We Now Have Some Clues About Our Next Bachie & Honestly Anyone Is Better Than Felix

We’ve just copped a bunch of clues about who is the leading lad for The Bachelor Australia 2024, and honestly, I’m so over this show, especially after the dumpster fire of The Bachelors.

ICYMI: Even though 2023’s The Bachelors gave us literally nothing, it seems like Channel 10 will be bringing back their signature reality TV dating program, according to TV Blackbox.

Despite the show being slammed for its lack of diversity by giving us not one, but three white Bachelors and its disappointing viewership ratings, TV Blackbox noted that Warner Brothers were hiring for a “returning large scale reality dating show”.


Just When Ya Thought It Was Safe To Turn The Telly Back On, There’s A Rumour That Bachie’s Back
The three musketeers (Credit: Instagram / The Bachelors Australia @thebachelorau)

Well, more tea has been spilled about this show. This time on the identity of our 2024 Bachelor.

Who is the lead for The Bachelor Australia 2024?

In the latest episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, an insider dropped some sneaky hints about who the next leading lad will be.

“This guy is a paramedic who is covered in tatts. He’s from Darwin, and no, it’s not Cam Woods from MAFS. Thank God!” the insider revealed.

The unnamed source also randomly mentioned that this apparent Bachie only pays $100 in rent, so can someone please name-drop this man so I can poach his landlord?

Last week on the gossip poddy, it was also revealed that another man had come forward claiming that they were “handpicked” for the show, so does that mean we’re getting another round of The Bachelors treatment? Zzzz.

An insider to the reality dating show also spilled some deets about the changes being made in the upcoming season. “They’re wanting to make it more wholesome and genuine. Like, a throwback to Tim Robards season,” an insider revealed.

“It’s going to be closer to The Bachelor in the US, more whole some girls like Farmer Wants A Wife and less fame-hungry ones.”

Even with the changes, the fame-hungry contestants are low-key the best ones. Especially if you’re a drama fiend like me!

Unfortunately, there haven’t been any names dropped about the incoming Bachie(s) or contestants or dates or locations BUT as mentioned previously, it seems like we’re only in the hiring stage for The Bachelors 2024.

When will The Bachelor Australia 2024 start?

According to the job listing, found by TV Blackbox, two red roses were at the bottom of the description, causing industry figures to believe it was a reference to The Bachelors or at the very least, a spin-off such as The Bachelorette or Bachelor In Paradise.

The ad states that they’re looking for workers from the end of April or the beginning of May to the end of June.

The Bachelor franchise has been on a steady decline for a while now.

At its peak in 2018, The Bachelor was bringing in close to one million viewers a night. But The Bachelors only premiered to 309,000 viewers, with the finale only bringing in 358,000 viewers.

A spokesperson told TV Blackbox that the series performed better than what had been reported. And according to The Daily Mail, they said The Bachelors was Channel 10’s top-performing program in their key advertising demographics and on their on-demand platform 10Play.

Just When Ya Thought It Was Safe To Turn The Telly Back On, There’s A Rumour That Bachie’s Back
Source: Instagram / @Thebachelorau

As much as I was groaning at the idea of watching three white men find love on TV, the 2023 season was decent.

I liked how having multiple blokes and even more gals made it just a smidge more realistic than the usual format. I also got a kick out of Jed McIntosh being rejected.

But despite the upgrade, The Bachelors left a lot to be desired. Maybe I’m too used to the incessant drama of Married At First Sight, or Love Island Australia, but I can’t help but think it’s time to move on from The Bachelor.

Even this mysterious hot paramedic that pays 100 bucks in rent can’t save it.

But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Channel 10 transform The Bachelor Australia 2024 from a shitshow to a wholesome reality TV gem.