The Maths Is In & One MAFS OnlyFans Creator Could Be Making $135,000 A Month On The Platform

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UPDATE December 8: MAFS‘ Jessika Power reportedly earns up to $135,000 per month on OnlyFans, which is honestly so many cheeky UberEats dinners and Chemist Warehouse splurges.

The maths was done by The Daily Telegraph, which whipped out its trusty calculator app to deduce that if Power has 9000 subscribers, each paying a $15 a month subscription, she’s making well over 100 grand per month.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound like the spicier version of a HSC maths exam.

While OnlyFans doesn’t show how many subscribers a creator has, Power’s vids receive 9000 likes, so the next logical jump is that she has at least 9000 subscribers.

She originally confirmed that in her first week on the platform, she made a cool $50,000.

ORIGINAL: Several MAFS stars have capitalised on their reality TV fame (if that’s what ya wanna call it) by launching an OnlyFans career after their stint on the experimental dating show.

As reported by The Wash, Jessika Power, Hayley Vernon and Ines Basic have recently revealed how much dosh they’ve made from OnlyFans and it’s quite a pretty payday.

Speaking to the Herald Sun over the weekend, Jessika Power, who you’ll soon see on your telly screen again in Big Brother VIP, that she copped a whopping $50,000 in her first week on OnlyFans.

Meanwhile Ines Basic revealed to Daily Mail Australia that she made $80,000 in her first two weeks. And as for Hayley Vernon, who has been an OnlyFans creator for a year now, she estimates that her account has generated “over $600,000” in 12 months.

Hayley told The Wash that “when somebody with a public profile joins the website, they always experience an initial surge with exisiting followers subscribing out of curiosity,” but it’s often “hard to then keep people paying each month, unless you’re willing to push boundaries.”

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OnlyFans recently scrapped plans to ban pornography from its service, less than a week after the subscription site announced the controversial change, according to Variety.

The company said in a statement that it “secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community,” indicating that they have a new financial arrangement to pay content creators, including those who share sexually explicit content.

The explicit content ban was met with widespread disdain, especially from the sex work community who have relied on the site to support themselves. Some creators had already abandoned their OnlyFans pages and moved to alternate platforms as a result.

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 and now has more than 130 million registered users and over 2 million creators.