The Bachelors Recap: This Nail-Biting Rose Ceremony Had Me Clutching My Asthma Puffer

It’s time to get right back into *cracks neck and knuckles* The Bachelors recaps. Week Two and IDK how many more to go.

As this is a recap article, there will be spoilers. You have been warned.

It’s been quite a dramatic first week for The Bachelors. To give you a quick rundown of what has happened at the start of Season 11: we met our three bachies, Lumberjack hottie Luke, model Ben and Brazillian-born Wes. During the first four episodes, we’ve been introduced to our first love triangle of the season which includes Luke, Ben and Ellie.

Holly rejected Wes after finding his love letter to be “love bomby”. In the same episode, she was eliminated after no one gave her a rose. Wes revealed he was a virgin and Maddison tried to shake things up by showing up to Ben’s bachie pad to spill some tea on Brea, one of Wes’ front runners.

Still with me? Good. Let’s get right into Week Two of The Bachelors. Yee-haw!

Same, Ben, Same.

We kick off Episode Five with the gals — Brea, Ellie, McKenna and Evie — unpacking last episode’s explosive rose ceremony, where other contestants piled on to Brea and accused her of using Wes to get to know Luke. During the conversation, Brea admitted that she was upset that some of the girls were talking behind her back. She also slammed the fact that women are trying to uplift women but she was publicly shamed over a piece of goss.

I am totally on Brea’s side, but contestants need to remind themselves that The Bachelors is definitely one of those shows where gossip will run rampant. Anyone will use spicy info to get another contestant out of the house.

Someone needs to re-run Flavour of Love to remind future reality TV stars about the hot mess they’ve signed up for!!! IYKYK. Anyways, that’s my two cents.

Sorry about the screenshot but the girlies look FAB, I promise. <3

As the four girls reflect on the rose ceremony, the other contestants inside the mansion are kinda pressed that they’re not involved in the conversation. Specifically, Lisa, who’s definitely the villain of this year’s The Bachelors.

During the conversation, the inside group said they were annoyed that Brea was “acting like the victim” during the rose ceremony. Lisa went onto say that Brea was “annoying and irritating” but as Ellie said, it seems like they’re projecting. Keep in mind, Brea has had two single dates with Wes. She’s definitely in the other girls’ sights.

Pressed like a ham and cheese toastie.

Our lumberjack zaddy crashed the Mansion and decided to check up on Brea in a one-on-one conversation. Of course, this little convo sent some of the girls *cough* Lisa *cough* into a tizzy.

After all, the rumour was that Brea was allegedly accepting Wes’ roses to get to know Luke. Luke then extended his help — as a friend — and pinch me, please. I am falling in love with this man.

TBH I’d melt on the spot!!!!

After that little kerfuffle between Brea, Lisa, Luke and the rose ceremony, we’re on to the single dates. We begin with Wes who selected Nella for a road trip and beach date.

The pair have previously bonded during a group date where they spoke about their values in faith and the big man upstairs.

Bring out the road trip bangerzzz.

During their road trip, Nella opened up about her previous relationship, her son and how she was very dependent on her ex. Wes revealed that he came to Australia to do some bible study.

Their conversation was about spirituality and Jesus. Not that it’s a bad thing but I tuned out due to religious trauma from my childhood. There was literally one time where one of my Sunday school lessons was a video about hell and what hell looked like. But anyways…

Glad they can bond through the glory of God, I guess.

Look at this photograph!!!!

Next on the date roster, we’ve got Luke and Lana who bonded at the same group date as Nella and Wes.

Luke is back at it again with his dad jokes, which we love.

Flirting over banoffee pie, I love it.

As the pair settled into their seats, Lana got candid about her co-parenting situation with her ex and Luke reflected on his parents. During a confessional, Luke got emotional talking about his stepfather and how much impact he had on his life.

It was a very sweet confessional. Finally something wholesome from what is usually a clusterfuck of a show.

HMU If ya need a shoulder to cry on Lukey-Pookie. xx

Our resident Bachie model, Ben, took Angela on an art gallery date. So Animal Crossing of him!

During the date, Ben revealed that his mother is an art teacher hence his knowledge on all the pieces. This is truly giving bogan Bridgerton and I’m lapping it all up.

Ang is loving Ben’s edumicated mind on all things art.

At the end of Luke and Lana’s date, Luke invited her back to his Bachie pad. Will this lead to pash city?



It’s Pash City, baby, and the mayor is lumberjack Luke!

Ange and Ben’s date leads to a cute restaurant moment where she opens up about her past relationships. She also talked about how she wants to start a family and wants to be able to give grandkids to her mother.

Soon after she opened up about her wants and needs in a relo, the pair make their way to Pash Citaaay.


~Finally~ it’s group date time, and drama is a brewing.

The Bachies decided to take some of the contestants on a spa date. Luke invited Tabitha, Mel and Aarthi. Ben picked Caitlin, Evie and Ellie (tea). And Wes brought along Brea, Jade and Nat.

Mel, when recalling the date in a cheeky confessional, is a whole MOOD. After the boyz disrobed into their swimwear, the gals were gawking. The Bachelors turned into a huge horny fest.

Me thinking about Luke’s pie.

As mentioned earlier, there is some major tea surrounding the love triangle of Ben, Luke and Ellie. In an interview, Luke admitted that he was annoyed with Ben for inviting Ellie. He went as far as to describe Ben as a “dog with a bone who just won’t quit”.

It’s also quite awkward because last episode, Ellie pulled Ben aside for a chat to express that she wasn closed and only wanted Luke.

Should be fun seeing how this love triangle ends, hehe.

“That’s suspicious… That’s weird”.

During a one-on-one conversation, Wes revealed to Jade that he wanted five kids and all of them be born in different countries.

Soon after that convo, the camera panned to a group of girls who were talking about how fun the spa date was. Someone eventually mentioned Lisa and just like Beetlejuice, she appeared. We cut to a scene where she’s scheming up a plan.

During her conversation with Anastasia, Lisa revealed that she was going to crash the group date which would put her in a vulnerable position in tonight’s rose ceremony. But Lisa is bored and wants to get to know Wes. Things get a bit icky when they start mentioning Wes’ virginity.

Oh me oh my.

We’re back to the love triangle as Luke pulled Ellie for a private chat. The lumberjack hottie makes his intentions with Ellie clear with a pash.

After their snog, Ellie said that she would be telling Ben that she only wants Luke. Good luck!

Back in Pash City!

Really dramatic music with evil undertones began to blast from my speakers. This can only mean one thing.

Lisa is upon us.

She’s here!

Immediately, Lisa demanded alone time with Wes even though he was already chatting with Nat.

The girls were cheering on Lisa’s antics as she strutted down to the thermal spings in high heels. Immediately, Wes was enchanted by her seductive ways and even helped her take her heels off.

Poor Nat who was waiting in the pools alone.

Ugh, I know she’s a villain but this is soooo iconic.

Wes attempted to apologise to Nat, but she was ultimately booted out of her one-on-one time as Lisa crashed their date.

Oh my GOD! This feels like a meme template.

As Lisa attempted to make a move on Wes, the other girls were observing their actions. A lot of them claimed that Wes isn’t into her with Mel saying she was only there to stir the pot.

Look, I love a wholesome moment, but I do need a teenie weenie bit of chaos to make things a little bit more interesting.

When the gossip walks into the room.

In a confessional, Wes said that he liked Lisa’s bold move however he was unsure about their compatibility.

After talking about their future, and what they look for in a partner, Lisa said that she could potentially take Wes’ virginity during an interview. Why is everyone so obsessed with this man’s V-card? It’s sooo bonkers.

Ellie took Ben — the Bachie who invited her on this date — to the side for a chat in regards to her feelings for Luke. Kudos to her for being honest. But as Ben and Ellie have their final hug, Luke spots it from the bushes.

He then admits that he’s unsure where he stands in Ellie’s heart because of that cheeky cuddle. UGH, this is giving The Bold and The Beautiful mixed with a 2010s fanfic.

Peek a boo!

It’s now time for Osher Günsberg to bless us with his chocolaty velvet voice. Heck, he even came to PEDESTRIAN.TV to share his own recap of Week One!

Unfortunately, Lisa was unable to obtain the first rose from Wes. Instead, it went to fellow redhead Jade. Luke picked Tabitha as his first rose, which shook all the gals, and Ben picked Evie.

Eventually, Lisa was picked by Wes. Slay to those who love a little bit of chaos (me, even though I hate the obsession with the virginity stuff).

Me everytime she talks about Wes’ V-Card.

Shit hits the fucking fan when Ben steps up to give out a rose. You see, Ellie has yet to be picked by either Ben or Luke.

Ben eventually stepped up and called on Ellie. Immediately we think that he saved her so she could get to know Luke BUT NO. We’ve been GOOPED and GAGGED.

In the end, Ben offered his final rose to Luke!!! AAAAHHHHHH.


Not gonna lie, I thought he wasn’t going to give Ellie the rose and made her step up out of spite of being rejected but no!!! Luke eventually picked Ellie for his final spare rose. It’s the end of this love triangle, finally.

Unfortunately, Mel, who has been in a complete mood for this episode, was sent home.

At the end of the ceremony, Luke and Ellie have a private talk to make one final stop at Pash City.

Take a shot for every time you see Pash City mentioned in this article.

Just like the end of each episode, viewers get a glimpse of the next one and oh boy, it’s packed with drama.

It looks like a delivery was made during Ben and Amelia‘s date which led to complete chaos. Producers are in frame and Amelia has asked for a break from recording.

Uh oh.

That’s all for now folks! See ya again tomorrow for when we find out what was sent to Amelia and Ben.

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