I Don’t Mean To Brag But My Predictions For The Bachelors Grand Finale Were Spot On

The Bachelors has finally ended, and honestly, I think I need to rethink my journalism career and become a psychic because my predictions were right on the money.

As December marks the start of giving season, Channel Ten decided to bestow upon us a new season of The Bachelors — despite most of us folks yearning for a regular Bachelor or Bachelorette show. However, if you’ve been here for the ride (and my silly recaps) then you might’ve noticed that this season wasn’t quite bad.

There have been love letters, date crashing, and, of course, a love triangle. Season 11 also marked the first time a Bachelor decided to go exclusive with a contestant in the middle of the season. Ben, Wesley, Luke and the rest of the contestants have been putting on quite a show in the final weeks of this year.

After subjecting myself to what Osher Günsberg — the Thanos of the Australian Bachelor universe — called the “most romantic season yet”, I’ve kinda gained a sixth sense of who may stay or yeet from their Bachies.

I don’t mean to brag, but all my guesses were 100 per cent right.

But if you have yet to see the grand finale (or you have no intention of doing so) here’s who won The Bachelors 2023.

Wesley and Brea

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Brea basically “won” the season after Wesley sent Nella and Natalie home to pursue an exclusive relationship with her, however, the pair unfortunately ended things at the grand finale.

To give you a quick recap on what happened, everything was rainbows and butterflies when Wesley decided to be exclusive with Brea but the honeymoon phase quickly ended after Wes reminded her of all his boundaries.

You see, Wes is not like any other Bachelor. The man is a Christian who admitted to never having a girlfriend, admitted to being a virgin and he made it clear that he doesn’t believe in living with a partner before marriage.

Wes’ bombshells and his boundaries caused him to be rejected by Jade, and he was dumped by Holly after he gave her a love letter that she deemed as “love bomby”.

Anyways, back to him and Brea.

In the lead-up to the finale episode, it was evident that Brea wasn’t too happy with making all the compromises in their relationship. When she asked Wes if he could be a little more open about his values and beliefs, he couldn’t give her an answer.

To make things even worse, during the meet the in-laws episode of the show, Brea and her family had an explosive conversation with Wes’ stepmother Baby over his values. The whole conversation literally triggered the religious trauma I’ve buried in the last couple of years, it was that fucking bad.

In the finale, Brea gave Wes an opportunity to make a compromise for their relationship, but instead, he picked his faith over her.

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I am not surprised at all with the outcome of their relation-shit. That whole episode solidified that they were donezo.

Luke and Ellie

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This Bachie literally put all his eggs in one basket in the first episode and honestly. Ellie and Luke were the first to have a wet snog in this year’s season. They literally macked on in Episode One, during the Bogan Bachelors Ball.

Their feelings for each other continued to grow throughout the episodes, but things got a bit iffy after Ben got involved, turning their connection into a love triangle.

Both Bachies were trying to get to know Ellie. The show had its awkies moments when one of the Bachies would invite Ellie to the group date when the other didn’t. Honestly, Channel Ten, just bring back The Bachelorette starring Ellie if these two don’t work out.

In Episode Five the love triangle was put to an end when Ben handed his final rose to Luke so he could give it to Ellie. How FKN sweet?

Ater the NRL Bachie professed his love for Ellie in the finale, he gave her a ring and the pair recreated their first dance.

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Beyond the nerve-wracking rose ceremonies and the satisfying finale, Ellie and Luke don’t seem to be following each other on Instagram…

Probably to avoid dating rumours and spoilers, but I reckon these two are dating IRL. I must say though, when it was down to the final three, Ellie left a sour taste in my mouth when she alleged that Aarthi had talked shit behind Luke’s back. In my humble opinion, that subplot and excuse to evict Aarthi was sooooo forced. Ellie was so calculated in that ~tea spill~ to Luke, if you want to call it that.

Ben and Mckenna

Soz besties, this is the best screenshot I’ve got (Image source: 10Play)

At first, I thought Amelia was going to win but then something told me it was going to be 100 per cent think it’s going to be Mckenna. AND I WAS RIGHT.

You see, the reason I believed that Mckenna was going to win was because every time Ben mentioned something about a good connection or a partner, it would be about her or linked to her.

During the in-laws meet and greet, when Mckenna’s mum asked how Ben and her daughter first met, Ben went on about how they have such a deep connection and that their conversation was the best one he’s ever had.

He said this in front of Ange BTW and it ruffled her feathers for sure.

In the finale, Ben mentioned to Mr Günsberg that he came in feeling “lonely” — which was a big talking point in Mckenna and his first date.

I’m so glad that he picked her because during the final three Angela and Amelia kept talking about how they were going to win, whereas Mckenna’s confessional was solely focused on Ben and her connection.

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Plus, they’re both gorgeous people and they’re truly #couplegoals.

Last season, which featured Jed McIntosh, Felix Van Hofe and Thomas Malucelli, gave us zero couples.

With this year’s couples, I have a good feeling in my gut that at least one couple *cough* Ellie and Luke *cough* will go the distance.

Catch The Bachelors on Channel Ten at 7.30pm Sunday to Wednesday. You can also stream episodes on 10Play.