The MAFS Reunion Was A Whirlwind But Nothing Will Ever Be As Windy As Cyclone Cyrell

The Married at First Sight Reunion Part One has FINALLY ARRIVED and it did not disappoint at all.

All the blue-ticks from season five and six were invited to the reunion including: Cyrell Paule, Nasser Sultan, Dean Wells, Jessika Power and Ines Basic. And oh how I’ve missed their chaotic energy.

As each of our fave D-listers were introduced we were reminded of some of their best moments. Troy‘s teeth brushing, Dean cheating on Tracey but then crying at the final ceremony, Ines being horny and Cyrell just being Cyrell.

The experts continued to call the show “an experiment”, but you’d think seven seasons later they’d forfeit the right to call it that.

Trisha is also noticeably absent for the expert team. But after being made to watch the new seasons trailer multiple times during the ad break, it looks like she’ll be replaced by sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

Then we get to the dinner party, and the cast have that weird cheese and cracker moment, so people can make their entrance.

Jojo‘s transformation HOLY SHIT.

Tracey Jewel is pregnant and radiant as ever.

Mike Gunner the hairline tattoo artist (which is actually one of the better job titles from the cast) had weird, sexy, bad-boy music underscoring his entrance.

All the cast have come back with fake-ass job titles like “Digital Talent, “Social Commentator” and “Beauty Influencer.” They may as well just write “Paid for being on MAFS” to be honest.

Oh and everyone HATES NASSER. And I mean HATES NASSER. It was nice to see the cast all agree on something though.

He attempted a speech that no one was having a bar of, because it was all about him. And Mike was funny for the first time in MAFS history, telling Nasser “no one cares,” as he was attempting his speech.

At the conclusion of the speech Cyrell said: “I’m clapping because it ended.” Priceless.

Micheal gave Nasser a serve about his trolling, and Nasser simply said “don’t read it.”

Things escalated, of course, and then Nasser yeeted himself off the show.

But in the short time Nasser was actually on the show, he did make some excellent one-liners.

“I’m just a voice of the people.”

“I bring life to a party.”

“I’m a rockstar.”

“The people’s celebrity.”

“I am Mr. Reality.”

And my personal favourite: “They can kiss my hairy Arabic ass.”

CYCLONE CYRELL proved to be a cyclone again and made her hatred for Jess known to everyone.

I love Cyrell, but god dammit was she clutching when she said that Jess was talking shit about her son. I hope she got a fat pay check for creating drama out of thin air.


I feel like there was a missed opportunity to have a full-blown MAFS food fight once Cyrell threw the wine. It could’ve been one of those happy endings where the credits roll and everyone is covered in slop. BUT NO. It all ended in tears.

Well, until tomorrow my dudes.

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