Which MAFS 2024 Stars Are Going To Make Bank On Social Media? An Influencer Manager Spills

mafs 2024 influencers

Anyone who says they only went on Married At First Sight to find love (and love only) is lying, especially considering the lucrative influencer careers which have been born out of previous MAFS seasons.

But let’s be honest: there’s every chance that the audience could hate you, and, as we saw with Olivia Frazer, you may even lose your career as a result. The odds aren’t amazing.

So which MAFS 2024 stars have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of Domenica Calarco, Ella Ding and Evelyn Ellis? We spoke to PR & Talent expert, Jai Evans of Evans Media, to find out.

Which MAFS stars have the most potential as influencers?

I mean, do we really even need to guess who’s going to be the most successful MAFS 2024 cast member?

“By far, Lucinda Light has the most commercial appeal and value post-show out of all the MAFS cast this season,” Jai claimed, saying that if she’s managed well off the heels of MAFS, “she could be a mainstay in the media sector”.

Yes, please!

mafs 2024 influencers
Image: Instagram / @lucindaslight

Jai believes Lucinda has a diversity that hasn’t usually been seen with MAFS influencers, resulting an extensive list of brand partnership opportunities in the food, travel, fashion, health, beauty and adult sectors.

“She would be great in driving messaging well around ‘touchy’ or taboo topics in a mature, yet playful way,” Jai explained.

At the time of writing, Lucinda has ended the MAFS 2024 season with the most followers at 218,000 followers, followed by Eden Harper on 97,000 and Lauren Dunn a close third at just over 93,000.

“Lauren will do well in the influencer space as she is quirky, fun and would be able to deliver upon professional brand partnerships due to her PR skillset,” Jai told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

mafs 2024 influencers
Image: Instagram / @lauren_funn_

But it’s not just about followers, with Jai explaining that the MAFS cast’s behaviour on the show has a huge impact on their overall commercial success.

“Talent success is dependent on how well they lead with their heart and not their head. If they are too ego-driven people disengage, hence why Lucinda has been a roaring success.”

Jai also thinks we should watch is MAFS 2024 intruder Jade Pywell, who commited to Ridge Barredo during the MAFS Final Vows. Jade is currently sitting at around 46,000 followers, even though she had far less time to showcase her personality during MAFS Season 11.

mafs 2024 influencers
Image: Instagram / @jadepywell

“Jade appeals to the large viewer base of families as a single mother,” Jai said.

“She is sweet, playful and could wear brands well, and will appeal to a range of Australia’s multi-cultural demographic,”

Jai also believes that Cassandra Allen (68,000+) will do well with her previous experience as a content creator and Andrea Thompson (57,000+) will be popular with an older audience.

Image: Instagram / @cassandraallen_

As for the males? Jayden Eynaud‘s apparently looking the most promising considering his sporting and lifestyle appeal to men. He has trumped all the other male groom’s followings this season with an impressive 57,000 followers, followed by Timothy Smith with more than 44,000.

“Men generally find it harder than women for commercial success in the world of socials post reality,” Jai explained.

“Brands tend to spend more on female talent for brand partnerships.”

The next six months will also be very telling for which MAFS stars have the chops to stay in the influencer game.

“Fans are keen to keep up with their off-screen lives and brands are keen to bank on the current season’s talent,” Jai explained.

“They can build a personal brand over the proceeding years if they remain true to themselves and authentic to their fanbase.”

When do the MAFS stars get their social media accounts back?

What will be really telling is how the MAFS cast behave once their social media accounts are back in their control again, which is usually after MAFS has finished airing in the UK. Until then, their social accounts are managed by Channel Nine.

While it may seem like they are back and posting in the coming weeks, it is believed that these posts are approved and posted by Channel Nine to prevents any spoilers to audiences around the globe.

I personally can’t wait.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her here.