We Know Who The Bachie Star Is That The Bachelors’ Tash Used To Be Engaged To

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

They say the Bachelor universe is complex and far-reaching. Well, no one says that. What we know is that if you star in one Bachie season, you’re statistically 3000 per cent likely to end up dating one from another season. That’s exactly what we’ve found to be true tonight, as Tash Candyce revealed that her ex-fiancé was none other than a previous Bachelor star himself.

Tash doesn’t mention his name, which is likely because that would be kinda weird, right? You wouldn’t tell someone the name and occupation of your ex just out of nowhere unless they specifically asked. So instead she just says they were on the show, and naturally we immediately needed to know who exactly this ex was.


Ofc  So! Dramatic did the big deep-dive into Instagram accounts and so on a while back on contestants, and it turns out Tash’s ex is none other than Michael Turnbull, he of the very fitted shirts. In case you’ve forgotten, Michael was part of Sam Frost’s season way back in 2018. He actually made it all the way through to the final two, ending as runner up.

Tash and Michael dated after that, before getting engaged pretty quickly. Their engagement sadly didn’t last long – just two months – and the couple split up by 2019.

Image: Instagram

On The Bachelors, Tash had no bad words to say about Michael, just explaining briefly that their love story didn’t work out. Jed McIntosh found this really attractive – not that she’d had a huge heartbreak, but that she’d committed to someone in the past which, according to him, shows she’s serious about finding love. It was a refreshing change from the usual jealousy bullshit we see on these shows when someone talks about a hot ex or whatever.

More recently, Tash was linked with Aggi, one of the guys from Elly and Becky Miles‘ season of The Bachelorette, but that seems to have been more of a short-lived fling. What did we say? The Bachelor universe is a small pool of people who seem destined to just date each other until the end of time.

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