The Bachelors Recap: Pour One Out For Everyone Who’s Gunning For Ben ‘Cos It Looks Like Hell

We’re back at it again with The Bachelors episode recap and tonight, we’re going straight to Drama City!

It’s finally Episode Six of this year’s Bachelors. Honestly, as someone who loathes last season, 2023 has been quite fun. Brazilian-born Bachie Wes, Bachie model Ben and lumberjack hottie Luke have been enjoyable to watch, especially with their drastically different values, beliefs and personalities.

In case you missed last night’s episode, you can catch my unhinged recap right here.

But if you’re ready to rock and roll, let’s get roiiiight into the recap!

Episode Six kicked off with a bunch of the gals treating themselves to a pedi date. The conversation made a horny turn after one of the girls asked Brea and Jade if they would wait for Wes in regards to sex.

TL;DR: In the first week, Wes dropped the bomb that he still has his V-Card and that he’s never had a girlfriend before.

Brea has previously expressed her doubts with Wes’ choices — via confessionals — and has described herself as a sexual individual. When asked if she would wait a year, Brea pulled this face.

Issa a tough one to answer.

Unfortunately, there was no legit answer so I guess it’s a mystery, but it’s obvious that Brea values sexuality and physical intimacy in a relo.

Anyways, it’s boys time and Wes tried to get some goss about the boring AF love triangle of Ben, Luke and Ellie which ended last night when she picked Luke.


During Bachie boy time, Wes dropped a bomb saying that he didn’t want to move in with his future partner. Even if they’ve dated for one or two years. He wants to wait until marriage.

The confession caught the other Bachies off guard, but in this economy I get it.

Soz m8, Cozzie livs.

The boys went on to select their single dates for the episode. Ben picked Amelia, despite sending flowers to Ange for her birthday which made the whole mansion peanut butter and jealous. Wes picked Jade and Luke chose Ellie.

For today’s single date, the Bachies and their chosen contestants will be cooking up a storm in prep for a Bachie potluck.

So far, so good… Up until someone knocked on Ben’s Bachie pad door.

Thankfully, it wasn’t Lisa or Maddison crashing the date. Instead, Ben was met with a lavish bouquet which he placed on the table Amelia and he were just snogging at.

Just a chunk of the Aussie rainforest, something small.

Surely, the flowers and the placement of the bouquet were from the mind of a producer who reads fanfics ‘cos this would definitely piss someone off.

I mean, just look at Amelia’s reaction to the spicy delivery.

Ben ya better run!!!

Ben eventually opened the letter that came with the bouquet, and it was revealed that it was from someone who goes by the letter “A”. OMG, Pretty Little Liars cameo? Nah, it’s just Ange who previously received flowers on her b-day from Ben.

The ‘yuge lovey-dovey gesture sent Amelia into a tizzy, causing her to leave the date for a moment. She was so upset with the bouquet, she labelled it as a “nasty move”.

Ben, why’d you place the flowers in front of her???

After Amelia cooled off, Ben gave her a little cuddle to make her feel a bit better.

Side note: honestly, the promo for this “big reveal” made me feel like they got a human body part or something more shocking. I can’t believe it was just flowers!!! Amelia should’ve been petty and took some of those bushes and put them in her hair as decoration when she came back to the mansion.

Although Amelia was visibly upset with Ange’s flowers, Ben said that he wasn’t too mad at Ange as he perceived it as a “nice gesture” rather than a calculated move.

Next up was Wes and Jade. During this one-on-one date, Jade decided to pry into Wes’ stance on physical intimacy BUT I was v. distracted with the Brazilian BBQ the Bachie was cooking up.

Yum yum, piggy bum.

Eventually, they started sucking face while I was browsing the web for Brazilian BBQ spots in my area.

I believe this is Wes’ second kiss of the show.

Pan back to the skewers PLEASE.

The single dates quickly turned into a group date as all the couples met up for the Bachie potluck.

TBH I’m getting Married At First Sight dinner party flashbacks, but thankfully it was mostly wholesome.

PHEW, thanks gawd no one wasted wine by throwing a glass.

Surprisingly, both the Bachies and the contestants opened up to each other over dinner through some deep questions that were thrown around the group.

Amelia got emotional after revealing that a failed marriage was one of her biggest fears. But thankfully, the mood wasn’t ruined as Ellie revealed that she shared the same fear.

Ellie is such a girls girl and has been one of my faves this season, even though the love triangle storyline made me snooze.

OFC, when we think things are perfect and wholesome, Luke decided to stir the pot after he asked the group about living with ex-partners and how long they stayed together. As mentioned earlier in the episode, Wes has a very old-school opinion about this major relationship milestone.

Oh, he’s sweating this question.

After revealing his stance on moving in during a relationship, Jade’s thoughts were visible on her face.

She was not keen AT ALL.

Oh maaaan, I think she’s donezo.

At the end of the dinner party, Ben and Amelia unpacked the flower delivery situation from earlier.

During their chat, Amelia revealed to Ben that Ange’s actions hurt her feelings. She continued her chat by giving Ben an ultimatum… Which is so early in the season, me thinks?

Amelia threatened to no longer pursue a connection with Ben if he continued to indulge in his connection with Angela after today’s stunt. She added that if he continued exploring his feelings for Ange, it would be an act of “betrayal”.

Same, Ben, same.

After that tense discussion — which Ben said he would let the bonkers ultimatum “slide” for now — the gals made their way back to the mansion, where shit hit the fan.

According to Maddison, Amelia cried as soon as she asked if she was okay. A bunch of the girls pulled her into a private room where she spilled the tea on the gigantic bouquet from Ange.

While everyone else was chatting in the living room, Ange asked Ellie if “everybody [knows]” about her cheeky move. Ellie revealed that she does know about the flowers and told her “to get it sorted”.

Me when I get caught eating the last Zooper Dooper.

Angela decided to check on Amelia and tried to sort things out with her, as Ellie suggested. Ange argued that she didn’t know when the flowers would be delivered and that she didn’t know that Amelia would be asked on the one-on-one date.

Caitlin claimed that Ange was smirking when Amelia walked into the Mansion, which she denied. Soon after, everyone decided to give Amelia space to cool off.

Dramatic music began to play as the gals left Amelia alone, and to match the toxic atmosphere we get a shot of someone knitting. Loves it.

Arts and crafts girlies STAND UP.

Soon after the drama unfolded, Evie stepped up to defend Ange saying that at least she didn’t crash the one-on-one date and that the flower debacle could’ve happened in the real world. Love this main character moment for Evie.

Evie also slammed Amelia for not approaching Ange privately and turning the flower delivery into a ‘yuge deal.

Call me Devil’s Advocate but I agree.

After that clusterfuck, the group date began and we’ve got Lana, Lisa, Tabitha, Brea, Anastasia and Maddison. On the group date, the Bachies will be meeting their selected girls and their friends (from the real world, not in the mansion).

All is well up until Ben bloody snubbed Anastasia and walked straight up to Maddison and her friend.

Benny boy, you’re putting your girls through HECK.

I’d be dyyyyinnnng if I was snubbed like that.

During the group date, Ben began to realise that he must’ve fucked up with Anastasia because miss girl was not having an inch of him and his charm.

Luke was killing the date as always with his lumberjack hotness and Wes was reflecting on Lisa’s “bold moves” from last episode’s spa date.

In walked the man, the myth, the reality TV legend… Osher Bloody Günsberg who surprised the Bachies with an impromptu rose ceremony????

If I was one of the gals, I would be running up that bar tab ASAP.

He’s like the Thanos of The Bachelors.

As the Bachies have until this arvo to pick who will go home, the contestants are doing as much as they can to woo the men. But Anastasia just gave up on Ben. LOOOOOOOOLLL. Benny boy, are you OK?

Luke picked Lana for his rose and Wes picked Brea to stay, meaning that the entertainment is now GONE.

To summarise: Lisa, Anastasia and Tabitha were sent home.

That being said, it’ll be interesting to see how the show goes on without the drama AKA Lisa.

Anyways, byeeeeeeeeee (for now).

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