Turns Out A Bunch Of Married At First Sight Stars Are Actors & Wow I’m So Shocked

We’re now a couple of episodes deep into Season 11 of Married At First Sight (MAFS), so we’ve done some super hardcore research to see which participants are on the show for love, or — as Lady Gaga once sang — the applause.

MAFS is a reality TV show that has Australia in a gorilla grip chokehold. The plot follows a bunch of strangers who are willing to get hitched to other strangers to test the theory that love can happen “at first sight”. It’s the perfect formula for a drama full shitstorm.

Although the casting process for the show seems to be aimed at singles who are truly looking for a shot at love, most of the time it’s usually a bunch of actors or influencers who are trying to cop a spot on Australia’s celebrity D-list.

So without further ado…

Here are all the actors and influencers on Married At First Sight 2024.

Collins Christian

(Image source: Instagram / @collins_christian_)

Oh me, oh my. Collins has already been dubbed as one of the worst actors to have appeared on MAFS due to the way he handled the experiment in the first couple of episodes. However some people *cough* Jesse Burford from last year’s season *cough* have argued that it’s the edit.

Well, if you don’t fancy Collins’ theatric skills on reality TV, he appeared in an Ashley and Martin hair loss advertisement in 2022. In an Instagram post featuring the ad, Collins revealed he was cast as “Raja”. He also said that the first time he saw the ad was a “strange but also cool” experience.

So Dramatic! also hilariously pointed out that Collins was spotted auditioning for MAFS back in 2023. In the photo reposted by the publication, Collins can be seen having a video call with MAFS expert John Aiken.

Cassandra Allen

Cassandra and her reality TV hubby Tristan are currently one of the season’s favourites — for now. Although her bio says she’s an “outgoing administration worker” she’s without a doubt some sort of internet influencer as she boasts more than 15.2K followers.

Prior to MAFS, Cassandra (@cassandraallen_) posted content surrounding fashion, travel and sometimes food.

She’s also done a few posts promoting products, which suggests that she has some kind of footing in the influencer game.

So if you think you’ve seen her before, she might’ve popped up on your FYP on Instagram!

Eden Harper

Eden was matched with MAFS nepo baby star Jayden. And for folks who haven’t kept up with this year’s cast (WHICH YOU CAN PEEP HERE) Jayden is Mitch‘s brother, who appeared on Season Nine.

According to her official MAFS bio, Eden is a recruitment manager BUT her IG (@edenharper) says otherwise. Per Daily Mail Australia, Eden was identified as a “micro-influencer”. However, her follow count — which sits at more than 24.5K followers — tells me she’s an influencer without the micro!!!

Side note: OK, maybe I am giving people too much credit, but that’s still a lot of followers to me. Issa big number.

Lauren Dunn

Lauren has been portrayed as this season’s chaotic queen and just like Cassandra, she is one of my faves with her rough-around-the-edges IDGAF personality.

She’s not a fave because I love her, mostly because she brings the entertainment to what can be a dull show (no tea, no shade).

Anyways, if you think you’ve seen Lauren before, it’s because you might have seen her foodie content on your feed. Unfortunately, the account (@so.cooked) is currently in private mode, but it currently boasts more than 13.7K followers.

(Image source: Instagram / @so.cooked)

Ben Walters

(Image source: Instagram / @walters_tours)

Right off the bat, producers questioned this bloke’s intentions on the show during the wedding. You see, Ben was questioned due to a variety of factors, but the main one was his profession outside of the reality TV show. Not only is he a tour guide, but he’s also a podcast host — which every MAFS participant ends up becoming post-television appearance.

On top of that, before he joined MAFS, Ben was rumoured to have been cast for The Bachelors‘ 11th Season, So Dramatic! reports.

But one thing we can confirm is that he has been on TV. In 2019, the tour guide appeared in a vox pop for Today, urging tourists to stop climbing Uluru before it was officially closed to climbers.

Jacob ‘Jack’ Dunkley

(Image source: starnow.com)

Before MAFS 2024 even started, Jack was embroiled in controversy after an ex alleged that he broke up with her to get on the show. The story that oozed out onto the media before the season aired then became a mini subplot at the first dinner party.

He’s also been tipped off to be one of the worst villains to have ever appeared on the show, per Daily Mail Australia.

Well, I believe that Jacky may have some acting skills under his belt to portray this so-called villain of 2024. After digging around the internet, I may have found Jack’s StarNow profile, under the name Jacob Dunkley.

According to the profile, Jacob has experience in acting, voice acting and being a part of production and crew. He’s got some pretty fly photos and a couple of iconic headshots that make him look like a contestant from Big Brother Australia in the 2000s.

Oh, he definitely listened to Passion Pit back in the day. (Image source: Starnow.com)

Maddy Jevic

Screaming at this Instagram account’s username I’m about to tag. (Image source: Instagram / @super.beautiful.maddy.jevic)

Before MAFS 2024 even aired, Maddy was revealed to have joined the cast after fans spotted her at Sydney’s Skye Suites. For those who aren’t familiar with Maddy’s résumé, she’s an actress who’s starred in a variety of shows including Home and Away, Upper Middle Bogan and Offspring.

According to insiders and secret sources, Maddy is tipped off to be joining the cast as an intruder later in the season. It is said that the other cast mates believed she was a ‘mole’ who was hired to stir drama on the show.

On top of all the chaos, insiders also added that she did not admit to being an actress, and instead said she was a psychic/medium.

Look, a lot of shit has happened and we’re only in the early weeks of the 2024 season It’ll be interesting to see what kind of drama she will be bringing down the road.

Tristan Black

(Image source: starnow.com)

It’s without a doubt that Tristan would have ties to the entertainment industry. Outside of MAFS, Tristan holds a job as an event manager — which makes me think he has some pretty cooked stories.

After some internet sleuthing, we also found that Tristan has his own StarNow account. Unlike Jack’s, Tristan’s page is quite dead but it appears that he has a profile for crew, voice acting and acting.

The pic on the page is super adorable thought! Have no clue what it means, but it’s cute.

Look, in comparison to the actors that appeared in 2023, I think this cast could be genuine.

HAHAHAHA kidding, like said. We’re only a couple of episodes in and there’s a shit tonne of drama? This is going to be one heck of a reality TV ride.