Someone Stole Ex-MAFS Star Jessika Power’s Identity To Sell Her OnlyFans Content Online

jessika power
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Ex-Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has revealed that someone has been using her identity to sell her OnlyFans content online. Her team has been taking legal action.

“This person has got my same name, all my [OnlyFans] videos. So, obviously, they’ve paid money to have my videos, and they’ve been selling them,” Jessika told So Dramatic! of the unidentified person. “My security team have been in court for like, the whole week because some freak has been selling my pictures.”

This comes after the news that a subreddit with over 11,000 members had been sourcing and distributing OnlyFans content created by MAFS stars. Jessika was one of the people targeted alongside other 13 other previous Married At First Sight show participants including Booka Nile, Susie BradleyTamara JoyInes BasicAshley IrvinVanessa RomitoHayley VernonMishel KarenAmanda Micallef, Alana Lister, Jamie GardnerOlivia Frazer and Stacey Hampton.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the subreddit has since been shut down and banned and Jessika’s team “acted fast” in getting her content removed from the site.

“This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit,” Reddit released in a statement earlier this week.

As we all know from the Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer debacle on the most recent MAFS season, OnlyFans’ Terms and Conditions clearly stipulate that distributing a user’s content that’s held behind a paywall is a violation. It’s also a criminal offence to share intimate images of someone without their consent.

I feel I have to repeat this information because it seems that some people simply still don’t get it.