Babe, Wake Up: The Bachelors Have Dropped The Cast List For This Year’s Season

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The Bachelor is being resuscitated for another season, even after this year’s TV nightmare featuring three white hetero dollops of mayonnaise.

ICYMI: The Bachelors is officially getting a new season following the 2022/2023 cluster fuck show, which was quite interesting. It was (some might say) noice. It was different. It was unusual. Some folks loved it, and others hated it. As someone who occasionally tuned in once in a while, I found more drama than romance. But that’s just my two cents.

If you’re one of the people who loved the unique spin of The Bachelors, well, you’re in luck! ‘Cos, the next season is coming up soon, and Channel Ten has finally dropped more information on this upcoming season.

Recently, the official Instagram has shared carousels of the contestants who will be vying for the hearts of this year’s Bachies. The reveal of these lovely ladies comes days after it officially shared the trailer for the 2023 season.

Here’s all the tea on The Bachelor Australia that we know so far.

Latest The Bachelor 2023 News, Spoilers & Tea

December 18 — In Episode 10, the fellas take their final gals to a matchmaker to work through some difficulties. And one gal is sent packing in quite a spectacular fashion.

December 17 — Woah, Season 11 of The Bachelors is almost over. Can you bloody believe it? We kicked off the LAST week of the show with Episode Nine. It’s a doozy of an episode with one of the fellas revealing that they want to be exclusive with just one gal. Did he not get the memo that this show is about dating a heap of women until the finale? I guess not.

December 14 — Osher decided to drop in again to recap this week’s Bachie mayhem. How did we get so lucky? You can check it out below.

December 12 — In episode seven the girls are reeling from an incident dubbed “FlowerGate” where Amelia is upset that Angela delivered flowers to Ben during their one-on-one date.

December 11 — The big bombshell in episode six is that Wes (who is still a virgin) doesn’t want to move in with a partner until after they’re married. For some of the modern ladies in the competition, this is a bit too much of a stretch for a potential partner. Bummer!

December 10 — We’ve made it to week two! In episode five we see one of the most nail-biting rose ceremonies of the season so far. All the girlie pops are coming for Brea, claiming that her feelings for Wes aren’t real. In short, Brea isn’t having any of this bullshit.

December 7 — We had the pleasure of being joined by the one and only Osher Günsberg to recap the week that was in Bachie land. You can check out what Australia’s Cupid had to say about it below.

December 6Episode four sees our boys go on a bunch of solo dates and smooch a bunch of gals. But the best bit is when Ben gets a surprise visit from Maddison who tells him that she doesn’t think Brea’s feelings for Wes are real. Ben is not only surprised by this chick rocking up out of the blue, but also surprised that she’s trying to have a impromptu gossip sesh with him.

December 5 — In episode three, the feelings are picking up between Wes and Holly. So much so that he decides to slip her a sneaky note. While he thinks it’s a romantic gesture of luuurrrvvvee, Holly thinks he’s coming on too strong. It’s very, very awkward.

December 4 — Episode two kicks off with the season’s first group date and it’s an underwater photoshoot. It’s just as hilarious as you’d expect. In this episode we also find out that Wes is still a virgin. Go on, check out our recap to see how absolutely bonkers it is.

December 3 — The first episode dropped and we meet the bachie boys and all of the gorgeous ladies vying for the attention of the fellas. They all have the hots for McKenna and I can’t blame them — she’s gorgeous!

November 30 — The countdown is on! It’s only three days until the premiere. Can I get a yahooo?

November 12 — Channel Ten revealed the identity of the gals looking for love this season. To find out more about them, check out our deep dive into their IGs here.

July 10 — Channel Ten revealed the identity of the three blokes handing out roses: Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes and Luke Bateman. Again, we did a cheeky little stalk of their IGs. I’m not proud of how far back I scrolled, but here we are.

Who is the lead for The Bachelor Australia?

I regret to inform you that The Bachelor will indeed become The Bachelors once more for Season 11.

Even a horny Felix Van Hofe and a rejected Jed McIntosh couldn’t stop Channel Ten from tempting hell on earth yet again. 

Earlier this year, Wesley Senna CortesBen Waddell and Luke Bateman were announced as The Bachelors for Season 11

You can find out more about them here

Where will The Bachelors be filmed?

The Bachelor Australia is doing a nationwide tour in an attempt to resuscitate what’s been dead for years now, with the next season of The Bachelors happening in none other than Melbourne.

Funny, really. Although Channel 10 seemingly has issues letting go of things better left in the past (such as this series in general) the platform had no issues saying fuck off to Queensland after it was home to the show’s tenth season.

The Herald Sun has reported that The Bachelors Season 11 has begun filming in a Brighton mansion that was sold for $6.4 million back in 2015.

Sorry but isn’t there like 30 girls on this show? Image Source:

According to the publication, The Bachelor mansion is a six-bedroom adobe on one of the suburb’s most prestigious streets. Production marquees were set up on the tennis court at the front of the property on Monday.

You can see more pics at Daily Mail Australia.

The show gives me a bit of whiplash and a headache in equal measure but at least its brief Gold Coast stint was memorable, I guess? Would’ve liked to have seen a Cavill Ave date but I’m also grateful given Van Hofe managed to taint other iconic destinations, including but not limited to Wet N’ Wild.

Who is in The Bachelors Australia cast?

On Sunday — November 12 2023 if you’re reading from the future — The Bachelors official IG account dropped three carousels of all the gals who will be vying for the hearts of our Bachie trio.

Carousel number one features:

  1. Aarthi, 29 — Health project manager from NSW.
  2. Amelia, 25 — Nursing student from NSW.
  3. Anastasia, 32 — Property developer from VIC.
  4. Angela, 36 — Business owner from VIC.
  5. Angie, 33 — Makeup artist, VIC.
  6. Brea, 25 — Mining administrator, QLD.
  7. Caitlin, 25 — Jewellery salesperson, VIC.
  8. Carla, 23 — Hairdresser, NSW.

In carousel number two, we meet:

  1. Chrystal, 25 — IT analyst.
  2. Dana, 25 — Medical researcher, NSW.
  3. Ellie, 29 — Beauty therapist, WA.
  4. Evie, 29 — Professional development specialist, SA.
  5. Holly, 27 — Environmental scientist, NSW.
  6. Jade, 27 — Interior designer, QLD.
  7. Kristen, 32 — Tattoo Artist, QLD.
  8. Lana, 36 — Category manager, NSW.

In the third, and final carousel, our incoming Bachie contestants include:

  1. Lisa, 23 — Interior design student.
  2. Maddison, 24 — Marketing specialist, VIC.
  3. Mckenna, 25 — PR manager, QLD.
  4. Mel, 35 — Indigenous mentor, NT.
  5. Natalie, 27 — Project manager, VIC.
  6. Nella, 33 — Flight attendant, NSW.
  7. Tabitha, 27 — Registered nurse.
  8. Yasemin, 32 — Model, VIC.

There ya have it, folks! Unfortunately, they haven’t made it clear on who is competing for who’s heart, but regardless I’m digging the beautiful array of women we have coming on the show.

Prior to the cast drop, an insider to the reality dating show spilled some deets to So Dramatic! about the changes being made in the upcoming season of The Bachelor Australia earlier in the year.

“They’re wanting to make it more wholesome and genuine. Like, a throwback to Tim Robards season,” the insider revealed.

“It’s going to be closer to The Bachelor in the US, more wholesome girls like Farmer Wants A Wife and less fame-hungry ones.”

Even with the changes, the fame-hungry contestants are low-key the best ones. Especially if you’re a drama fiend like me! It’s a shame last year’s cast raked in hardly any followers off the back of it.

When will The Bachelors Australia 2024 start?

When The Bachelor Australia announced the three leading men a couple of months ago, it said the show would be “coming soon”.

Finally, we’ve got a date. The Bachelors is coming ~drum roll ploise~ December 3.

The official date was announced alongside a trailer for this year’s season, which was giving a bogan version of Bridgerton. IYKYK.

Last year’s season ran over three weeks in an attempt to get it out before Married At First Sight Season 10. It was a fucking hot mess and no one should consume that much horniness in such a short time frame.

What nights is The Bachelor on in 2023?

Channel Ten is yet to confirm which nights The Bachelor will be airing. In the past, it has run three to four nights, usually from Tuesday to Thursday but we’ll have to wait and see when it kicks off on December 3.

Where to watch The Bachelors?

You can watch The Bachelors on Channel Ten, or if you’re a busy bee who is only consuming on-demand content these days, you can check it at 10Play.

While the latest season is yet to premiere, there are still episodes from last season if you want to get into the horny rose mood.

The Bachelor ratings

The Bachelor franchise has been on a steady decline for a while now.

At its peak in 2018, The Bachelor was bringing in close to one million viewers a night. But The Bachelors only premiered to 309,000 viewers, with the finale only bringing in 358,000 viewers.

A spokesperson told TV Blackbox that the series performed better than what had been reported. And according to The Daily Mail, they said The Bachelors was Channel 10’s top-performing program in their key advertising demographics and on their on-demand platform 10Play.

the bachelor couples still together
“Kiss me like you’re single” is still the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my whole fucking life. Image Source: Channel 10

As much as I was groaning at the idea of watching three white men find love on TV, the 2023 season was decent.

I liked how having multiple blokes and even more gals made it just a smidge more realistic than the usual format. I also got a kick out of Jed McIntosh being rejected.

But despite the upgrade, The Bachelors left a lot to be desired. Maybe I’m too used to the incessant drama of Married At First Sight, or Love Island Australia, but I can’t help but think it’s time to move on from The Bachelor.

But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how Channel 10 transform The Bachelor Australia 2024 from a shitshow to a wholesome reality TV gem — if they can. 

Anyway, side note: I miss Damien.

Image Source: Boy_Anupong / Getty, Channel 10.