Last month, there were reports swirling around that MAFS brides Jessika Power and Olivia Frazer had a lil confrontation at an event after their online beef.

ICYMI: While MAFS 2022 was airing, Jessika Power slammed Olivia in an interview, describing her behaviour as “disgusting”.

Her comments did the rounds on social media and made it clear that Jessika was very much on the anti-Olivia bandwagon. I mean, if you’ve got Jessika Power calling you out, you know your actions must be pretty damn lousy!

So when the gals gathered for the launch of Celebrity Slim’s Skinny B*tch wine range at Wahlburgers, something was bound to go down.

Eyewitnesses told Daily Mail Australia that when Olivia arrived, Jessika “bolted” to the opposite side of the venue.

An eyewitness who spoke to the site said: “Jessika wanted nothing to do with Liv after the whole Domenica [Calarco] OnlyFans thing and was wondering why she was at her event.

“Olivia didn’t really discuss the OnlyFans thing because of the ongoing court case but they talked for a few moments before they eventually hugged it out.”

Apparently “Olivia was actually shaking. She was so nervous and scared of Jess, it was funny to watch.”

Welp, now we’ve received footage of this exact moment thanks to a mini doco that The Wash filmed with Jessika.

In the footage, we see Jessika and Olivia hanging out in the same area without speaking, until Olivia finally approaches Jessika.

Their convo seemed relatively tame, with Jessika saying that although she stands by her statement that Olivia’s behaviour was “disgusting”, she has no real problem with her. Righto.

Have a wash, I mean, watch below (the moment occurs towards the end of the vid):

It comes after Jessika slammed Olivia over the photo leaking incident, calling the whole thing “disgusting.”

“It’s worse than me. That’s a different type of dislike from people. You can’t just say ‘I found it on the internet’, you need to pay for it and it’s behind a paywall,” Jess told The Herald Sun.

“As women in 2022 aren’t we supposed to be empowering each other? I thought it was disgusting for another woman to do that to another woman.

“She shouldn’t be laughed at behind her back, I think Olivia was grasping at straws and I don’t agree with it. It was horrible.”

Interestingly, Olivia has followed Jessika’s lead by moving to the UK amid the widespread post-MAFS backlash.

Olivia dropped the bombshell during an Instagram Q&A on June 12, where she announced she’s jetting off to Nessie’s homeland this week and doesn’t know when she’ll be returning to Australia.

“This week, I’m going to Scotland alone to meet up with my best friend Malcolm,” she said.

“I’ll be seeing my friends and family throughout the UK.

“I should be gone for.. I don’t know how long, it’s a one way ticket. I’m hoping Jack will come at some point, fingers crossed.”

She then announced Jackson isn’t tagging along because he’s too busy.

Sounds suss, but OK.