Feast Your Eyes On The First MAFS 2023 Contestant To Fulfil Their Destiny Of Joining OnlyFans

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Many things in nature work together to form a strong partnership: bees and flowers. Trees and rain. Phones and chargers. Though no duo is as strong as the bond between Married At First Sight (MAFS) stars and OnlyFans. They go together like bread and oil.

Many MAFS cast members have joined OnlyFans over the years and some have even made a huge name for themselves on the platform.

And so, we’ve created an OnlyFanscyclopedia of all the MAFS cast members who have jumped on board — whether it be to post videos of them in wild orgies or just pics of them working out while fully clothed.

Yes, this will be updated, I cannot imagine there will never be another MAFS member on the platform.

Bronte Schofield

There we have it, folks. The first MAFS 2023 contestant to join OnlyFans: one miss Bronte Schofield.

The reality star has taken to Instagram to announce her foray into OnlyFans. Get that bread, sis.

Jessika Power

When it comes to MAFS stars on OnlyFans, Season six’s Jessika Power basically runs the show.

She launched her account in 2021 and within just five days made an eye-watering $50,000.

Power reportedly earns up to $135,000 per month on OnlyFans, which is a lot of dosh.

The maths was done by The Daily Telegraph, which whipped out its trusty calculator app to deduce that if Power has 9,000 subscribers, each paying a $15 a month subscription, she’s making more than $100,000 per month.

“OnlyFans is good, I enjoy it, but it’s not something that I put my whole heart into because, at the end of the day, it’s OnlyFans,” she told So Dramatic!

“But, I mean, it pays the bills. It pays a lot more than just the bills!

“I’m looking at buying two houses. It’s been crazy. It’s been a whirlwind. And obviously, my lifestyle is a lot better now as well!”

Power is of course also known for her beef with MAFS Season nine’s Olivia Frazer, which basically started with the two comparing OnlyFans earnings.

Tamara Joy

Tamara Joy from MAFS Season six joined OnlyFans in late 2021.

“I think it’s great we are now in a day and age where women are able to break a certain stigma,” she told the Daily Mail.

“The timing has never been right for me to move extra content to the platform until now.”

It is unclear how much Joy makes from the platform, but access to premium content is currently $15, which means it wouldn’t take long for her to make stupid money.

Ines Basic

Ines Basic from MAFS Season six joined OnlyFans in mid-2021. She reportedly made $80,000 in her first month on the platform, which is a lot of dollarydoos in a short amount of time.

“Reality TV stars have the potential to attract mass social media followings overnight in comparison to someone who is building a following from scratch,” she told WHO.

“Don’t expect instant and ever-lasting success. It definitely helps but each person’s success would vary and can depend on other factors.”

She is predicted to have made approximately $1 million in her first year on OnlyFans. If that’s not goals I don’t know what is.

“As soon as I made an announcement saying I was doing OnlyFans I had hundreds of message requests,” she told The Daily Mail.

“My fans are so respectful and it creates an environment where I feel comfortable to truly be myself and bring out my sexual alter ego”

Sam Ball

Sam Ball from MAFS Season six joined OnlyFans in 2021 as a way to “reveal all” about the show. Not that anyone really needed tea from Mr Ball.

“My private paradise for all your exclusive content,” his account bio read.

“Sharing an insight into my life and all your wanted questions. Let’s chat 1:1 and get to know each other.”

His content ranged from “MAFS Gossips” to “fitness and iso workouts” instead of nude content.

Hayley Vernon

Hayley Vernon from MAFS Season seven joined OnlyFans in 2020. In May 2022, she revealed that she’d made more than $1.3 million on the platform. At the moment she reportedly makes around $600,000 a year.

Alongside OnlyFans, Vernon also works for the high-class private escort directory Scarlet Blue, where her rates range from $750 to $2750. Now that’s a heap of pocket change.

“I’m in the adult industry; I have sex for a living,” she told The Daily Mail.

“The reality is, it goes hand in hand with what I do [on OnlyFans].

“Am I ashamed? Fuck no. I’m absolutely killing it.”

In May 2022, Vernon won the Best Newcomer Female Porn Star award at The Adult Industry Choice Awards. Queen shit.

What’s not queen shit is the fact she believes wi-fi and 5G towers are potentially cancerous and once posted on her Insta about her wishes to protest against them.

Mishel Karen

Mishel Karen from MAFS Season seven hopped onto OnlyFans in late 2020 after losing her job thanks to COVID.

“Being a single mum, I have never really had extra cash to do much with or to live an extravagant life,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

“But I just don’t want my children to have to struggle to pay bills or be in debt.

“Whatever I must do so they can get a deposit or loan, so they can move forward, I will do that.”

Karen reportedly earns between $5,000 and $7,000 a month performing sex acts other publications refer to as “too graphic to even describe”.

Sounds to me like a goddess getting money and having fun in the process.

Amanda Micallef

When she isn’t enjoying the title of member of MAFS’ first same-sex couple or vehemently rejecting the COVID-19 vaccine and supporting the wild ideas of Pete Evans, Amanda Micallef is on OnlyFans.

This MAFS Season seven contestant joined in 2021, and offered a “sensual adventure” — something a little different to what you’d usually expect from the platform.

“It doesn’t have to be porn, strictly,” she wrote to her Instagram at the time.

She went on to say that OnlyFans can be used to help educated others on a whole bunch of different and interesting fetishes.

“I’m going to be exploring a side to me that I embrace, and that is my dominant side.”

Jaimie Gardner

Jaimie Gardner from MAFS Season eight joined OnlyFans in June 2022. She told her followers that the move to the platform was explicitly inspired by Season nine’s Domenica Calarco.

“Honestly, Domenica has changed the way OnlyFans is viewed. I’m all about body positivity, so why not?” she told the Daily Mail at the time.

“It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, sort of since Domenica’s ‘my body my choice’ movement.

“I set up an account and it’s been a couple of weeks but I’ve been a bit nervous, so here I am… if you ask me what kind of content I’m putting up there, you’ll have to go find out.”

Alana Lister

Alana Lister from MAFS Season eight joined OnlyFans in 2021. She was the first contestant from Season eight to make the jump over to the platform.

“It’s been a crazy thing to actually commit to but I’m ready,” she told The Daily Mail.

“People have a problem with anything I do either way. Women should be allowed to feel sexy.”

She also claimed that she was “sick of all the Karens” who tried to control her image, and found that joining OnlyFans gave her an empowering sense of self.

Lister reportedly makes between $7,000 and $10,000 a month.

Kate Laidlaw

Kate Laidlaw from MAFS Season nine joined OnlyFans in August 2022. The announcement was made with her identical twin sister Bec Laidlaw, and claimed they’d be “bringing double the fun together”. Whatever floats your proverbial boat!

“After my MAFS experience, I found myself lacking in confidence and afraid to show the real me due to fear of judgement,” she wrote in a joint post.

“The show portrayed a character that I felt did not reflect who I truly am as a person. This is why I’m so excited to be launching my OF.

“It will be my opportunity to express all the different sides of me, the unedited version of me! It’s time to show you guys what I’m really about.”

Domenica Calarco

If Jessika Power and Hayley Vernon became known for earning maximum dosh from the platform, Domenica Calarco should be known for making OnlyFans a serious talking point on MAFS. Calarco’s account was leaked amongst the MAFS cast by Olivia Frazer, who used the fact she had an account before the show as ammunition in an argument.

After the whole drama with Olivia, Dom decided to drop the infamous pic that caused all the chaos herself and relaunch her OnlyFans.

Domenica said her new and improved OnlyFans account will be “PG”, and feature everything from beauty tips to workouts.

“This is what my OnlyFans was in the first place, it is what I am comfortable with and I’m not doing anything I’ve not done before,” she said.

“The joke is on everyone else because it was always there and it always has been. This is just me relaunching it after taking some time to think about where I want to take it.

“I enjoy sharing different parts of my life. Of course, there will still be some fun content on there that I am sure men will want to subscribe for, but it’s not going to be a place that is purely for adult content.”

Olivia Frazer

Despite all the drama, MAFS Season nine’s Olivia Frazer went on to make her own OnlyFans account to much success, making $10,000 in her first 12 hours on the platform.

Frazer claimed in an Instagram story that her first five months on the platform were more lucrative than five years in teaching, which she used to do before she lost her job thanks to her MAFS antics. Yahoo! speculated this figure would look something like $350,000.

“It took me 25 years to work out I wanted to be a teacher,” she told Yahoo!

“I was ambitious and really fucking good at it. Now that’s impossible, I’m stuck. I love OnlyFans but know that’s not going to last forever.

“For now, I’m just going to pour so much love and energy into that, invest my money wisely and figure it out.

“Maybe fund some business that would allow me to be creative but I’m going to take my time and be smart.”

So Dramatic! leaked a text from Olivia that said she “made more than Jess Power’s best month”, which escalated an already existing feud between the two.

Olivia then tried to suggest her words weren’t shady at all. She claimed she simply brought up Jessika as a comparison point. Of all the people to choose from, why pick the person everyone thinks you already have beef with? Olivia come on!!!

The entire feud between the two went on to take more turns than a Ferris wheel off its tracks. There were leaked DMs, receipts and confrontations, but let’s not get into all that here.

Jackson Lonie

Olivia Frazer’s ex Jackson Lonie was the third from MAFS Season nine to join OnlyFans.

Jackson flagged the existence of his OnlyFans account during a podcast interview early in May 2022. Following this, he took to Instagram to formally launch his naked new venture to his followers.

“Big venture, a lot of you have already guessed it,” he said in a truly cursed video.

“That’s it, I’m startin’ an OnlyFans.”

He then started singing along to Rod Stewart‘s 70s classic “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”. Not joking.

Mitch Eynaud

mafs onlyfans

Financial planner and member of the chaotic MAFS season nine cast Mitch Eynaud launched his very own OnlyFans in July 2022 and was the fourth from the season to do so.

He announced his foray onto the platform with a simple shirtless picture and a link.

If you’re keen to get behind the paywall on Mitch’s OnlyFans it’ll set you back around $15 a month or $36 for three months. But hey, I’m not here to promote his account for him, I’m just the messenger.

Daniel Holmes

Daniel Holmes from MAFS Season nine joined OnlyFans in August 2022.

He launched his account with a shirtless pic and a link, which seems to be a trend amongst these MAFS men.

“I’ll also be using this platform as a place to speak more freely and share some truths that I just wouldn’t get away with anywhere else!” he wrote in his OnlyFans bio.

Now’s probably a good time to mention Daniel posted (and then deleted) an anti-vax rant just weeks before he was cast for MAFS.

“They’re gonna have to tie me down before I get vaccinated,” he wrote, per So Dramatic!.

A platform to “speak more freely” is the last thing this man needs.

Jessica Seracino

Jessica Seracino from MAFS Season nine joined OnlyFans in May 2022.

She hasn’t posted much on the platform but occasionally promotes content on her Instagram story.

Two Mystery MAFS 2023 Contestants

MAFS Season seven’s Hayley Vernon told Yahoo Lifestyle that two anonymous MAFS 2023 contestants have reached out to her for OnlyFans advice while filming the upcoming season at Sydney CBD’s Skye Suites.

“I’ve got cast on the new season messaging me for advice and they’re all filming up the street from my hotel,” she said.

“Two are doing OnlyFans and were asking about that.

“One even joked about filming a scene with me to post when their wedding airs to get more subscribers,” she laughed.

We love a bold business strategy between two entrepreneurial Aussies.