The Bachelor Australia alum Abbie Chatfield reckons Osher Günsberg is lying about those sneaky pap pics being set up as a decoy for the 2022 season.

ICYMI: The goss mongers at The Wash claimed basketball player Felix Von Hofe is sharing the lead Bachie role with fitness and life coach Thomas Malucelli as they were both spotted filming scenes for the new season.

The So Dramatic! podcast later revealed that a third bloke had been thrown into the mix: local drummer, Jedidiah McIntosh.

In response to these claims, Osher told B105’s Abby Coleman that he’s still in NSW and hasn’t even flown to the Gold Coast yet to begin filming, so there’s no way it’s legit.

“I don’t know what this is!” he told the radio host.

On her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, Abbie said: “Osher, I’m not saying you’re a liar, love ya darl.

“I love you babes, but I think you’re lying.”

She went on to put her 2 cents in, stating that production is surely underway because she hasn’t been able to get a hold of her mates who work on the show.

“A lot of my friends work on this thing and I haven’t been able to get a hold of them,” she said.

“I’ve been on the show and I’m not saying one person, I’m saying multiple!”

Not only that, but several contestants have slid into her DMs asking for advice, revealing that the show has begun filming.

“Maybe a contestant also DM’d me saying ‘next week we go in’,” she said, adding that she was happy to help out the Bachie newbies. Bless her!

Let’s hope Abbie’s right, because people weren’t too pleased about the lack of diversity!

Why am I reminded of mayonnaise?” one person commented on The Wash’s post.

Another said: “He’s cute but we need diversity!! Can’t just give us Brooke [Blurton] and call it a day.”

Someone else put it succinctly: “Beige curtains yet again”.

Other commentators argued it was frustrating to see someone in their twenties cast in the show.

“Sorry what?! They cast a 27 year old? Please for the love of love cast someone in their 30s who is actually ready to settle down!” wrote one user.

If either of these dudes are our new Bachelor, it’s disappointing to see the show hasn’t opted for a diverse cast. It’s fkn 2022 folks. You’ve had plenty of time to do better!

ORIGINAL — 21st April 2022: It’s almost that time of year, folks! We’re gearing up for The Bachelor Australia 2022, and we’ve just copped a bunch of goss.

The So Dramatic! podcast dropped an entire episode dedicated to the ~mysterious~ new season, revealing WTF is going on with the flailing franchise.

Buckle up, fam. This is a big one!

Who is the Bachelor 2022?

Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made as of yet!

However, in the episode host Megan Pustetto rattled off a bunch of blokes who are in the running.

First up is AFL star Alex Rance who was previously cast in the 2020 season but ultimately pulled out.

An insider told So Dramatic! they spotted Alex checking out the new Bachie Mansion with producers, so “I’m 99 per cent sure he’s the new Bachelor.”

Next is ya boi Tony Armstrong, who has been working with producers on the new season, apparently.

“I work with someone who is paparazzi, and he has confirmed a stylist from Channel 10 has been working with Tony for the upcoming series of The Bachelor,” they said.

“If I knew it was him I would have applied myself.” Same, mate. Same.

Tony announced in May that he would be “stepping away from the [ABC news breakfast] couch for a few weeks” to work on an unspecified project.

He later poo-pooed the rumours, but Megan reckons that could’ve been a decoy to throw us off.

Meanwhile another insider revealed that a semi-known 25-year-old is in the running.

“He is known, but not that known,” they said. He’s not a “massive celeb like [Dr] Chris Brown, but it’s not Gary who works at the gym from Wollongong”.

“Some people may know him [but] it’s not Tony Armstrong.”

Someone slid into So Dramatic!’s DMs claiming they were on vacay in Far North Queensland when they came across a camera crew and a mystery bloke.

They said they overheard a producer ask “what does being the next Bachelor mean to you”.

They shared a pic of the guy and he seems like an unknown, but maybe he’s an influencer I’ve never seen or heard of? Who the fuck knows.

Next up is someone who claimed their family member, who is an unknown single dad and policeman from Melbz, was in talks with producers for The Bachelor.

Apparently he pulled out at the last minute ‘cos he had to choose between Bachie and his career in the policeforce.

Another dude who turned down the role at the last minute was apparently a guy from New Zealand named Samuel Bennett.

And finally, So Dramatic! revealed that three guys who had starred in three different reality shows had all signed on but were dropped at the 11th hour and replaced by another bloke. It literally happened to all three of them!

Producers reportedly told them all that they were “going in a different direction” and they’d no longer be needed for the show.

Due to their nondisclosure agreements, So Dramatic! wasn’t allowed to reveal their identities.

The poddy spoke to a rogue contestant who revealed that even they don’t know who it is yet as filming has yet to begin.

“The contract they make you sign is fucking insane,” they said. “No clue who the Bachelor is, we don’t find out until mid-filming.”

“The casting lady said they’re completely revamping it this year because the last few years have been a drag, so it wouldn’t surprise me if rumours of a joint Bachelor / Bachelorette are true.”

PEDESTRIAN.TV were the first outlet to report that a joint Bachie was happening after an anonymous source wrote in to our Insta last year.

“I’ve heard from good authority that there’s only going to be one season of Bach this year and it’s going to have a male and female lead,” the message read.

“Meaning there is going to be a mansion of guys and girls co-existing like with Brooke’s season.”

Is there a trailer?

Not just yet folks, they’ve still gotta film the bloody thing!

Where is The Bachelor Australia 2022 being filmed?

So we already know that the Bachie Mansion has relocated to the Gold Coast as a way shaking things up.

An insider told the publication that producers reached out to the owner of a mansion on the GC, which was listed on Airbnb, and asked if they could borrow the pad to film the show.

Have a peek at the pad on So Dramatic!’s website.

What’s new this season?

Another contestant who got in contact with the So Dramatic! podcast revealed that “they’re switching things up hugely this year.”

“They’ve had the same format for the last 10 years so they’re going with a completely different format,” they said.

Fans of Bachie US will be well aware of the term ‘Fantasy Suite.’ Basically it’s a spot where the Bachie can have an overnight date with a contestant, because after seeing someone for a few days, weeks, months, etc, naturally you’re gonna wanna fuck.

This is supposedly being introduced this season, which means the show is about to get a whole lot hornier!

“My bestie is auditioning for The Bachelor and has made it through to the next round,” an insider spilled. “Best news, apparently this year there will be Fantasy Suites.”

They’re also scrapping the iconique red carpet where the contestants enter on the debut ep (AKA a Bachie staple).

“Instead they’re doing flash first dates, kind of like a First Dates TV show scenario,” a source spilled.

“The contestants will have an actual 1:1 date with the Bachelor before going into the mansion. The suitors will decide on the day where it’s gonna be and what they’re gonna be doing.

“Producers have been asking contestants to come up with date ideas themselves. They can go anywhere around the country and do whatever they like. Nothing is off limits.”

At the end of the date, the Bachelor will ask if the prospective contestant wants to enter the mansion and they can decide what they wanna do. He can also send the contestant packing if he’s not feeling it (he is ~the bachelor~, after all).

This should add a v. spicy angle to the show!

When does The Bachelor Australia begin filming?

May 15, apparently! Starting with the first dates.

What’s The Bachelor audition process like?

The aforementioned source claimed her friend was “probed” about her “sex life” by producers during her audition.

Another contestant claimed they were given “laminated photos of male celebrities stuck on rulers” and the candidates had to choose which of the men they were most attracted to.

The celeb options were Zayn Malik, Idris Elba, Machine Gun Kelly, PharrellRyan Reynolds and Channing Tatum.

“They then gave us a song that we had to make our routines to and [told us we] had to incorporate our ‘man’ in the routine,” they said.

“One group did the ‘WAP’ dance. It was wild!”

Who are the contestants?

One of the rogue contestants said “there are some big personalities in there who I can see will be bringing up lots of drama if they’re on the show.”

Back in January, Ten dropped a call-out for both “single men and women” to apply for the new season of Bachie.

Since the casting call, which was shared on its official Facebook page, asked for both male and female contestants, it certainly sounded like they’d found a bisexual Bachelor, didn’t it?

The call-out said: “Are you searching for that special someone but just can’t seem to find them? The Bachelor is back with a whole new look for 2022 and we’re looking for single men and women who are looking for the love of their life.”

Before long, the call-out had gone gangbusters across the media, with several sites taking this to mean that The Bachelor 2022 is following in The Bachelorette 2021’s footsteps with a bisexual Bachie season, featuring both male and female contestants.

To get to the bottom of it, PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to a Ten spokesperson and here’s what they had to say:

“Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is so 2020. Love is love and we look forward to casting our next Bachelor, whoever they may be.”

The aforementioned mate of the mansion-owner also stated that it looks like it’s gonna be a mixed season.

Is The Bachelorette 2022 happening?

So how fucked is this: apparently there’s no The Bachelorette this year!

There’s been no reason given, but if you look at the ratings from last year, you’ll totally understand why!

However, if the DM we mentioned earlier is accurate, it sounds like they’ll be including The Bachelorette in with The Bachelor to save time and resources and revamp the format.

When does The Bachelor Australia 2022 drop?

Probs around August / September, but stay tuned!