Good For Her: Several More Aussie Reality Stars Have Announced Their Foray Into OnlyFans

Multiple Aussie reality stars from multiple shows have joined the ranks of the celebrity OnlyFans creators in the last week alone, including a MAFS star and a Love Island star.

First up there’s Jessica Seracino who took to Instagram to announce that she’s now on OnlyFans.

She appears to have created an account back in May with only a few posts since then.

Old mate Jess is charging customers $11 a month to access her content and good for fkn her.

Elsewhere, Love Island Australia Season 2 star Isabelle Grace has also announced her foray into OnlyFans via Insta.

She shared a very well-produced Reel to Insta and captioned it: “It’s been 1 week since my OF launch and I’m having too much fun I’m doing a heap of exclusive content for both men and women and I hope to see you over there… CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO ps all my BTS from shoots like this one, will be there too x.”

The gals are among many Aussie reality stars who have joined OnlyFans in the last year, mostly from MAFS.

There’s Jessika Power, Daniel Holmes, Mitch EynaudJackson LonieOlivia FrazerDomenica Calarco, Booka Nile, Susie BradleyTamara JoyInes BasicAshley IrvinVanessa RomitoHayley VernonMishel KarenAmanda Micallef, Alana Lister, Jamie Gardner, and Stacey Hampton to name a few.

Multiple former MAFS brides were recently targeted in a nude photo leak in which their OnlyFans photos were illegally shared to a public Reddit page.

According to The Wash, a subreddit that had over 11,000 members had been sourcing and distributing OnlyFans content created by MAFS stars.

Apparently members were requesting the pics and videos of specific MAFS stars, prompting other users to gather the content and leak it for them all to “see and rate.”

Since the content is behind a paywall on OnlyFans, this is a breach of their copyright and costs creators heaps of money that they should be receiving from subscribers.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the subreddit has since been shut down and banned following complaints from multiple users.

Reddit has also issued the following statement: “This subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s content policy against creating or repurposing a sub to reconstitute or serve the same objective as a previously banned or quarantined subreddit.”