Another season of The Bachelor is done and dusted — promises have been made, expletives have been hooted, suits have been worn and the rose industry has been kept afloat for another year. Three couples have emerged victorious and loved-up from the turbo-charged reality TV gauntlet run and now we’re left wondering: how many of these Bachelor couples are still together?

The Bachelor finale gave us one proposal, another kinda non-proposal and a face-mauling following one of the most repulsive sentences ever uttered on prime-time TV. Now that couples Jed and AlesiaFelix and Jess and Thomas and Leah have been out in the world for a while (read: six months or so) it’s time to see who’s stood the test of time.

Lucky for us, the answers were given by Channel 10 itself mere hours after the finale wrapped up. Bit weird, but it saves us from setting the stopwatch for the traditional text-only Instagram grid posts about “parting ways” and “calling time” to drop, I guess.

Felix and Jess

The least surprising result of the three Bachie couples is Felix and Jess who, after an emotionally-charged finale saw Jess spectacularly end her polyamorous relationship with Damien (or conscious uncoupling?), have not lasted long outside of the Bachelor mansion.

Even though Jess had the soul sucked out of her mouth by Felix after he attempted to be saucy and told her to “kiss me like you’re single” (what??), she told 10Play their relationship did “naturally fizzle out” and said he wasn’t the best communicator in their long-distance situation.

“As someone who really values communication and who loves a good D&M, I felt like Felix and I had very different perspectives on what that would look like, and we just kind of lacked that communication,” she said, adding that she’s still keen to be his friend.

Meanwhile, Felix stressed they’re on “great terms” and they’re still “incredibly close”.

Thomas and Leah

Ah, our one big proposal for this year’s Bachelors season. Despite doing his best woo woo positive affirmation charging into the ring, Thomas and Leah is another couple that hasn’t stayed together after the finale.

It seems like they at least lasted a couple of months outside of the mansion before the couple realised they actually weren’t that compatible after all.

Thomas told 10Play they came to the realisation after spending time together in the real world and want to stay friends.

“I think it was two or three months after the finale,” he said.

“We had an amazing time together and we spent incredible moments together on the show and also after the show… but we realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important.”

Leah said she’s “devastated” that she didn’t get what she wanted from the show but she’s learned a lot about herself from the whole process.

“I love who I am now, I can look at myself in the mirror like ‘damn Leah you should be so proud of yourself’,” she said.

“I gave something a go and I didn’t hold anything back.”

Not sure if it was worth Thomas getting the knees in those white pants dirty after all that, but he did admit he was a bit too focused on the “fairytale ending”. Oop.

Jed and Alesia

The most confusing of the three couples are Nerf Gun Kelly and Alesia. Even though she did not want to get proposed to at the finale, Jed kinda sorta did it anyway and presented her with a promise ring. It looks like they’ve kept that promise (I think?) and are — for all intents and purposes — still together.

Speaking with 10Play, Jed said they’re in a “really good place” despite their lives not being super entwined (read: literally not seeing each other) for a while after filming.

“We’ve had to hold a relationship together by phone and text,” Alesia said.

“To not have actually gotten out to have a coffee with someone is so odd in a dating sense. It’ll be good that we can actually go out and do that and see what it’s like to be with each other in a normal setting.”

Alesia and Jed hit the post-Bachie media rounds on Monday and gave a radio interview that left us with more questions than answers.

“Because for us, we do care about each other and we are further than having a label just for the show’s sake,” Jed told 2DayFM’s Hughsey, Ed and Erin.

“We’ve decided that, you know, we actually do just want to go for a coffee in the normal world. We’ve done a lot of hard work to get to even this position where we are now.”

In the same chat, Alesia confirmed she’s “kissed a few people” outside of the Jed long-distance-text-relo dynamic in the last six months which seemed to contradict her earlier comments that she and Jed are only seeing each other.

So if you’re wondering where we’re at with The Bachelor couples and their post-show relo status, we’re at one out of three… for now. Maybe it’s time to start the Insta breakup post stopwatch after all.

Image: The Bachelor / Channel 10