The Bachelors Recap: Brea, Please Blink Twice If You Need Me To Save You After That Shitshow

Just like Christmas, we’re counting down the days until The Bachelors season finale. But for now, here’s an episode recap to keep you brushed up on your Bachie knowledge.

We are one episode away from finding out who won the hearts of this year’s Bachelors, Luke and Ben. We will also discover if the third Bachie, Wesley made the right choice in sending everyone home prematurely to be exclusive with Brea.

To give you a quick info dump on what’s happened so far in this season: Wes has made a couple of bombshells throughout his time as one of Australia’s Bachelors. He revealed he was a virgin in week one, in week two he said he would only live with his partner after marriage and in the same week, Wes went exclusive with Brea, sending Nella and Natalie home. After the dramas of FlowerGate and spreading rumours of a “sympathy rose”, Amelia was finally sent home by Ben, and lumberjack Luke has continued to prove himself as Australia’s boyfriend.

Except after Aarthi‘s elimination from last night, which felt forced in my opinion.

Me trying to figure out if Aarthi’s elimination was a conspiracy theory.

Episode 11 will now put the boys through one of the most daunting things in a relationship. Everyone is meeting the in-laws!

Here’s everything that happened in tonight’s episode.

Our curly-haired Bachie, Ben, is the first to meet his final two’s — Mckenna and Angela — family members. But of course, because it is a reality TV show, there’s a twist.

This time around, the Bachies and the contestants will be meeting family and friends all at the same time.

With the unique twist, Ben jokingly asked “What could go wrong?” My mind immediately was transported to week two’s impromptu rose ceremony which happened during a group date where the Bachies met up with two of their contestants and their closest friend.

Three girls were sent home.

Totally a candid shot.

Ben brought along his two brothers Ben and Rob, Mckenna invited her mother and cousin Renae and Ange invited her best friend Funda.

Prior to the family meet and greet, Ange met up with her bestie to unpack what has happened in the Mansion so far. She began to tear up reflecting on her time with Ben and continued to tell Funda that she was very confident in winning this Bachie’s heart.

She added that she doesn’t see Ben picking Mckenna over her. Hmmm… I smell a humble pie being baked in the oven as we speak.

Hmmm… Where have I heard that speech about Mckenna before?

Mckenna and her family are the first to meet with the Bachelor, and her mother is sooo darn cute!!! Everything was so wholesome up until Ange and Funda arrived. Neither Bachie contestant knew that they would be meeting Ben’s family at the same time. Awkwaaaaard.

Even Mama Mckenna was confused with Ange’s presence!

One of Ben’s brothers had a private chat with Ange. In a confessional, he said that Ben and Ange had different qualities but it could work out. As the popular saying goes, opposites attract.

However shit gets messy when Ben reflected on his first conversation with Mckenna, which was undoubtedly a major point in this Bachie’s journey on the show. Ben talked about how he had a deep connection with Mckenna and how it was the best conversation he’d ever had, all in front of Ange and Funda who were visibly upset with Ben’s words.

Angela just got handed a sample of Amelia’s humble pie…. YIKES.

Soon after he finished reminiscing about his first single date with Mckenna, Funda asked Ben for a chat, and she meant business.

Even one of Ben’s brothers clocked the tension.

Oh, he wants in on the TEA.

In their private conversation, Funda grilled Ben and asked him if he was going to “hurt” Ange. She then cut to the chase and addressed Ben’s little speech about Mckenna and how it made Ange and her uncomfortable.

It’s giving sooky Lala energy.

Thankfully, Ben doubled down on his loving speech. At the same time, he acknowledged that he might’ve fucked up about focusing on Mckenna too much during the shared date.

Look, I hate this saying, but I do think this applies to anyone going on The Bachelor: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Eventually, Ben and her made their way back to the table where Ben righted his wrong and spoke about his beautiful connection with Ange. It’s like giving a gift to a spoiled child during a birthday party so that they don’t cry when the celebrant gets attention. NEXT.

Also, Mckenna took Ange’s praise with grace??? IDK.

Next up is Lukey Pookie who called in the big guns — his mother and his cousin Rebecca — to assess his situation.

Lana, whom he has connected with via their love for cooking and their family relationships, brought along her sister Lina and her brother-in-law Troy. Ellie — who I predict will win this season of Bachie — brought her mother and father.

Before the festivities began, Lana let it slip that Luke was a former NRL player. Immediately, Lina and Rob had their reservations about Luke and his lifestyle as an NRL player, immediately thinking about the party boy persona that most footy boyz have.

Because of this, it was revealed that Lana’s previous relationships failed due to drinking and that kinda scene.

Okay, but Lina is serving BOB.

As for Ellie, her dad was quite worried about how quickly she fell in love with Luke. I mean, I get it ‘cos this whole thing only happened in five weeks.

This time around, Lana and Ellie met up together with both their families in tow before anyone met Luke. Thankfully, this time around, the reaction seemed more like a pleasant surprise in comparison to Mckenna and Ange. They’re still shook to the core, but the vibes are high.

After everyone finally met up at the function, Lina and Troy pulled Luke aside for a private chat. But before they went off, Troy offered Luke a beer and he immediately accepted.

LOL It honestly felt like a small test for Luke, but he didn’t even know it.


The main subject of their private chat was Luke’s NRL career. In the conversation, Luke shared that his time as a pro-NRL player ended after an injury.

When pushed about the lifestyle and how he coped with the career-ending injury, Luke admitted to drinking and partying during rehab. It got to a point where he could’ve died. After taking a long look at his life and his coping mechanism, Luke acknowledged that he needed a change in his life and sought out professional help.

The ending of Luke’s NRL career story gave Lina and Troy the reassurance they needed and they appreciated his honesty.

Such a serious conversation on a fancy schmancy chair.

Soon after that hard chat, Luke got pulled aside by Ellie’s dad.

Although Ellie’s dad attempted to decipher Luke’s intentions with his daughter, the conversation got sidetracked when Luke asked him for advice on The Bachelors.

The shake-down turned into a sales pitch, and it cracked me up watching Ellie’s dad saying his daughter is “painfully easy on the eyes”.

Loved this interaction… Ellie is soooo winning.

At the end of the family meet and greet, Luke’s mother said that both women would be accepted in their family. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It’s finally Wes and Brea’s turn to meet the in-laws. Our Brazilian-born Bachie brought around his stepmother who’s named Baby. And before anyone makes fun of her name, this is a common name in the Philippines.

I know two Tita Baby’s in Australia right now who’ve immigrated from the motherland. Anyways, as Wes met up with his muva, he unpacked everything that had happened since he joined The Bachelors.

Of course, he mostly spoke about Brea and their current relationship status. In a confessional, Baby said she wasn’t keen on Wes dating a non-Christian girl. She also said everything was moving too fast. Wes and Baby also doubled down on their beliefs such as Wes’ living situation and the whole V-bomb situation.

She is NOT keen.

On Brea’s side, our history-making contestant invited her mum Shelly and sister.

Brea revealed to her family that she was the only one left standing for Wes and her sister’s reaction cracked me TF up.

Blurry screenshot, but issa real time reaction!

Although it was roses and rainbows in terms of being exclusive, Brea teared up talking about how hard their relationship was as she was the only one making compromises for their relationship.

Shelly was not happy with her daughter’s news and urged her to put herself first and that she didn’t need to change to pleasure a partner.

In a confessional, Brea’s mama admitted that she had a bad gut feeling about Wes and Brea’s relationship and that it was hard seeing Brea be a bit sad when she’s usually a happy gal.

Oh me oh my.

Boy oh boy. We’re in for a doozy of a meeting.

Immediately, Brea’s sister hits Wes with a hard-hitting question in regards to the Bachies stance on sleepovers within a relationship, which Baby shuts down almost immediately.

To give you the TL,DR: Brea’s sister asked if Wes would not let Brea stay with him if she visited him in Sydney, to which Baby replied “Do you have a problem with that?” BYE.

AHHHH this is triggering something in me.

Thankfully, Brea’s sister backed her own opinion on the matter and said that she didn’t believe in that stance, which garnered a little bit of a reaction from Baby.

The conversation led to Brea voicing out her concerns with Wes’ boundaries within in a relationship, which were absolutely valid.

Baby then came in swinging, doubling down on the anti-sleepovers before marriage. Suddenly a dramatic string melody began to play, so shit is bound to be hitting a Bunnings-sized fan.

After standing her ground on no sleepovers, Baby said it was “too early” in the relationship to be concerned with physical intimacy. Brea’s mum was NOT happy with the rant.

Lucky her eyes aren’t lasers, I’ll tell ya that.

Baby went on to say that “everyone is pressuring” Wes to “lower his standards”. UMMM???? IS ASKING FOR A CHEEKY CUDDLE LOWERING STANDARDS???

My mouth DROPPED.

Thank fuck Brea’s family had her back. Absolute guns for shutting down Baby on the “lowering standards” claim.

Shelly asked Wes’ opinion on the whole matter but instead of facing the roadblock head-on, he decided to completely ignore Brea’s hurt and said they should be celebrating rather than be concerned about sleeping arrangements.

This caused Brea to leave the table in tears, which was understandable.

Me leaving the church as soon as I reached my teens.

Instead of Wes following her, Brea’s mother went to check on her. She then told her daughter that she didn’t need to compromise anything for Wes.

In the next scene, Baby and Brea sat down for a private conversation. Wes’ stepmother began the conversation that she knew her stepson wasn’t coming to The Bachelors to meet a Christian girl.

She then went on to start the next sentence with “I don’t want to hurt your feelings”…. Oh boy.

Baby brought up the “lowering standards” term again and told Brea that she has “never met a man that respects [her] for who [she] is”. YEP, this just gave me Christian auntie flashbacks. Fight or flight mode activated.

Brea decided to be brutally honest with Baby and said that her leaving Wes after a date makes her feel like “the other woman” to which Baby replied, “Because that’s what you’re used to”.


After clarifying to Baby that this wasn’t about sex and more so how their relationship would work in the real world, Baby told Brea that “she doesn’t know what she’s doing”.


Blink twice if you need help, Brea!

After that brutal exchange, Wes and Brea had a final chat where she unleashed on her thoughts about their relationship.

In a confessional, Wes admitted that he was unable to answer Brea’s questions and concerns about their relationship. Wes tried to throw her off by saying he had a single bed, which is not an excuse nor an answer IMO.

The segment ended with Wes saying “I don’t even know if Brea is gonna be in the finale”.

Yeah, mate IDK.

Tomorrow night will mark the end of Bogan Bridgerton and after that exchange, I will be SAT for the results.

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