MAFS Has Cast Its First-Ever Transgender Bride & I Will Actually Riot If She Gets A Shitty Groom

Married At First Sight UK (MAFS) has officially cast its first-ever transgender bride, and I truly hope she gets a groom who’ll treat her like aa queen but knowing this reality TV show, that’ll take a fucking miracle.

On Wednesday, MAFS UK announced the 2023 lineup of all the gorgeous brides and grooms who’ll be putting their hearts on the line to find true love.

One of the brides was revealed to be 29-year-old Ella, who’s described as a “blonde bombshell with a fiery personality” and “all she wants is a king to match her queen energy.”

(Image Source: Channel 4)

During her introduction video, Ella revealed herself to be a transgender woman, making her the first trans participant in the whole franchise. Honestly, I’m so excited to see how her journey goes on the show despite my pure hatred for all the drama that goes down in the show.

I’m still trying to regain all the brain cells that I lost from that feral Bronte and Harrison cluster fuck from MAFS Australia earlier this year.

But anyway, back to this UK Queen right here. Within her introductory video, Ella spoke about why she’s on the show alongside things that turn her on and all that fun stuff.

“I deserve love because I’ve gone through a lot as a person, and I feel like I deserve to be happy with someone who loves me for me and accepts me because I am fabulous,” Ella said.

“I was born a boy, I’ve transitioned. That’s why I’m very open-minded and just have a lot of fun because I’ve had such a shitty life.”

She then went on to reveal that she has “a bit of a fetish for teeth” and that she hopes her MAFS hubby is “funny, sexy and gets [her] sense of humour”.

What I love most about Ella is that, according to the Channel 4 website, she lives with her nan and describes themselves as a “dynamic duo”. So hopefully, if her hubby ain’t shaping up, Nan will give him an earful.

Thankfully, most of the comments so far have been super supportive of Ella and her quest to find love.

“Most excited for her out of all the people posted so far!” one person wrote.

“Fav already! I know she’s gonna cause mayhem and I’m so here for it,” a second wrote.

“Think there’s gonna be fireworks with Ella & I can’t wait! She looks like she doesn’t take any [shit emoji] from anyone,” wrote a third.

According to Daily Mail Australia, MAFS UK 2023 is set to be the longest UK season ever, with 36 episodes in total. So you probably wanna stock up on the wine (goon bags for me) if you’re gonna hang around for the whole show.

The publication also reported that it’ll follow the same format as Australia’s Season Six, where the blindly matched couples will be watched closely during dinner parties and couple tasks. And, of course, let’s not forget the weekly commitment ceremonies where couples can choose to leave or stay.

MAFS UK‘s casting comes weeks after it was leaked that a gay couple would be joining the Australian season in 2024.

This will be the first gay couple on the show since gay marriage was legalised Down Under in 2017. MAFS AU featured its first lesbian couple, Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz, in 2020.

In 2016, prior to the legalisation of gay marriage in Australia, Craig Roach and Andy John got married on MAFS in a ceremony in New Zealand.