Bachie Will Be Filmed On The Gold Coast So Say Bye To Intimate Dates In The Fkn Blue Mountains

The Bachelor Australia has a new filming location so bye bye to the bloody freezing Blue Mountains. That’s right, for the first time The Bachelor will be filmed in the Gold Coast instead of New South Wales.

It’s a big move for the show’s tenth season. Personally I’m excited for the contestants to not have to shiver through rose ceremonies in the cold cold NSW winter.

If Bachie producers aren’t going to let the contestants wear trackies and uggs, at least put them somewhere with a glimpse of sun.

The move was confirmed by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. More reality TV news should be officially shared by politicians.

Maybe we’ll even get a cameo from Annastacia? A lovely final date at the Queensland Parliament perhaps.

The Bachelor is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia. The company’s managing director Michael Brooks said the Gold Coast was the “perfect backdrop” for the series.

“Our beautiful new surroundings on the Gold Coast are one of many new creative changes in what will be a very bold, daring and exciting 10th season of The Bachelor Australia,” he said, as per My Gold Coast.

Surely this means at least one group theme park date? If I don’t see two contestants having a passive aggressive argument on a waterslide at Wet N’Wild I’m not interested.

Maybe this is the first season of The Bachelor where we’ll have a fairy floss and rollercoaster induced on-camera spew. We can only hope.

At the mo, the Gold Coast move is basically the only thing we know about the upcoming The Bachelor season. It’s almost as shrouded in mystery as the Federal Election.

PEDESTRIAN.TV did get a spicy DM back in February with some possible Bachie tea.

“So I’ve heard from good authority that there’s only going to be one season of Bach this year and it’s going to have a male and female lead,” the DMer said.

“Meaning there is going to be a mansion of guys and girls co-existing like with Brooke [Blurton]’s season.”

Plus the DMer said the show would be filmed on the Gold Coast. And now that tea has officially come true!

So maybe their other gossip is right on the money as well? I guess we’ll just have to wait, watch and see.

The Bachelor is slated to start filming in May and it’ll air later in the year on Network 10. Personally I’m just excited to see some gorgeous scenic Queensland shots.