A Spicy Source Has Divulged The Real Reason Why Jessika Power Left The Challenge

jessika power the challenge

A sneaky insider has spilt some sumptuous tea on Jessika Power pulling out of The Challenge Australia. Naturally, the alleged reason is way spicier than the one she provided herself.

According to a sneaky source (my nonno would call them a snitch, but alas), Miss Power pulled out of the upcoming show due to her agreed-upon fee being slashed last minute. Budget cuts had to be made and unfortunately, Power’s wild fkn salary was first on the chopping block.

“Jessika was packed and ready to go but Ten called for a last-minute meeting where they told her that her pay would be halved,” the source told The Daily Mail.

Reportedly, Power was set to receive somewhere around $6000 a week — twice as much as her fellow contestants. All this tells me is that Power is probs one of the most famous heads on the cast. I mean I can’t imagine someone like The Veronicas settling for 50 per cent of a MAFS star’s salary.

“As much as they wanted her on the show, they couldn’t afford what she was asking for any more. It just didn’t make sense to keep her on,” claimed the source.

When it was first revealed that Power would not be hopping on a flight to Buenos Aires to compete with Aussie D-listers in physically demanding challenges, she simply said it was over “creative” disagreements.

She also specified that her beef was with “American executives”, which makes sense to me. Something about those two words together just oozes evil.

“I had my contract signed, bags packed, everything ready and received a message from my manager stating that the American executives had made a creative decision to not include me on the show despite believing I am “good talent”,” she told The Daily Mail.

“I was excited to be chosen to do the show and it was only a day before I was having Skype interviews with the casting director and speaking about opening outfits and filming location and leave dates.”

Usually when I have creative differences with someone it’s because I like the colour green and they like the colour red. I want to be as wealthy as Power so that my definition of creative difference becomes “you created a salary for me below my expectations”.

Good on Power for standing up for her worth, though. I’m keen to see who actually ends up on The Challenge.