‘Olivia Was Shaking’: Jess Power Spilled Bulk Tea On A Podcast From Famous Feuds To Salary Goss

Jessika Power, one of the most controversial stars of MAFS Australia, sat down for an interview and naturally things got spicy.

The reality star talked about everything from her OnlyFans success to her famous feuds to her shock firing from The Challenge.

Here’s the wildest bombshells she dropped during her appearance on everyone’s favourite Aussie reality TV podcast So Dramatic!.

She and Cyrell Paule were offered $$$ to compete in a boxing match

Ya know those boxing matches that reality stars seem to enjoy participating in to maintain relevance? Apparently Jessika and her MAFS longtime rival Cyrell Paule were each offered $30K to compete in one.

“When I first came off MAFS, we got offered, I think it was $30,000 each, to do the boxing,” Jessika confessed.

She said they both initially agreed to it but strangely, Cyrell refused to wear protective gear.

“She was like, ‘No, I’m not using headgear, not using this, I’m not using that’,” she recalled, adding that she wasn’t up for undoing her “expensive” cosmetic surgery.

“I was like, ‘Well, I’m sorry, but you may not love your face but I love mine, so I’m not doing it’,” she said.

“I pulled out because I’m not gonna get into a ring with her like, no, girl, are you kidding me?”

The real reason she was sacked from The Challenge

Jessika wanted to “set the record straight” about why she was let go from The Challenge, a bonkers new competition show starring loads of reality stars.

She said despite rumours that she exited due to a salary dispute, it was actually just a “creative decision” made by the U.S. team on The Challenge.

Apparently producers felt there was already more than enough drama on the show and so they no longer needed Jess’ spice.

Rumoured cast members include The Bachelor franchise’s Ciarran Stott, Konrad Bień-Stephen, Jessica Brody, Mary Viturino, Megan Marx, Kiki Morris and Renee Barrett.

There’s also Love Island Australia bloke Grant CrappBig Brother’s Tully Smyth and Tim DormerI’m A Celeb star David Subritsky, and Survivor’s Brooke Jowett and Johnny Eastoe.

It was recently alleged that Megan and Konrad have been hooking up behind-the-scenes, as have a bunch of other cast members so it sounds like the U.S. producers were right about the plentiful tea!

Still, we would’ve loved to have seen Jessika and Cyrell reunite for the first time since the infamous wine toss at the reunion.

Ah well…

How much she was getting paid for The Challenge

Although she didn’t disclose exactly how much she was offered for The Challenge, she said it was a pittance compared to her previous gigs.

“The pay cheque wasn’t as big as Big Brother but once you get to your third or fourth show, it’s not about the money. It’s about getting to do TV again,” she said.

Her feud with Olivia Frazer

The reality star went to address her feud with Olivia Frazer, recounting that time they bumped into each other at an event.

“I don’t even know who she is, I don’t even care what she craps on about [on her Instagram Lives],” Jessika said.

“She just carries this weight about her. I look at my phone sometimes and go ‘I don’t even know who you are!’”

Jessika said when they saw each other at the infamous event, Olivia “kept trying trying to talk to me but I kept avoiding her because I wasn’t in the mood.

“But then I was thinking to myself, ‘Why does she want to come down to this event? I haven’t spoken good about her in the media and she’s read it!’”

She said Olivia was “shaking” when she finally approached her at the end of the event.

“From there she thought we were going to be besties and then all these things started coming out,” she said.

“What is going on with you, babe? Are you alright?”

Jessika also accused Olivia of starting beef with her so that she would be talked about by the media.

She also applied that Olivia keeps mentioning Jackson Lonie in her IG Stories even after they’ve broken up as a grab for attention.

“Olivia will be irrelevant by this new season [of MAFS],” Jessika said.

“She hasn’t really done anything and people still don’t like her. She hasn’t made an effort to make herself likeable.”

New MAFS stars DM her for advice

She said new MAFS cast members message her on Instagram every year asking for advice, the latest being Carolina Santos.

“Every year I get two or three people messaging me saying ‘Hey, I’ve done this. How do you cope?’ And I just copy and paste the same message every year,” she said.

She also said she’s been in touch with Tamara Djordjevic.

She reckons MAFS is becoming more and more inauthentic

“Every time MAFS gets a new cast, there’s somebody who does something outrageous,” she said.

“Are they doing that because it’s who they are or are they trying to get their airtime and get that name for themselves. The public has seen that already and they don’t want to see it anymore!”

The ratings from the most recent season beg to differ, babe.

Her thoughts on MAFS 2023

As you will have noticed from all the spicy pap pics, MAFS 2023 has begun filming.

Jessika has seen the snaps and she reckons there’s something suss about the new season.

“This isn’t Married At First Sight, surely?” she said shadily.

“This looks like high school. It’s going to be girls talking about boys.

“They’re influencers and a lot of them have big personalities, they’re going to be opinionated, they’re going to have their insecurities, it’s going to be a rollercoaster.”

Um, isn’t that every season?

She’s lost jobs ‘cos of MAFS

Not sure if she was referring to The Challenge, but she said she’s been “turned down jobs” ‘cos of MAFS.

Surely that’s not in reference to The Challenge since the cast is teeming with MAFS stars!

“It’s taken me so long for me to get my name in the right spot to even be put forward for shows and campaigns,” she revealed.

She’s blocked a helluva lot of people

“My blocked list is 30 pages long,” she said, claiming she still has to ban a lot of “haters” from her page.

She even said her new BF receives messages from MAFS viewers warning him not to date her.

Her OnlyFans earnings

We all knew she was making BANK from OnlyFans, but apparently the earnings are bloody beyond.

“I plan on buying two houses,” she said.

“It’s been crazy. It’s been a whirlwind. My lifestyle is a lot better now!”

She said when she first joined OnlyFans, she spent a fuck ton on bags (as in handbags), her dog and travel, but she’s trying to be smarter with her coins now.

She and Imogen Anthony almost had a TV show together

Jessika confirmed rumours that she and influencer Imogen Anthony were gonna star in a The Simple Life-esque series together.

“That is true but it’s so far in the future of when it will happen and getting it all together,” she said.

“We were approached for that and we both laughed. We don’t know if it’s happening still.”

Jessika Power and Imogen Anthony starred together on Celebrity Big Brother. (Credit: Seven)

She admitted she wasn’t a nice person on MAFS

In a rare moment of self-awareness, Jessika said she was “a horrible piece of shit” on Married At First Sight.

“I was not a nice girl,” she said.

But would she have done anything differently? Yes and no.

She said that while she doesn’t regret cheating on Dan Webb, she wished she had kept her affair a secret.

Have a listen to the full chat via So Dramatic!.