Well, Well, Well: Turns Out Olivia Lost Her Job Bc Of Her Villain Antics On MAFS

Olivia frazer

MAFS‘ Olivia Frazer and her on-screen husband Jackson have given a very spicy interview revealing she actually lost her job after appearing on the show.

Speaking to 2Day FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Olivia said the backlash she’s been receiving for her villain antics have been intense.

“I’m a shell of a person, honestly,” she said in the radio interview.

“Like, thank god for Jackson because I would not have survived this without him and without my mum and my brother. It’s been hell.

“I saw that Change.org petition and it’s like, oh my god, more people have signed a petition to have me arrested or something than to end the war in Ukraine. So in Australia I feel like I’m more hated than Vladimir Putin“.

Somehow I feel like comparing her situation to Ukraine won’t do her any favours, but go off I guess.

“I’ve seriously only had three nice encounters in public,” Olivia continued.

“I’ve had a lot of awful ones.

“I was at a bar with Tamara and a lady came up to me with a wine glass and was like, ‘If I smash this will I get a reaction?’”.

She then revealed what I’m sure many have been wondering for weeks now: how all this has affected her job as a teaching student.

“I’ve already lost my job as a direct result of this show,” Olivia told Erin.

Jackson blamed the backlash Olivia has received on the MAFS editors, claiming she is not the person shown on our screens.

“It’s been so hard to watch because if that is the person Olivia was, we wouldn’t be together,” he told Hughesy.

“She’s actually such a beautiful person, she’s so nice and so caring. She’d do anything for anyone — friends, family — and she’s proven that multiple times to my friends and family. Yeah, she’s just an amazing soul.”

Because Hughesy is an agent of chaos, he asked Jackson if he would slap the MAFS editors if it was legal.

“I’d give it a real big Will Smith/Chris Rock vibe,” Jackson responded.

Welp, edit or no edit, Olivia’s behaviour has certainly been questionable on the show.

In case you missed the drama, Olivia ignited rage in MAFS viewers after she circulated a nude photo of Domenica to other cast members. What followed was a long, drawn out feud where Olivia appeared to constantly bait Domenica into a conflict and then gaslight her into shame.

It was awful to watch, and now Olivia is facing the heat from fans for it.

MAFS concludes next Monday, but you can watch up on 9Now.