had an awkward run-in at their regular spot, the brides were forced to find different salons. 

And because nobody can get along – even just for a couple of months – Eden, Tori and intruder bride Jade figured out that Sara was going to hairdresser Fatima Dayri and makeup artist Wally… and booked themselves in. It’s shady, but honestly? I respect it. Let’s not forget that Sara did meet up with her ex (I know, I know, it’s like a broken record at this point) so Eden’s not exactly the villain in this scenario. 

“Lauren was upset because Fatima and Wally looked after her first and was gushing about them to the other brides and they decided to go to them,” the insider added. “Fatima and the girls were extremely welcoming and went above and beyond to ensure all the brides were comfortable.”

With this new info coming to light, I’m gonna be watching the brides during the MAFS reunion next week like a hawk for any other clues. And if we go by past seasons, one of the cast members is bound to overshare when they finally get their social media accounts back from Nine.