Quit Yr Jobs: MAFS’ Olivia Frazer Revealed How Much She’s Made From OnlyFans In Just 4 Months

olivia frazer onlyfans earnings

MAFSOlivia Frazer has revealed how much she actually made from her first four months on OnlyFans and I clearly need to switch jobs immediately.

Joining Zoe Marshall on The Deep podcast Frazer said she made a whopping $500,000 from OnlyFans in her first couple of months on the platform. Damn, it’s time for me to get the bazooms out.

She said she doesn’t make figures like that anymore though, mainly because the whole hype from her MAFS foray has dwindled down.

“I’ve gradually lost subscribers because, obviously, the novelty of Olivia Frazer being on OnlyFans is a one-off,” she said.

She also said that her split from MAFSJackson Lonie (who she collaborated on OnlyFans with) also hurt her career on the platform.

“I feel like, not only did I lose my partner in Jackson, I also lost my colleague,” she said.

“It’s taken me a while. I feel like I’m getting my groove back.

“I’ve just sort of lost momentum… I just needed a little bit of recovery time.”

This is the first time Frazer has confirmed the amount she’s made from OnlyFans. She previously entered a bit of an online stoush with MAFSJessika Power after she claimed to earn more on the platform than Jessika does in her “best month”.

Frazer lost her job as a teacher in March this year and has been making a steady income from OnlyFans since, but told The Deep she won’t be doing it forever.

“But I do plan on killing it while I am in the game,” she said.

She also revealed her plans for the future: to move to the UK and become a landlord. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess.

“I do want to move back to the UK eventually and just buy a nice little cottage in the country and just, like, walk my dogs and collect rent from other properties,” she told Marshall.

In case you missed it, Frazer’s ex Jackson Lonie has been doing well for himself since the split, revealing that he’s now dating ex-Bachelor contestant Jacinta “Jay” Lal.

The pair posted a couple of pics together on a sunset picnic and it was honestly super romantic.

According to So Dramatic!, Jay and Jackson first laid eyes on each other at a Halloween party this year and have been obsessed with each other ever since.