Joe Alwyn Was ‘Not Surprised’ By Taylor Swift’s New Album But He Is Apparently ‘Disappointed’

Two photos of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

We finally know what Joe Alwyn thinks of Taylor Swift’s new album, guys! This is not a drill. You know, The Tortured Poets Department, where she spent three seconds dissecting their failed six-year romance (and 90 minutes on her three-month situationship with Matty Healy).

Digital news publication OK! claims the British actor has listened to Taylor’s album, and while their insider didn’t say if he thought any of the songs were bops, we’ve been gifted with a bit of tea. 

Now, take this with a grain of salt, but here’s what the insider said: “[Taylor] did not run these songs by him, but he did not expect her to. Joe has listened to the album, and he is slightly disappointed but not surprised at all.”

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn at the 77th Golden Globes, sitting at a dinner table
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were barely photographed together over six years. (Image: Getty)

The source claimed Joe is unlikely to “react” to Taylor’s songs, even though many are rumoured to be about him.

“She didn’t really trash him or defame him. Joe is not going to react to this. Taylor draws on her relationships for almost all her songs, and he admires her artistry,” the insider said.

The mag also believes the pair aren’t on speaking terms, with the source claiming they’ve had “absolutely zero contact” since they called their relationship off in 2023. 

As we all know, Joe is familiar with Taylor’s songwriting process. He’s listed as a co-writer on six songs across Folklore, Evermore and Midnights under the pen name William Bowery and still receives residuals. 

“He has made a ton of money off the six songs that he wrote for Taylor in the past and he is grateful that their relationship also helped to make him a household name,” the insider claimed. 

Joe Alwyn has reportedly banned questions about Taylor Swift

Joe and Taylor kept their relationship hidden from the public eye. Let’s be honest, we’ve seen more of Travis Kelce and Taylor in a few months than we ever saw of Joe and Taylor in six years. 

The actor, who is currently getting ready to promote his new film Kinds of Kindness with Emma Stone, has reportedly banned any mention of his famous ex. 

“He has a movie coming out that he is focused on. He will be doing press, but will not be entertaining any Taylor questions,” the source told OK!. 

“He is not holding grudges against her for doing what she does. He knows that it was par for the course.”

aylor Swift and Joe Alwyn seen attending the Vogue BAFTA party at Annabel's club in Mayfair on February 10, 2019 in London, England.
Taylor and Joe tried to hide from paparazzi for six years. (Image: Getty)

How much money has Joe Alwyn made from Taylor Swift’s songs?

Joe has apparently made a lot of money from his ex-girlfriend’s career, which makes sense, since she’s constantly dominating charts and breaking records. He helped pen “Exile”, “Betty”, “Champagne Problems”, “Coney Island”, “Evermore” and “Sweet Nothing”. 

Life & Style recently shared an analysis of Taylor’s Spotify streams, estimating the actor has made $2.3 million US (just over 3.5 million AUD) from streaming alone. 

“Fair or not, it’s made him a very rich guy,” an insider spilled. 

“Joe is making so much on royalties and returns from [Taylor’s] Eras Tour that he doesn’t ever need to worry about money again,” they claimed.

Considering the most cutting songs on The Tortured Poets Department were about Taylor’s fling with 1975’s Matty Healy, it looks like Joe has gotten off almost scot-free. No “All Too Well (Joe’s Version)” and set to earn residuals for years to come? That’s a win.

Feature image: Getty, Netflix