‘You’re Gonna Be Irrelevant’: Jess Power Throws Logs Into Her Year-Long Olivia Frazer Feud Fire

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Back in May, there was a whole smorgasbord of spicy reports that MAFS brides Jessika Power and Olivia Frazer had a lil’ confrontation at an event after their online beef. It is now September, and the feud between the two is still blazing on for reasons scientists are yet to fully understand.

Jessika Power hopped onto her Instagram stories on Sunday to snap back at Olivia’s previous claims that she was “just using [her name] to stay relevant”.  She also slammed her for constantly trying to create beef between the two when they barely know each other.

“I’m telling you, you are going to be irrelevant… You’ve done nothing to make anyone like you,” Jessika said.

“I’m literally only on here today because she posted multiple Stories in a Q&A, and… it’s petty. Everyone on my social media knows I’m not one to sort of back down and not defend myself, so this is the whole story.”

She accused Olivia of continuing the “narrative” of a feud between the two because she kept bringing up Jessika’s name.

“Then there’s the blocking, then there’s the… lives that you do, and then there’s the Stories.”

The video was made in response to Olivia’s Instagram stories, which were in response to Jessika’s new So Dramatic! interview, which was in response to Olivia Frazer’s leaked DMs with So Dramatic!, which came after Jessika and Olivia clashed at an event, which was only awkward because Jessika had called Olivia’s actions on MAFS “disgusting” in an interview. I need some water, I feel dizzy.

God, how did this “feud” evolve so quickly?

If you love mess as much as I do, allow me to give you the power summary of what’s gone down between the two in detail.

Jessika Power’s Herald Sun Interview

While MAFS 2022 was airing, Jessika Power slammed Olivia in an interview, describing her behaviour on the show as “disgusting”.

Her comments did the rounds on social media and made it clear that Jessika was very much on the anti-Olivia bandwagon.

“It’s worse than me. That’s a different type of dislike from people,” Jessika told the Herald Sun.

“You can’t just say ‘I found it on the internet’, you need to pay for it and it’s behind a paywall.

“As women in 2022 aren’t we supposed to be empowering each other? I thought it was disgusting for another woman to do that to another woman.

“She shouldn’t be laughed at behind her back, I think Olivia was grasping at straws and I don’t agree with it. It was horrible.”

Clash of the Brides

The gals then gathered for the launch of Celebrity Slim’s Skinny B*tch wine range at Wahlburgers, where shit went down.

Eyewitnesses told Daily Mail Australia that when Olivia arrived, Jessika “bolted” to the opposite side of the venue.

An eyewitness who spoke to the site said: “Jessika wanted nothing to do with Liv after the whole Domenica [Calarco] OnlyFans thing and was wondering why she was at her event.

“Olivia didn’t really discuss the OnlyFans thing because of the ongoing court case but they talked for a few moments before they eventually hugged it out.”

Apparently “Olivia was actually shaking.”

“She was so nervous and scared of Jess, it was funny to watch,” the source said.

Thanks to The Wash, we actually have footage of the exact moment Olivia and Jessika spoke at the event.

Their convo seemed relatively tame. Jessika said that although she stands by her statement that Olivia’s behaviour was “disgusting”, she had no real problem with her. Righto.

Have a wash, I mean, watch below (the moment occurs towards the end of the vid):

OnlyFans ‘Wars’

The two then got into a strange feud about who makes more than the other on OnlyFans.

So Dramatic! leaked a text from Olivia that said she “made more than Jess Power’s best month” and Jessika was baffled that her name was brought up yet again.

Olivia then tried to suggest her words weren’t shady at all. She claimed she simply brought up Jessika as a comparison point. Of all the people to choose from, why pick the person everyone thinks you have beef with? Olivia come on!!!

“THIS is disgusting,” Olivia wrote on her Instagram Story.

“I’m not at ‘WAR’ with anyone. I was asked to comment on how much I’m making. I *stupidly* spoke to a fucked ‘journalist’ (So Dramatic) because I was trying to be nice and now they’ve twisted it into something nasty.”

“I was never going to share a figure. I was using Jess’ success as a reference point because it’s very well known that she is smashing it.”

She concluded, “STOP PITTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER. It’s revolting and I’m sick of it.”

Jessika’s Podcast Tea

Jessika hopped on So Dramatic! to talk about the moment she bumped into Olivia, adding some spicy new details, including the fact that Olivia was “shaking”.

“I don’t even know who she is, I don’t even care what she craps on about [on her Instagram Lives],” Jessika said.

“She just carries this weight about her. I look at my phone sometimes and go ‘I don’t even know who you are!’

“Olivia will be irrelevant by this new season [of MAFS],” Jessika said.

“She hasn’t really done anything and people still don’t like her. She hasn’t made an effort to make herself likeable.”

Olivia’s Instagram Stories

Following this interview, Olivia posted onto her Instagram stories that So Dramatic! and Jessika Power were both using her to stay relevant.

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahaha,” she wrote.

“She spoke about me in the media before I ever even met her.

“Who’s using who to stay relevant?”

olivia frazer instagram
these two mention each other a lot considering they want to avoid drama.
olivia frazer instagram
the messiest feud.

Jessika then hopped onto her Instagram stories to clarify some of the tea she spilt on the podcast (which you can see at the very top of this article) and make it clear that she only ever brought up Olivia because she was asked about her.

We’ve come full circle.

This is all so messy!!! Let it end!!!