Ranking The MAFS 2023 Cast’s Influencer Careers By How Much $$$ They Can Charge Per IG Post

MAFS 2023 Influencer

Now that the experiment part of Married at First Sight 2023 is over, the cast is finally capitalising on what they went on MAFS for in the first place: fame, followers and a spot on the Team Ellis Boxing match bill.

We reality TV fiends are far more invested in this cursed show than we’d like to admit. So, naturally, we’re very keen to see how many followers (and subsequent dollarydoos) the brides and grooms are raking in now that they’re bonafide influencers.

While the numbers are constantly changing as the MAFS 2023 cast gain and lose fans, we’ve done some crunchin’ to find out which participants have been the most successful this year.

The follower count of each contestant is easy to find, but we’ve used Influencer Marketing Hub‘s earnings calculator to work out their potential earnings from IG-based brand deals. We’ve also referred to the numbers reported by The Daily Mail and Yahoo Lifestyle but still, take these numbers as cheeky estimates to inform opinion, rather than straight-up facts.

1. Melinda Willis

Beauty CEO Melinda Willis is seemingly the most successful of her cast, which is unsurprising considering she already had over 149,000 followers before the show started.

Now, she has close to 557K fans on the ‘gram, which allows her to earn an estimated $2,775 per post, according to Influencer Marketing Hub.


2. Evelyn Ellis

Evelyn Ellis is the second most-followed bride, sitting at a cool 401,000 followers.

That kinda follower count is expected to cost brands hoping to collab with the bride around $1950 per post.

3. Duncan James

Evelyn’s co-star-turned-boyfie Duncan James falls into third place, coming out of the experiment with a whopping 318,000 followers.

This means he can charge sponsors an estimated $1,550 per post.

4. Claire Nomarhas

She may have been involved in MAFS 2023’s first cheating scandal, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from flocking to Insta to follow Claire Nomarhas.

The early childhood educator’s follower count currently sits at 295K, while her earning potential is estimated to reach close to $1.5K per post.

Not bhed, not bhed.

5. Jesse Burford

Not gonna lie, but I was lowkey surprised at how many followers Jesse Burford has raked in since appearing on MAFS.

Beating out some of the actual influencers from his season, the Perth local has 225,000 people tuning into his content.

Fingers crossed this means Jesse can earn a smidgen more as a social media star than he did as a TV groom!

6. Tahnee Cook

No stranger to the influencer lyf, unproblematic queen Tahnee Cook now sits at 223,000 followers, up from the measly 45K she had pre-MAFS.

This sorta number could see the Sydneysider earn around $1,000 per sponsored post, if not more.

Onya girl!

7. Layton Mills

Mr Melinda Willis, AKA Layton Mills, can charge brands around a thousand bucks per sponsored post.

At the time of writing, the entrepreneur has a ‘lil over 207,000 followers on Insta. Like Tahnee, he could rake in over $1K for a single post.

8. Ollie Skelton

Sweet prince Ollie Skelton, who recently roasted TF outta a newspaper for implying he’s in an incestuous relo with Tahnee, has a humble 177K fans following him.

Though it’s a fair bit less than some of his aforementioned co-stars, the voiceover artist can still pocket around $900 per post.

And TBH, he’s doing well because that’s $900 more than I’m earning at this rate.

9. Lyndall Grace

Despite her tumultuous MAFS experience, Lyndall Grace has come out the other side 175K followers richer.

And, in addition to the pricelessness of Insta disciples, the musician is able to pocket an estimated $878 per sponcon. Ka-ching!

10. Sandy Jawanda

Regardless of whether Sandy Jawanda and her TV hubby Dan Hunjas had a pact to stay until the end of the experiment, what ended up being a short stint on the show still managed to cop the dental professional a blue tick and 158,000 followers.

Running the numbers, it looks like Sandy can make around $770 per brand post.

11. Bronte Schofield

Off the back of her dumpster fire marriage to Harrison Boon and bulk tea-spilling seshes, Bronte Schofield is living it up for her 141,000 followers.

Thank fck for the blue ticks, bc the budding influencer now has the potential to earn upwards of $688 for each brand collab.

12. Tayla Winter

Even though Tayla Winter had the misfortune of seeing Cam Woodscock and balls, she’s been extremely fortunate in copping 116K followers in her ascension to being a notable MAFS bride.

With a follower count like that, the Tasmanian can charge brands an estimated $590 per post.

13. Janelle Han

Janelle Han was already a bonafide influencer prior to MAFS, during which she cemented herself as an actual icon.

So, it’s no surprise she’s got over 107,000 loyal cronies on the ‘gram, allowing her to earn a casual $525 for any future sponcon.

If you’re surprised to see Janelle so low on this list, keep in mind that the metric we’re using is only focusing on IG followers.

In fact, queen Janelle is pretty damn big on TikTok, boasting a neato 582.7K followers on the platform. If TikTok was chucked into the mix, you better believe the make up expert would come out on top.

14. Alyssa Barmonde

Single mama Alyssa Barmonde can now add micro-influencer to her resume, alongside cake-maker and “I have a child” merch creator.

The 32-year-old has just broken the 100k mark with 101,000 followers. Meanwhile, her business page @alyssabakescakes, has close to 20K followers, which could earn her around $191 per post should she nab some sponsorships.

Not too shabby for a side hustle!

15. Caitlin McConville

Aw, jeez. If anyone had a rough go of it during MAFS 2023, it’s Caitlin McConville.

Luckily, she swapped out a shitty TV hubby for a job with co-star Melinda and gained a legion of fans adding up to 92K followers.

That sorta number can earn a gal anywhere between $369 and $616 per sponcon post. Who’s the real winner?!

16. Rupert Bugden

Blushing king Rupert Bugden sure didn’t do a whole lot during MAFS, but he still managed to work his way up to 85,000 Instagram followers.

Should he venture down the same path as his TV wife, Evelyn, Rupert can charge up to an estimated $568 for influencer posts.

How ’bout dat?

17. Harrison Boon

MAFS 2023’s “villain” Harrison Boon has copped close to 74,000 Instagram followers, meaning he can charge brands anywhere between $293 and $488 per post should they want to work with him.

Not only that, but his verified influencer status also earned him a spot in the boxing ring alongside 2022 groom Daniel Holmes, so there’s that.

18. Cam Woods

Similar to Harrison, Cam’s 64K social media followers allow him to charge close to $430 for sponcon, which isn’t a bad gig for a bloke living in rural Aus.

Maybe he can find a fishing brand or something to team up with?

19. Josh

Disney daddy Josh White has racked up 61K followers since his time on the show and can bring in approximately $330 for each sponsored post.

That’s pretty damn good for a slightly older father-of-two amongst his social media-savvy cast mates.

20. Dan Hunjas

Aquaman wannabe Dan Hunjas is sitting at around 42.3K followers these days. He has the potential to rake in about $280 per post.

It’s not too surprising that he’s not kicking off an influencer career after his portrayal on the show. While it seems like forever ago, Dan was a royal dick to his on-screen wife Sandy and he was even edited out of the reunion episodes for bad behaviour. But hey, 40K+ ain’t too shabby.

21. Melissa Sheppard

This season’s designated horn dog Melissa Sheppard has amassed 39.4K followers and can potentially cash in $260 for each sponsored post.

While it sounds pretty good on paper, we’re now at the level of influencer that either has to find their niche or just enjoy some freebies from time to time.

22. Adam Seed

23. Hugo Armstrong

Sweet beige beanpole Hugo Armstrong is sitting pretty on 29.6K followers and has the potential of bringing in $204 buckeroos per post.

He was paired up with Tayla, and then, kind of didn’t really do a whole lot. He seems like a nice guy though so I’m a little bit surprised he’s got less followers than Adam.

24. Shannon Adams

Now, in unlucky last place, is fake tanning king Shannon Adams with 20.9K followers. Despite being the lowest on the list, he could earn $168 for each paid post. Well, if the brands are interested.

It’s not a huge surprise that old mate found himself at the end of the list. Especially after continually disrespecting his on-screen wife Caitlin and acting like a fool on national TV. But since his time on the show, Shannon has apparently sought out therapy.

Well, there you have it. Let’s all take a MAFS break until next year when we do this silly dance all over again.