The Bachelor Australia season seven only kicked off last week, but it’s already nice and spicy (of course). The whole strategy of bringing 20 women in on the first night and then introducing 8 more the next day was an inspired move from the producers and has brought a very competitive energy to the whole situation.

On top of that, in the second episode Bachie Matt Agnew was already macking on with a contestant (Sogand, you lucky binch) and in the trailer we saw him kissing 13 people (or perhaps it was just the same person 13 times?)

So it seems although Matt is the lovely, slightly nerdy Smart Bachelor™, he — and all these ladies — are still incredibly horned up. Which is why these latest rumours, published by New Idea, might not be SO outlandish.

The magazine claims that Matt is the first Bachelor to actually do the sex with one of the contestants, with a source telling New Idea: “We’re told the astrophysicist even beds one of [the contestants] and it’s not the woman he ends up picking at the final rose ceremony.”

SCANDAL! Of course there’s no info on who this gal might be, so we’ll just have to wait and see if any kind of root rat activity is alluded to on the show. The US version of The Bachelor is a lot more sexual, with overnight dates happening quite frequently.

You’ll recall that first Bachie Tim Robards set the tone by not hopping on the good foot and doing the bad thing with anyone in season one, so now none of the Bachies to come after him, not even the devilish Honey Badger, has got their leg over.

We never saw it coming from the sweet and somewhat dorky astrophysicist, but you know what they say: it’s always the quiet ones.

Image: Network Ten