The Bachelors Recap: Call Me The Oracle Of Bogan Bridgerton ‘Cos I Knew This Was Bound To Happen

After a ‘yuge bender of a weekend, it’s time to replenish (or destroy) your brain cells with another Bachelors episode recap and this week is kicking off with a BANG.

How are you? Good? I’m glad to hear that. This year has flown past and on top of that, it seems like The Bachelors Season 11 flew faster like Max Verstappen at an F1 Grand Prix.

We’re officially heading into Episode Nine of the season and I think our bachies — Wesley, Ben and Luke — are at that stage where they know who they’re gunning for. But hey! That’s me being optimistic ‘cos there’s still a bunch of gorgeous gals in the mansion who are vying for the hearts of our Season 11 boyz.

Anyways, let’s crack on with the recap because this one is a doozy.

A doozy but wholesome, I promise!

We pick up from the last episode’s promo where Wes is addressing The Bachelors contestants and drops another damn bomb. Love the guy, but this man has so many surprises and I cannot KEEP UP.

During our little sneak peek of all the drama, we do catch a confessional of our Brazillian-born baddie crying so I do feel bad. Maybe because I’m an empath? Not sure, but I still feel bad for anyone who cries. Well, most folks.

A black title card appears with a mysterious “Three hours earlier”. Naturally, we’ve gotta see all the BS that leads up to the tears.

I need this title card for my first drink of the night vs my last.

The episode officially began with Wes inviting the boys over to his Bachie pad to drop the bomb. Wes revealed to ~the boyz~ that he wanted to go exclusive with Brea one of the contestants (we all know who though, it’s so obvious).

UMMMM WE KNEW HE KINDA HAS THE STRONGEST CONNECTION WITH ONE PARTICULAR PERSON??? Send everyone home, Wes has made up his bloody mind y’all.

Also, check out Luke’s reaction this the news.

*Pretends to be shocked*.

Oh, and before I forget, the boys were very supportive of Wes’ decision to become exclusive with one of the gals.

We cut back to Wes at the mansion with the contestants where he’s about to drop the huge Bachie bomb on the gals.

But before we got the mansion’s reaction, Wes pulled Brea aside for a chat, fulfilling my previous prophecy.

In their private chat, Wes confessed to Brea that she was the woman for him. When he officially told Brea that he wanted to be exclusive with her she replied with “hehe” and accepted his proposal.

It was sooo cute. So wholesome. It’s what I need for my Sunday scaries. Justice for my girl Nella though.

She’s got that millennial love surge.

Speaking of my girl Nella, Wes pulled her for a chat and simply said that their journey is o-v-a-h. BRB as I begin a Bachelorette campaign for her.

Natalie is also unfortunately broken up with by Wes.

Thankfully, both girls took the news with such grace. I also appreciate how Natalie was able to say she was both upset but happy for Brea and Wes. Such a wholesome season y’all. Jed, Thomas and Felix can’t relate!!!

It’s single date time and for our pairs, we got Wes and Brea, Luke and Ellie, and Ben and Amelia.

Amelia is currently on the villain edit after she was a part of FlowerGate and she tried to spread rumours that Mckenna got a “sympathy rose” from Ben after Jade dumped Wes in a shock rose ceremony.

Sorry, Amelia, Lisa will never be topped for this season’s villain!

The date is at some fancy schmancy hotel where all the Bachies and their contestants are staying. It’s kinda like a group date with single date moments I guess?

Shit gets horny between Luke and Ellie after they do a couple’s body scrub followed by a shower. It’s not as horny as Felix and Tilly‘s pool moment BUT I am as just as uncomfortable watching it unfold.

I think we’ve left Pash City and moved on to Smash City.

Things also get steamy between Amelia and Ben who are seasoning each other with salt during a shower. But after the shenanigans, the date seems to fall flat as the communication side of their relationship is in floptropica.

He looks like Zordon from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers.

When Ben nudged Amelia to open up, she told him that she needed more time. In an interview, Amelia told the camera that she doesn’t like competition, despite going on The Bachelors, a show built on competing for love. YAWN.

To even out that awkies scene, Luke and Ellie shared a sweet moment back in his hotel room where Ellie popped his pimples. As the pair got ready for dinns, Luke told Ellie how beautiful she is.

Just like Wes, I think Luke should send everyone home and just be exclusive with Ellie.

It’s dinner time and the couples share a table at a restaurant, Married At First Sight style.

During a discussion over dinns, Amelia revealed that she wanted to “walk out” because of how hard things are on The Bachelors but the hurt from the show is worth it because of Ben.

Ben is super happy with that pageant-like answer.

Luke and Ellie continued to suck face after dinner. Yep, just send everyone over.

Although Wes and Brea are beaming off of their recent relationship status, the pair have hit a minor roadblock after Wes’ stance on physical intimacy and the whole moving-out scenario kicked in at the hotel.

To give you the TL;DR: Wes is still a virgin and he previously stated that he doesn’t want to move in with his partner before marriage.

In a confessional, Brea unpacked the realisation of how Wes’ values may clash with hers and says that compromise needs to happen to make things work after Wes didn’t allow her to sleepover in his room.

Me trying to ignore the Opal officers on the BMT line.

The boys are back in the big city for a pool party group date. Mckenna admitted that she felt a bit neglected by Ben after he picked Amelia for a third single date.

Thankfully, Ben came to his senses and pulled Mckenna for a private chat in a jacuzzi where he revealed why he took Amelia. They then share passionate snog and all seems to be well between the two.

I’m a high-key Mckenna stan.


Because Brea and Wes are now exclusive, they both no longer need to participate in the rose ceremony.

Bachelor goals.

At the end of the rose ceremony, the remaining two were Maddison and Amelia.

Ben picked Amelia (producers choice IMO) sending Maddison packing.

Great, more entertainment GONE. Although I felt like Maddison was there for the influencer ~vibes~ she was sooooooo funny.

It’s almost the end of the season and the remaining gals include Amelia, Ellie, Brea, Lana, Aarthi, Mckenna and Angela.

In the promo, the next episode looks like drama central as everyone will be partaking in a match-making/relationship therapy sesh with Wes and Brea focusing on their compromises.

Tea also will be spilled from Ellie to Luke.

Until next time, folks!

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