There’s A Big MAFS Cast Leak For Next Season So Here’s Who’s Rumoured To Ruin Your Life In 2024

Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2023 literally just finished, but the cameras are already rolling for Season 11. And slowly but surely, the identities of the MAFS 2024 cast are being revealed.

In case you’ve never seen the show, basically, MAFS is exactly what it says in the title. Willing participants blindly get married to strangers, and their relationship is put to the test through a variety of tasks. Some couples make it to the end, like this year’s Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton, but unfortunately for most, it’s OVAH.

And with the plethora of cheating scandals, couple swaps and post-show gossip, MAFS makes for amazing reality TV. So, of course, we’re frothing any drop of tea from the upcoming season.

Who is in the MAFS 2024 cast?

Although filming has only just started, we’ve already got some insight on a few potential MAFS 2024 victims contestants. One of them is a relative of a former contestant, and no, it’s not Cyrell Paule‘s bro.

Cassandra Allen

cassandra mafs 2024
Image Source: Instagram

So Dramatic! has reported that one MAFS 2024 bride will be Cassandra Allen and going off nothing other than the pic above, she looks like my new bestie. The publication says that she already has over 10,000 Instagram followers.

Jonathan McCullough

jono mafs
Image Source: LinkedIn

So Dramatic! reports that one groom we can expect to walk down the aisle is Jonathan “Jono” McCullough who has apparently been single for a long time. Jono and I have that in common.

What we don’t have in common? Risking dignity to go on a TV show with a minimal success rate for finding a long-lasting partner.

His LinkedIn says he is a Managing Director from Brisbane and not a whole lot more. Love a man of mystery!

Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn MAFS 2024
Image Source: Instagram / @thecrowl

Daily Mail Australia reported that foodie blogger and PR consultant Lauren Dunn will be getting hitched on the iconic show in Season 11.

The publication reported she manages an Instagram account, So Cooked (@So.Cooked), which boasts more than 12.8K followers. Her private account, Lauren Funn (@lauren_funn_), also has a large following (IMO) of more than 4k followers.

Sources close to Dunn say she’s a “smart and savvy angelic beauty”, and damn. My mates describe me as a loveable mole that kinda resembles Resetti from Animal Crossing.

So Dramatic! reckons the reports of Lauren appearing on MAFS makes the timing of her breakup with AFL star Ryan Crowley a bit suss.

Jayden Eynaud

eynaud brothers
Image Source: Instagram

Daily Mail Australia also claimed that Season Nine contestant Mitch Eynaud‘s brother, Jayden Eynaud, would be joining in on the televised social experiment.

Sources say he’s “stoked” and “excited” for his journey on MAFS, and apparently, he’s already filmed his backstory on the Gold Coast, per the publication.

Besides being Mitch’s brother, Eynaud is also a pro kickboxer. So RIP to all the other contestants who would wanna box him post-production in a Team Ellis match. IYKYK.

You can follow him on IG at @Jaydeneynaud.kickboxer but his account is currently on private.

Tori Adams

tori mafs 2024
Image Source: LinkedIn

When juicy pics of the first wedding leaked, a MAFS 2024 bride was identified as Melbourne-based development manager Tori Adams

The bride looks absolutely stunning in the sneaky shots and while I can’t find her IG, her LinkedIn profile says that she has dreams of “quietly conquering the world” and I just think that’s so fkn nice.

Go get em’ gal!

Jack Dunkley

jack dunkley mafs

Tori was seen at the altar alongside Gold Coast-based personal trainer Jack Dunkley, as identified by Daily Mail Australia. He also has tatts (and long hair and actually totally looks like someone I’d date in this pic), however all 25 of his abs in his Instagram profile picture makes me not trust him.

Sara Mesa

sara mesa mafs
Image Source: Instagram

So Dramatic! reported that Sara Mesa will be joining the MAFS cast in 2024 and that she is a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Ben Walters

mafs ben
Image Source: Facebook

Another groom rumoured to be appearing on the show is podcaster and tour director Ben Walters who was spotted during filming on July 19.

According to a source speaking to So Dramatic!, he’s been keen to end up on reality TV for a while now, after being snubbed from upcoming season of The Bachelors.

“He just posted to his FB that he is trying to offload an international holiday for two because he can no longer make it,” the source said.

“The holiday is the same dates for when filming for MAFS is due to start. This guy is so desperate for his 15 mins of fame… It looks like this year his wish is coming true.”

Tim Calwell

tim mafs 2024
Image Source: Twitter

Tim Calwell in an e-commerce pro from the Gold Coast who looks like a real career man, doesn’t he? I think I’ll like him. So Dramatic! reported that he’ll be joining the MAFS cast for Season 11.

Eden Harper

eden mafs

Eden Harper has over 12,000 followers and is incredibly good looking. Apparently she was poached for the MAFS gig and AREN’T THEY ALL.

Collins Christian

collins mafs

So Dramatic! has reported that Mr CC has been trying to get onto MAFS for years so I’m sure we have another batch of genuine people looking for genuine love.

Richard Sauerman

I hope Richard’s not a dick! According to Yahoo, this bloke will be MAFS‘ oldest ever groom and let’s hope it sets a new trend. The older the better IMO. He’s 62, BTW.

Andrea Thompson

andrea mafs
Image: Facebook

Brisbane-based Andrea is rumoured to be marrying MAFS’ oldest ever husband. Does older mean wiser? I sure as hell hope so because Andrea looks lovely.

Will the MAFS 2024 cast include a same-sex couple?

Another exciting piece of goss that’s trickling through the MAFS grapevine is that a same-sex couple will be featured in the upcoming season.

Per Daily Mail Australia, two men are reportedly getting married on the reality TV show’s 11th Season.

“It’s important to get this right. We’re not just adding diversity for the sake of it, but to genuinely represent the many colours of love,” an insider told the publication.

Speaking to Metro last year, MAFS expert Mel Schilling stressed the importance of diversity in the show. She also admitted that the Aussie version’s interpretation of matching people on sexual orientation “got that horribly wrong” and “there’s great lessons to be learned from that”.

“For us it was really important for us to find people who genuinely wanted to find love, and to really delve into the intricacies of their attraction and their types, what that means for them so that we’re not just saying ‘you’re gay, you’re gay’,” she told the publication.

In 2020, MAFS AU featured its first lesbian couple, Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz, since gay marriage was legalised in Australia in 2017. Unfortunately, the pair didn’t make it out in the real world after they faced multiple challenges in their TV marriage.

Prior to Tash and Amanda and the legalisation of gay marriage in Australia, MAFS AU‘s first gay couple was Craig Roach & Andy John. The pair got hitched in a gorg ceremony in New Zealand in 2016, but their relationship also didn’t make it in the real world.

(Image source: Channel 9 / Married At First Sight)

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