CIAO: Versace Has Nixed Ties With The Gold Coast’s Deeply Cheugy Palazzo Versace Hotel

Exterior of Palazzo Versace hotel on the Gold Coast

Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast will be no more after Versace decided to nix its branding agreement with the luxury hotel. Farewell, sweet yet cheugy prince.

Somewhere on the Gold Coast, a man called Guido who owns 37 different diamond-encrusted gold rings has fallen to his knees. Keeping him in my thoughts.

The hotel owners released a statement on Monday confirming the devastating news.

“After lengthy discussions, Versace has made the strategic decision to pull out of the Australian hospitality market,” the statement read.

“The property will continue to operate as the Palazzo Versace until 31st of July 2023, at which time the hotel will go into a transitional phase.

“It is our ambition to retain the property, with plans to undergo an extensive renovation, and possible rebrand.

“It is our aim to ensure the property will continue to operate as a leading five-star hotel, upholding tradition by delivering world-class service and opulent comfort for guests.”

It’s unclear why the fashion house pulled the pin on its branding agreement with the owners of Palazzo Versace, but a little birdie told the Gold Coast Bulletin it had something to do with how the property was being kept.

“The owners have not maintained it to the standard that the House of Versace require so they chose not to renew the licence agreement,” the source said.

Loads of deeply gaudy embellishments tied to Versace will need to be stripped from the hotel, including thousands of Medusa tiles. This is, essentially, the burning of the Library of Alexandria for people who dress their children in matching Gucci outfits.

All I can say is I’m glad Palazzo Versace was still doing its ostentatious thing when The Bachelors 2023 and Married At First Sight Season Ten were being filmed. Real reality TV heads know it’s where Bachelor Number Three Jed McIntosh brought the girls on an allegedly classy group date, and also where Shannon Adams and Caitlin McConville honeymooned before the bloke became one of MAFS‘ biggest turds.

Those episodes simply wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for that nauseatingly blingy hotel.

RIP Palazzo Versace. Pouring out a bottle of Sambuca for you.