Everything We Know After A Shamefully Deep Dive Into Each Of The Bachelors’ Instagrams

A new season of The Bachelors is right around the corner. But who, pray tell, are the lucky suited-up men making a dent in Channel Ten’s rose budget?

Just like last season, there are three blokes looking for love. While they all look like a great catch, only time will tell whether they’re truly as dreamy as they seem. Or, a good scroll into the depths of their Instagrams.

Let’s see what we can find out, shall we?

And, if you want to get to know the gorgeous gals that will be vying for their love and affection come December 3, you can do exactly that here.

Ben Waddell, @bwadd

It would be remiss of us not to start with Ben Waddell, the model turned environmentalist who is always in the centre of every photo of the fellas. They’re all good lookers, but it’s a clever move from Channel Ten — as anyone who’s tried to take a nice photo with their boyfriend knows how hard it is to make a straight man serve c**t in pics.

Anyway, according to his bio, Ben has been working as a model around the world for the last decade. But the thing that really lights his fire? His work as an impact investor (which basically means he makes investments into eco-friendly start-ups in the hopes of making a positive environmental change and building a better future).

Hot and cares about the environment? NICE!!!!!

Ben is hoping to find a partner who is just as passionate about the environment as he is and eventually wants a life filled with kids, travelling and marriage.

Okay, back to his IG.

Ben’s Instagram is stacked with modelling jobs, gorgeous travel locations, and, of course, Da Boiz. He seems like a guy who loves a laugh, a schooner and soaking up the great outdoors.

Yoooo hooo! Calling other Scorpio babes!!! (Image: Instagram / @bwadd)

According to The Bachelors Australia IG, Ben is a Scorpio.

I know star signs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I had a chat to Matt Galea, PEDESTRIAN’s own resident astrologer and author of How To Spot The (Star) Signs about the kinda person who would be a good fit for Ben and the other two blokes.

“Ben’s sign gets perhaps one of the worst raps in astrology when it comes to dating so this should be interesting!” Matt said.

“As a Scorpio, Ben is most compatible with fellow water signs Cancer, Pisces and other sexy Scorpios.

“Few are able to understand a water sign’s emotional depth quite like another water sign, so cue the soppy, romantic music and cheesy one-liners if he finds another water babe.

“Scorpios in particular are known as the horniest sign of the zodiac, so if there’s another Scorpio in the Bachelor Mansion, we could be in for some NSFW scenes.”

Well, colour me intrigued!!!

Luke Bateman, @lukebateman_

Next up is sweet country boy Luke Bateman. It’s hard not to love a country boy, hey?

These days, Luke earns his living as a flannelette-wearing lumberjack. There are so many jokes I could make here that I’m feeling overwhelmed.

But anyway, before he picked up an axe and made wood his business, he was an NRL player for the Canberra Raiders —THE MILK!!!!! — before a knee injury forced him to quit.

While Luke seems like a macho footy-playing, axe-swinging fella, his bio makes him seem like he’s written by a woman.

It says that he is a self-proclaimed softie who loves a rom-com and can’t help shedding a tear at a heartfelt ballad or a sentimental moment. That is some wholesome labrador boyfriend energy if you ask me.

From his IG, Luke really does seem like a sweet country dude who loves his fam.

There are heaps of photos of him with family and friends, pictures of him in the great outdoors captioned with what can only be described as a poem and enough shirtless pics to be like, “Woah, nice”.

I’m a Roosters fan, I swear, but Luke is making a compelling argument for the Raiders in this pic. (Image: Getty / @lukebateman)

Going on The Bachelors, Luke says he’s hoping to find a down-to-earth partner with a great sense of humour who wants to have a bunch of kiddos.

To find the right person, our astrologer Matt says that Luke — who is an Aquarius — should be on the lookout for fellow air signs and spicy fire signs.

“This quirky Aquarian bloke is most compatible with fellow air signs Gemini and Libra as well as spicy fire sign Sagittarius,” Matt tells us.

“Like Aquarius, Gemini is cerebral and social so they’ll be a powerful force as a couple ‘cos they operate in similar ways.

“As for Libra, if he finds one that aligns with his mindset and life goals, it’ll be an ideal match. He’ll also do well with a Sag – both signs are absolute powerhouses on their own, they don’t need a relationship but when they meet each other, they can’t help but feel that spark.

“Aquarius provides stability to a chaotic Sagittarian and the Archer lights a fire in the Water Bearer’s life.”

Wesley Senna Cortes, @wesleysenna

And finally, we have Wesley Senna Cortes who seems to be the most mysterious of the bunch. I guarantee for me, and many other people around the country, this makes him more attractive. Interesting, something to unpack in therapy perhaps.

His Channel Ten bio states that the 32-year-old was born and raised in Brazil and is bringing the heat to the competition.

“It’s a huge honour given what the show means to Australia, but also to represent my culture,” he said.

“It’s not every day that you have such an incredible team helping you find love. I couldn’t be more excited.”

In the past, he’s struggled to find a deep, long-lasting connection with someone and is truly hoping to find someone who wants to uphold the values he was raised with.

Wesley grew up as the son of a pastor and after his mother passed away from breast cancer at the young age of 45, he found his faith strengthened. According to Channel Ten’s bio, he now works as a theologist.

In fact, Yahoo! Lifestyle reported that he has worked with the controversial Hillsong Church since arriving in Australia in 2014.

So while we might be hoping for some steamy connections, maybe it’ll be more PG in Wesley’s camp?

After having a look at his IG, it appears that Wesley also does some modelling and acting work. A man of many talents!

He also seems to be big on running, fitness and travelling the globe with his pals. Isn’t that some wholesome family fun?

This is so Bondi-coded. (Image: Instagram / @wesleysenna).

As for Wesley’s astrological pairing? This Virgo would be well suited to — drumroll please — another Virgo!

“Headstrong Virgos mesh well with other Virgos as well as fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn,” Matt explained.

“When it comes to earth sign and earth sign dating, it could go one of two ways: either they’ll test each other for a lil while to see if they’re fully into it (because earth signs don’t fuck around when it comes to relationships, they need to know it’s legit).

“Or it’ll be instant love at first sight and they’ll be glued together immediately and planning their lives together ‘cos they don’t like to waste any time. But overall, they do best with signs that like order and stability so another earth sign would fit that bill.”

Well, there you have it! All the goss we know about the Bachie blokes so far. But the only way to get to know them for real is to tune in to The Bachelors when it kicks off on December 3.

I can’t bloody wait!