The Bachelors Recap: Someone Copped A Huge Slice Of Humble Pie & It’s Truly *Chef’s Kiss*

It’s officially the giving season, and to fit the festivities I’ve bestowed upon you a Bachelors recap. You’re welcome.

Deck the halls with roses ‘cos it’s finale week in Bachelor land. Prior to the release of Season 11, it was described as “the most romantic season yet” by the one and only Osher Günsberg and the man actually delivered on this promise.

Over the last two weeks, we followed Wesley, Ben and Luke on their separate journeys to find love. It’s been quite a (surprisingly enjoyable) ride and, as mentioned previously, it has been super romantic.

To give you a quick recap on last night’s episode Wes dropped a bombshell by dumping Nella and Natalie and instead choosing to become exclusive with Brea. Luke and Ellie got super horny and lovey-dovey during their single date at a fancy hotel. Amelia and Ben went on the single date together, however, our resident model Bachie was not happy that she wasn’t opening up. Mckenna said she felt neglected by Ben, but during their group date, they snuck away to have a snog.

If you’re looking for more steamy details, you can check out my sexy recap of Episode Nine right here.

Me ‘cos it’s finale week.

Let’s get right into Episode 10! Yeeeehawwwww.

In this episode, the producers the Bachies invited Trudy Gilbert — a sassy matchmaker who I want to be when I grow up — to assess the relationships and connection the boys have with their final three gals, or just Brea in Wes’ case.

Judge Judy? More like Judge Trudy.

Prior to the matchmaking sesh, Brea voiced her concerns over Wes’ living situation and his stance on sex before marriage. For those who missed the first couple of episodes of The Bachelors, Wes revealed to Brea in the first week of the season that he was a virgin and in the second week, the Brazilian-born Bachie said he didn’t want to live with his partner before marriage.

Not a keen bean.

The matchmaking chats began with Aarthi and Luke who said their relationship was quite good. When Trudy asked Aarthi if she needed to “nut it out” when it came to any concerns about their connection, I chuckled because I am v. immature. Hehe, nut.

I’m sorry for laughing Mami.

Mckenna and Ben were up next to test their compatibility. Thankfully, the sesh was smooth sailing. This was the first time we’ve seen Ben be genuinely happy. Trudy said he looked “relaxed” in Mckenna’s presence.

I would too. If this was truly Bogan Bridgerton, Mckenna would be the diamond of the season.

He’s smitten like a kitten.

Next up was Ben and Amelia, who are not my fave pairing. You see, Amelia appeared to be the show’s villain now that Lisa has left. She was involved in FlowerGate which featured fellow Bachie contestant Angela and she spread rumours that Mckenna got a “sympathy rose” from Ben after an extra rose was made available when Wes was dumped by Jade.

Before this episode, Amelia and Ben faced a roadblock in their relationship after their communication skills didn’t match the same energy as the physical side of their relationship.

During their matchmaking assessment, Amelia admitted that she still had her walls up around Ben but she’s slowly letting them down. The Bachie contestant also shared that the journey was a “struggle” and acknowledged that she was probably the “most emotional” girl in the experience.

At the end of their chat, Trudy dismissed Amelia but kept Ben around. In their one-on-one conversation, Trudy cut to the chase and said that Amelia is not “his equal” in their connection and that he needs someone who is. Despite Trudy’s concern, Amelia thinks she has done well.

“I don’t see her as the ultimate plus one,” Trudy said. YIKES.

Finally, we get to Brea and Wes who had a rough chat with Trudy.

Although the pair got their Bachelors happy ending, Brea believed that their differences could be detrimental to their relationship in the real world.

Trudy asked Wes if he was willing to compromise on some of his beliefs for their relationship. Wes said “he doesn’t know”. Trudy then said that their relationship seemed “unplanned” as Wes was unable to provide an answer to the big Q on boundaries and compromises.

Towards the end of their matchmaking sesh, the relationship expert asked Brea to stay for a private discussion on her thoughts on her connection to the Bachie.

During their private chat, Trudy pointed out that there were a lot of compromises being made for Wes but the Bachie himself wasn’t willing to change for Brea. She recommended Brea to push back on Wes’ expectations to make the relationship equal.

OMG it’s like the music video for “Girl” by Destiny’s Child. IYKYK.

Fuark, finally that’s over and we’re diving head first into the final cocktail party of the season which leads to Daddy Osher time. Hell yeah.

As the Bachies made their way into the shindig, Ben pointed out that the atmosphere ain’t feeling so Bonita.

Right off the bat, we catch a private conversation between Brea and Wes who unpacked the matchmaking sesh.

It was clear that Wes did not enjoy Trudy’s judgement of their relationship, whereas Brea loved the chat with our Bachelors relationship expert.

Following Trudy’s advice, Brea threw Wes a hard question about boundaries and compromises to which he replied “I don’t have an answer.” Boo, tomato, tomato!

In the following scene, we catch Brea walking out alone taking a breather after that difficult conversation. Big mood.

Me leaving the function ‘cos someone stole my fkn long neck Cruisers.

In a confessional, Mckenna said she’s still insecure about her connection with Ben, even though they snogged a shit tonne last episode. To try and ramp up the love, she pulled Ben aside for a private chat.

As for our lumberjack hottie — who I’ve now declared as Australia’s true Bachelor — Luke had some private time with Ellie. In this conversation, Luke’s front-runner said she had something she’d been needing to tell him.

In the tea-spilling conversation, Ellie claimed Aarthi had been talking shit about Luke behind the scenes. She also alleged that Aarthi said she wanted to “make it to the end” and that she was excited for the flood of DMs she was about to get when she left the show.

Honestly, if I were Ellie, I would’ve told Luke about this earlier because now it just seems so calculated. BUT ANYWAYS, here’s Luke before and after the goss.

Immediately, Aarthi was pulled aside for a chat by Luke.

When the former NRL player confronted Aarthi with the gossip, she teared up and said that everything was being “pinpointed” on her. In a confessional, Aarthi claimed that her “jovialness” and “kindness” was “biting her in the butt”.

When confronted with the “get to the end” claim, Aarthi said “We all want to get to the end. We all want to get the guy,” to which Luke replied: “The goal was not to get to a person, the goal was to find love.”

Luke went on to say that Ellie’s bomb completely “blindsided” him, especially after their successful matchmaking session.

A brutal watch.

In an interview, Amelia predicted that the final two for Ben was going to be Ange and her. She also believed that Mckenna and Ben didn’t have a strong connection.

She was very confident in her relationship with Ben.

But it seems like her crystal ball must be murky ‘cos Ben asked McKenna for another private chat. During this intimate conversation, our curly-haired Bachie gave her a rose. Yeeehaw! I ship it.

Pash City, baby!

Amelia and Lana caught the smooch and quickly ran away after snooping.

In a confessional, Amelia cried at the realisation that she was wrong in her prediction. Not nice to get a slice of a humble pie, innit?

Womp womp.

After the pash, Mckenna returned to the girls with a rose in hand, leaving them all shook to the core. Especially Ange and Amelia.

It’s officially Osher time and did Channel Ten just give us a Günsberg fan cam?

I am cackling!!!

Osher don’t smile like that!! Ur making me giggle and kick my feet hehehe.

Again, with Wes going exclusive with Brea, the pair get to sit out of the daunting elimination process.

To give you a speed run of what happened at the rose ceremony, Luke’s official final two were Lana and Ellie, and Ben picked Ange over Amelia, making his final two Mckenna and Ange.

Of course, when Ben made his choice, the editing was bloody wild. There were heartbeat sound effects, the screen blacked out in tune with the gut-wrenching sound and the camera was pointed at Amelia for the whole scene.

More brutal than Aarthi getting called out IMO.

Look, I’m not a fan of Amelia but the producers did her dirty with this edit!!! The drama of it all.

Now we’re down to our final two for our Bachelors. The remaining girls include Ange, McKenna, Ellie, Brea and Lana.

In the promo for the next episode, our Bachelors and contestants will be meeting each other’s families and it looks like Brea will be facing a lot of hardships concerning Wes’ religion.

Ooof, been there done that.

#PrayforBrea in this next episode, me thinks.

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