OOFT: This GC Shopping Service Charges $1750 Before You Even Hit The Shops

 You thought you were baller that time you used the Westfield valet parking service on Boxing Day? Think again, peasants. Luxury hotel Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast is offering the most OTT shopping service we’ve ever heard of – and yep, it’ll cost you. $1,750 big ones, to be exact.
Let’s have a pretend go at it, shall we? Your ~experience~ starts with a meet and greet with a personal stylist in the Palazzo Versace’s slick af Le Jardin restaurant over a glass of champers, of course.
From there, the first stop is their internal Versace Boutique to shop up a fashion and homewares storm. This is you at this point:
Then, shit gets serious. A chauffeur collects you in a Rolls Royce Phantom, complete with plenty of popped bottles so you get nice and tipsy before hitting – where else – Pacific Fair
By now you are probs in the red across all five of your cards and considering filing for bankruptcy. Your chauffeur will bundle your broke ass back in the Rolls, to drop you at the Palazzo for a spa pedicure and champagne High Tea. You better enjoy it considering this’ll be the last time you eat anything besides Mi Goreng.
Thought you could get around the eventual debt by splitting with your m8s? That $1750 price tag divided by 10 is only $175 each, after all. Lol, nope. The service is $1750 for ONE person. You want pals with ya? Start forking out an extra $900 per friend. 
Might leave this one for those bored rich people.