An OnlyFans Creator Has Slammed Olivia Frazer’s ‘Absolutely Horrific’ Violation Of The Platform

olivia mafs 2022
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Following last night’s repugnant (yes, REPUGNANT) episode of MAFS that absolutely wreaked of slut-shaming, viewers are understandably disturbed (myself included).

ICYMI: Olivia Frazer admitted to leaking a naked photo from Domenica Calarco‘s OnlyFans account and circulating it amongst the cast in a lame attempt to humiliate her rival.

This has caused a mass uproar from viewers, including Ashley Fletcher, an OnlyFans creator, who slammed Olivia in an interview with The Wash.

“How are we still shaming women for showing their bodies? I’m not sure why they are making a big deal out of it,” Fletcher told the site.

“Women are finally taking back their power after many years of men sending around nudes illegally,” adding that “the fact that it was leaked by another woman is absolutely horrific and very high school.”

She added, “It’s a betrayal of trust that women have each others back, no matter what. I hope she can seek legal advice after the show.”

Fletcher went on to point out that “if Dom is confident in the photo, it’s no one’s business but her own. I love what I do and I’m damn proud of the content I post, and I’m sure she is too.”

And finally, she called out the double standards in the blokes on the show going starkers without judgement, while the women cop slut-shaming.

“Why is it OK for Mitch to have his bare ass out on national television and it be glorified, but a photo of a woman she shared privately is classed as a scandal?” she said.

“The double standards being played over again in society are getting tiring. It’s revenge porn. It’s illegal. It shouldn’t be aired.”

It’s beyond fucked up that a ‘nude photo scandal’ is being used as reality TV fodder in 2022, but here we are.