Apparently Bachie Thomas *Did* Meet The Final Two’s Fams But It Was Cut For… You Guessed It

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I regret to inform you that I’ll be watching The Bachelors finale tonight. I also regret to inform you that even though I’ve watched (almost) every season of this shitshow, I really don’t know who Thomas Malucelli is going to pick — and after the latest reports, I’m only more confused.

As you might recall, Thomas told producers that he didn’t feel the need to meet his final two’s families during Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelors. He said he knew who he was going to pick. Why confuse that?

And while this was very romantic and spiritual(?) of him, why would you not meet the family and friends of someone you love? I mean it’s been a hot minute but I remember that being something great and exciting.

Also you are proposing marriage. Might be a good idea to see how your wife-to-be interacts with people who aren’t competing against them for Insta-fame.

So yeah, the whole thing didn’t check-out from my personal opinion. And now So Dramatic! is reporting that Thomas did do the meet-and-greets but the scenes were scrapped in post-production.

“The producers then made Thomas film that piece-to-camera where he said ‘I am not doing family visits, I’ve already chosen someone’, at a later date so it would make sense,” a source explained to So Dramatic!

So… why? Well apparently it was to make room for more interesting television.

“He met both Leah [Cummings] and Lauren [Whybird]‘s family and friends, and they met his mum and his two best friends,” an insider told So Dramatic!

“But apparently, it was too boring so they never aired it.”

I mean, sure. Thomas is hot and all but there’s only so long I can watch him stare into souls and nod intently. Anyway, imagine telling your family they weren’t exciting enough for The Bachelors and they need to take notes from more exciting birth-givers like, say, Felix’s mum.

“Pretty slack to the girls that it wasn’t shown considering their families went to so much effort to be there,” the insider told So Dramatic! “They were pretty upset when they saw it had been cut.”

Take anything anyone who won’t be named — e.g an “insider” — says with a grain of salt, of course, but I also wouldn’t put this move past The Bachelor Australia producers. They’ve gone completely rogue this season.

Also, let’s keep in mind that there’s usually only one Bachelor and they’re usually only meeting one side’s family. This year there were three and the idea was to bring both families together for each. That’s a lot of meeting to smush into one episode of The Bachelors.

Here’s the best/worst part: apparently the families were shelved to make space for everyone’s favourite/most-hated storyline this season — The Bachelors‘ polyamorous love triangle that is Damien Kelly, Jessica Navin and Felix Van Hofe.

Here’s to all the conscious conversations that actually get airtime, hey.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her here