Colour Me Shocked: New MAFS Cast Members Already Have Their Sights On Making Big OnlyFans Bucks

mafs onlyfans

The next round of Married At First Sight participants are already strategising how to make bank on OnlyFans once the new MAFS season airs in early 2023. Wild! Shocking! Can’t believe! I respect the hustle!

Basically Hayley Vernon — who was on MAFS Season 7 — told Yahoo Lifestyle that two people have reached out to her for advice while filming the upcoming season at Sydney CBD’s Skye Suites.

“I’ve got cast on the new season messaging me for advice and they’re all filming up the street from my hotel,” Hayley told the publication.

What advice, you ask?

“Mostly how to handle media and paparazzi but two are doing OnlyFans and was asking about that,” Hayley explained.

Hayley joined OnlyFans in 2020. By May 2022, she revealed that she’d made more than $1.3million on the platform. So yeah, she’s a good person to get OnlyFans advice from.

“One even joked about filming a scene with me to post when their wedding airs to get more subscribers,” she laughed.

That’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.

Obviously the MAFS cast, like many other productions, aren’t allowed to post on social media while filming and have to ensure all their accounts are private. One would think this includes OnlyFans.

The contract for any show is airtight, but there really isn’t enough detail here (for example, are they banking content for later?) to know if rules are being broken.

“They’re a lot smarter than [the cast on my season] were and are getting things ready to launch as soon as they get on TV,” Hayley told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Smart indeed. But should anyone be surprised that the MAFS 2023 participants are gearing up to make sure their fame goes the distance? I miss the days where the goal off the back of reality TV was a Channel [V] presenting gig.

From what we can see of the revealed cast so far, plenty of them already have huge social media followings. Others have also been on TV before — like MAFS 2023 intruder Evelyn Ellis who was Big Brother UK 2016 and Layton Mills who was on First Dates Australia in 2016.

Apparently the decision to get people familiar with public attention was a strategic one in order to outweigh 2022’s ratings.

“This year’s cast have almost one million followers between them and some are already classed as celebrities in certain circles,” a source told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Producers are hoping this will equate to record-breaking ratings and attract more younger viewers than ever before.

“Every year there’s pressure to be bigger than the season prior and having a cast full of people already comfortable on camera, who know how to perform, also makes it easier for drama to unfold.”

If this show gets any bigger, I think it may spontaneously combust. But bring it on. I’m ready to not be ready.