Tell Us Who Your Ride Or Die Is For A Chance To Win Tix To The New Bad Boys Movie 

Bad Boys Movie

Miami drug detectives, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey are back, baby. But this time… they’re on the run.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die (AKA the fourth instalment in the franchise) is coming to cinemas on June 6th and it’s set to be the action-comedy blockbuster of the season. Plus, you don’t need to do your homework (i.e. watch the other three movies) to get it, which is always a relief.

Marcus and Mike are played by legends Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, respectively, and the movie is set to deliver action and laughs in equal measure. 

In Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, the famous buddy cop duo have a run-in with the law after the late Captain Conrad Howard (their boss) is posthumously accused of being involved in drug cartels. After a setup puts them onto the wanted list, the team must work outside of the law to solve the case. They’re chased by drug cartels and their own police department which sounds like a rough day at work, TBH. 

Watch the trailer if you don’t believe us. 

The action-packed comedy also stars Vanessa HudgensAlexander LudwigPaola NúñezEric Dane, Jacob ScipioJoe Pantoliano and Tiffany Haddish.

Plus, fan favourite Reggie (played by Dennis Greene) is back and even more a part of the family than ever.

If this movie is ticking all of your boxes, then you’re in with a chance to take your own ride or die to an exclusive screening of the film. Huge. 

25 WOL: Tell Us Who’s Your Ride or Die to Win Tix To An Exclusive Screening Of The New Bad Boys Movie

All you have to do is tell us who that ride or die pal is and you could be enjoying a screening complete with snacks (and bragging rights).

Don’t miss Bad Boys: Ride or Die, in cinemas from June 6th.

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