Daniel Is The Latest MAFS Star On OnlyFans & Now We’re Just Waiting For The Experts To Join In

Daniel Holmes Onlyfans

MAFS alum Daniel Holmes is one of the latest cast members from his season to join OnlyFans and at this point, does this qualify as a pipeline?

You might remember Daniel as the fitness bro who was at the centre of a cheating scandal with Carolina Santos.

The two were hooking up while she was still with Dion Giannarelli and they ultimately left the show to be together. They then tried to come back and compete with the other couples as a new duo, which is so not how the show works. The attempt was promptly smacked down by the show’s experts.

Since then, Daniel has made the move to OnlyFans. He announced his foray into the platform on Instagram with a shirtless thirst-trap and the caption “link in bio”. You can guess where that link leads!


For $12.95, thirsty fans can have access to “exclusive” content — but not just the sexy kind?

“I’ll also be using this platform as a place to speak more freely and share some truths that I just wouldn’t get away with anywhere else!” he wrote in the bio. Hmmm.

Now’s probably a good time to mention Daniel posted (and then deleted) an anti-vax rant just weeks before he was cast for MAFS.

“They’re gonna have to tie me down before I get vaccinated,” he wrote, per So Dramatic!.

And now he has a paid platform to talk “speak more freely”? Ummm.

Is that a pole?? Interesting…

OnlyFans isn’t the only stream of revenue Daniel has created since leaving the show.

Like so many D-list reality stars in recent months, Daniel will be fighting his fellow MAFS cast-member Brent Vitiello in a boxing ring because apparently the two have beef.

Side note: are those boxing gloves photoshopped onto a random pic of Daniel????

Daniel Holmes is just one of many cast members from the last year’s season of MAFS to join OnlyFans, making him the fifth to do so.

His fellow MAFS stars (and I say that knowing it’s a stretch) Mitch EynaudJackson Lonie, Olivia Frazer and Domenica Calarco also all have OnlyFans accounts.