The Bachelors Recap: Maddison Spills Some ‘Yuge Tea During Her Random Visit To Ben’s Bachie Pad

Guys, we’ve bloody made it. The first week of The Bachelors 2023 is done and dusted. So why not celebrate with another cooked recap?

As this is a recap article, there will be spoilers. You have been warned.

Before we dive into this week’s final episode — AKA The Bachelors Episode Four — here is a quick recap of everything that happened last night.

Our Brazilian-born hunk of spunk Wes was dumped by Holly after she decided his secret love letter felt quite “love bomby”. Luke still proves to be everyone’s crush with his dad jokes, talent for cooking Thai food and good lewks. Ben finally opens up via his one-on-one date with goddess McKenna. Holly was sent home after she was left without a rose.

It was a very Holly-heavy episode, but unfortunately, this quirky millennial queen has left the building. Anyways, on to the recap. Let’s gaur!

We’ll miss you miss girl.

With his newfound confidence with McKenna, Ben decided to see if he could channel that same energy with Amelia as he took her on a one-on-one date at South Melb Markets. But before that, he brutally rejected Maddison after she asked him for a single date. YEOUCH.

Low-key relate.

During their little hipster market date, Ben pushed Amelia to try a succulent raw oyster, which she described as a golly. As a true blue Aussie gal, born and raised in Western Sydney, I have no clue what in the fresh hell what a golly was. She then revealed it was slang for phlegm.

Ughhhh no thanks.

Frothing for a golly?

We then see three of the gals — Ellie and two other girls who I unfortunately haven’t learned the names of but will eventually — have a quick date at a coffee shop where they discuss Ellie’s love triangle with Ben and Luke, which was a huge topic in both Episodes One and Two.

The girlies noted that Ellie seemed to light up with any mention of Luke. It’s implied that Ellie has made her decision and has decided to pursue our lumberjack hottie as she’s planning to have a chat with Ben in regards to her feelings.

Wes picked Brea for his next date, which was surfing! This is the second time the sweet, sweet bachie picked Brea for a date which is not surprising. In a previous episode, he mentioned that he was gunning for both Holly and her.

As for lumberjack Luke, he picked Aarthi for his one-on-one date. Just like Wes and Brea, this is the second time the pair will be spending some alone time together.

I ship them so hard.

The Bachelors take a sharp turn towards suck face city after everyone literally sucked each other’s faces during their dates.

Is Dyson sponsoring this season?

Choose your fighter, y’all!

Although Wes has shared his Bachie first kiss with Brea in a steamy hot tub, she’s still quite worried about how far he would go in physical intimacy. Just in case you forgot, the man seemed to shock Brea after he revealed that he still had his V-card.

Things were going well… too well….

After being brutally rejected on national TV, Maddison decides to take The Bachelors game into her own hands and rocked up to Ben’s humble abode.

Honestly, I don’t think the producers would allow her cheeky impromptu rendezvous unless she were to shake things up on the show.

How cringe flashbacks pop up into my head when I try to sleep.

And that’s exactly what she did.

The impromptu date — which Ben said he was quite impressed with — quickly turned into a tea spill sesh when Maddison claimed that Brea said she was not interested in Wes. She also implied that Brea was using Wes for roses to stay in the Mansion to get to know Luke.

Ben is quite shook to the core with this new info. Yep this little piece of goss will definitely turn into some cluster fuck later on.

Tea spill w/ da boyz.

Instead of a group date, the Bachies and the Bachelorettes will be mixing it up at a cocktail party. Right at the start of the celebrations, Ben decided to nip the gossip in the bud and pulled Wes for a chat.

Obviously, Ben told Wes about what Maddison said. Our Brazilian-born babe decided to take the gossip with a grain of salt and took Brea for a private conversation.

Babes, it’s only the start of the party and the gossip is already doing its rounds!!!

Brea’s legit reaction to the goss.

News of the gossip caused Brea to cry. However, she never confirmed nor denied if it was true.

Ellie then pulled Ben for a chat to sort out the love triangle we all forgot about. During their chat, Ellie respectfully shut down her connection with Ben, telling him that she wants to focus on Luke.

Ben made things confusing after he admitted to Ellie that he wanted to spend more time with her. Guess the love triangle will continue to triangle. YAWN. Again, just put Ellie on The Bachelorette.

Finally, after the cocktail party, we’re treated to OSHIE time AKA rose ceremony time.

Good evening, Osher 😉

Lisa, who’s been unofficially dubbed this season’s villain, has made it clear that she’s out to get Brea.

Prior to the commencement of the elimination process, Osher asked the group of gals if they believed some people were on The Bachelors for the wrong reasons.

Brea decided to speak up about her situation with the gossip and what’s even worse is that producers decided to place her right next to Maddison. Yeouchhhhh!

I would ask for a seat, a large combo with popcorn and coke, and 3D glasses if I was there.

Osher then realised Lisa had something to say about Brea’s contribution to the discussion. Lisa claimed that Brea had been two-faced in and out of the mansion.

Thankfully, McKenna stepped in, like the goddess she is, and defended Brea.

The gals still continued to argue amongst each other up until Osher had to put his big zaddy foot down to get the show rolling.

If looks could killlllll.

Just as we thought we were gonna get the elimination, Wes returned his rose back to the vase — like in the promo — and asked Brea for a private chat.

He began their chat with an apology. An apology for not believing her straight away!!!! OKAY THIS MAN IS A ROMANTICCCCC.

Wes, I see you.

TBH, if this happened to me, I would’ve had a severe asthma attack.

With Brea nabbing a rose, Dana was sent home. We didn’t see much of her in the szn BUT I wish we did because I feel bad for not being able to get to know her. I’m not even a Bachelor but I just feel guilty, ya know?

Anyways, that’s the end of the first week of The Bachelors. I hope you’ve been loving these recaps because boy, it ain’t easy to write, cringe, fall in love, get butterflies, cringe again and rage at the same time.

Cya on Sunday for Episode Five!

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