Jess Power Has Shared Wild Receipts About Olivia Frazer As Payback For *That* Savage IG Story

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In the absolute fucking weirdest of flexes, MAFS villain Olivia Frazer shared the list of people she’s blocked on Instagram to her IG Story and whataya know? Jessika Power was right up there.

What on God’s green earth prompted her to do such a thing?

Well, the reality star took part in a round of the “Show Me a Photo Of…” Instagram Story trend where the question was to reveal your blocked list.

Ya know, ‘cos the gal has never met a question about herself that she didn’t like!

As revealed by the So Dramatic! podcast, Olivia dead-ass posted a screenshot of her blocked list to her IG Story which included her MAFS rival Jessika Power. It’s as if she wanted the world to know just how she feels about Jess…

Like clockwork, Jessika has responded in the comments section of the podcast’s post which appears to have been deleted.

“Who is this chick!? She went from following me, to unfollowing me (maybe because I didn’t follow her back) and now to apparently blocking me. What a clown, using my name in that screengrab was a very clear attention grabbing moment to monopolise her press time and it’s just gross,” she began.

“I met the girl once because she asked my manager if she could attend an event. I spoke to her briefly at my event and that’s because she approached me.”

She added, “She’s clearly very desperate and insecure and her acting like this just proves that her edit on MAFS wasn’t a false one. This is the most energy I’ve wasted on addressing this and it’ll be the last. Clearly Olivia has too much time in the day to be thinking of someone who she doesn’t even know or care about.”

In follow-up comments, she added: “It’s been a while since I’ve bothered with any online narky shit like this but I’m not one to sit around and take crap from someone who will be forgotten tomorrow.

“I did feel bad for her at the start and I was happy to just go about our lives. I even said that we weren’t ‘at war’ when media said we were but now… oh honey, wrong person to piss off.”

Power concluded, “I actually never had an issue with her until she started comparing herself then doing snarky things.”

Back in May, there were reports swirling around that Olivia and Jessika had a lil confrontation at an event after their online beef.

ICYMI: While MAFS 2022 was airing, Jessika slammed Olivia in an interview, describing her behaviour towards Domenica Calarco as “disgusting”.

Her comments did the rounds on social media and made it clear that Jessika was very much on the anti-Olivia bandwagon.

So when the gals gathered for the launch of Celebrity Slim’s Skinny B*tch wine range at Wahlburgers, something was bound to go down.

In footage shared by The Wash, Olivia approached Jessika to hash things out.

Their convo seemed relatively tame, with Jessika saying that although she stands by her statement that Olivia’s behaviour was “disgusting”, she has no real problem with her.

Have a watch below:

But their truce did not last long.

Shortly after the footage went live, Olivia waged war against her MAFS rival, claiming she makes more money on OnlyFans than Jessika does in her “best month.”

Jessika promptly fired back, telling the So Dramatic! podcast: “First of all, how would she know how much I made?”

“I don’t even like talking about the money I’ve earnt or to compare it to anybody else. It’s just not what you do,” she added.

She went on to say that no one but herself and her accountant knows how much she earns, so she doesn’t know where Olivia is getting her “best month” figures.

Olivia later accused So Dramatic! of “pitting women against each other”, but her accusation was debunked when the poddy posted their DM convo which showed Olivia making shady comments about Jessika.

I’m assuming that sometime after all this went down, Olivia went ahead and blocked Jessika on Instagram and now she’s out here bragging about it.

I’ll bet ya any money she’s not the only MAFS star who’s on the infamous Olivia Frazer blocked list.

Messy, messy, messy.