‘Cursed’: The Bachelors Recount A String Of Fkd Events That Have Occurred Since Joining The Show

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The long-awaited season of The Bachelor Australia 2023, titled The Bachelors, kicks off tonight and even the lead blokes are tired at this point. In fact, the dudes think this season is “cursed”.

In a new interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, the lead lads Jed McIntosh, Thomas Malucelli and Felix Von Hofe discussed how their lives have spiralled out of control since joining the ill-fated series.

During the interview, all three blokes revealed that “so many things have gone wrong” in their lives since filming the show and they “can’t wait for it all to be over“.

In addition to being called out over its lack of diversity and having its release date pushed back many times, the show also seems to have laid a curse on the guys.

In October, Thomas almost died in a motorbike crash and said it was a “miracle” he survived.

Thomas said he’s “grateful to be alive” after a car crashed into him in Bondi. He recounted “laying on the concrete scared and traumatised” before undergoing months of rehab to recover.

As for Jed, over Christmas his Melbourne recording studio burned down, destroying $200,000 worth of the musician’s recording equipment.

The article also noted that contractural obligations for the show were more intense than they had initially anticipated.

Since filming The Bachelors, Jed has been forced to delay releasing new music several times which has resulted in a loss of income.

“Felix and the boys knew they’d have to press pause on their lives until the show aired, but they only thought this would be for a month or so,” an insider told the publication.

“They all expected it to air in September or October, not for it to keep getting pushed back until January.

“At this point, they just can’t wait for it all to be over.”

Honestly, same.

The Bachelor Australia 2023 AKA The Bachelors kicks off tonight at 7:30pm on Ten.