Oop, There It Is: A MAFS 2024 Groom Has Already Been Accused Of Dumping His GF For The Show

Like fkn clockwork, a Married at First Sight groom currently filming the 2024 season has been accused of dumping his girlfriend for the show, and I’m already hooked, line and sinker. If my friends whom I told I was done with MAFS sees this — no, you didn’t.

For those playing catch-up, the next season of the forever-doomed marriage experiment is already underway, even though we are literally still copping drama left, right and centre from the 2023 cast.

However, it’s time to scrub our brains clean from that mess and set our sights on Jacob (also known as Jack) Dunkley, who is just one of the participants who have signed their life away to MAFS 2024.

Per the Daily Mail, old mate is a personal trainer from the Gold Coast, and looks exactly how you’d expect a personal trainer from the Gold Coast to look.

Tan? Check. Abs? Check. Tattoos? Check. Man-bun that I have a lot of conflicting feelings about? Abso-fucken-lutely.

The dude already has a dazzling set of teeth, too. So, fans can rest easy knowing they won’t have to endure a bunch of #ad posts he’s forced to share in exchange for a toothy makeover.

But I’m not here to talk about Jacob’s smile or the fact that I resent his decision not to wear socks on his wedding day.

I’m here to share the very spicy comments his ex-girlfriend Courtney left under an Instagram post chock-full of photos from his MAFS nuptials.

According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, the Brissy local wrote underneath a post from The Wash that she was led to believe Jacob called it quits because he was moving overseas.

“Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me. Tells me it’s for [a] ‘work opportunity in America’ only to find out he’s on MAFS in Sydney,” she penned and yikes. The canoe really do be douche-ing.

“When someone tells you they love you, introduces you to their family, lies to you saying they are going America ‘for a work opportunity’ only to find out they broke your heart to be on MAFS,” Courtney reportedly wrote in a second comment.

“The world we live in disgusts me.” You and me both, babes.

She later spoke directly to the publication, whom she told things between the couple were très serious.

“I even started selling my furniture when we were together as we spoke about moving in together. This is definitely the worst thing a man has ever done to me,” she alleged. “I’d been driving myself crazy for a month wondering why everything was so shady [when he ended it].”

“Good luck to his new wife.” Indeed!