A Home & Away Star Is Going To Appear On The Next Season Of MAFS And No, It’s Not Alf Stewart

Married At First Sight’s (MAFS) newest season has had a salacious detail dropped by spies before the show has even come out, which is that a former Home and Away star will be joining the cast as a bride.

Actress Maddy Jevic, most known for her role as Amber Simmons in Home And Away, and Brianna Wheeler in the hilarious Upper Middle Bogan, is set embark on her most brutal role yet: a MAFS contestant. Break a leg Maddy.

Jevic as Amber Simmons in Home and Away.

According to Daily Mail Australia, she has been paired at first sight with her true reality TV love, a Melbourne-based pest control worker named Ash Galati. Let’s hope that her Home And Away ex-boyfriend, Dean Thompson, is okay with the coupling.

The reveal of Jevic’s casting comes from fans who spotted them checking into Skye Suites together in Sydney’s Green Square where MAFS is currently being filmed. Now who said Sydney doesn’t produce any good art anymore?

According to inside sources, other cast members believed early on that Jevic is a ‘mole’ hired to cause chaos on the show, as she did not admit to being an actress, and instead told others she was a psychic/medium.

However the false occupation isn’t entirely untrue, as Jevic is clearly capable of communicating with beings that left this world long ago. Otherwise she’d have no way of speaking to the other MAFS contestants.

The upcoming season of MAFS has been claimed by the network to have a greater focus on finding love for the contestants that ratings. However sources from inside the 11th season say that it’s been as spicy as it’s ever been.

And thank goodness for that, because the last thing we would ever want for a Home And Away actor is to be on the set of yet another car crash. Rip to Amber Simmons’ brother, Jai, who died in (no points for guessing) a car crash.

All we can really do is pray and hope that in the next season the MAFS producers bring in another Home And Away cast member: Alf Stewart. Now that would be some flamin’ good television.