TikToker Jimmy Jan Is Keen To Be The Next Bachie & The Internet Is Already Lining Up For A Rose

Jimmy Jan is 21-year-old Aussie student from Newcastle in NSW. He has been setting the TikTok algorithm alight with his knack for storytelling and (we’ll be honest) his piercing eyes. So who is this absolute king and why should we petition to get him on the next season of The Bachelor? Here’s the lowdown.

Let’s be honest here, team. The last few blokes on The Bachelor have taken us on a bit of a snooze cruise. Fear not because we reckon Jimmy might be the perfect fit for the show’s next season.

Jimmy’s earliest upload on Twitter dates back to early January. He was in the hospital recovering from a spinal cord injury that left the lower half of his body paralysed.


how do i opt out? #paralyzed #spinalcordinjury #wheelchair

♬ Follow me I dare you – Josh Pike / Pamela

Over the next few months, Jimmy documented his hospital experience through TikTok vids. If you watch any of Jimmy’s uploads, you’ll notice that he truly has the gift of the gab.

His sense of humour also shines through. It’s no great mystery why TikTok users have flocked to Jimmy Jan’s ever-positive account. It’s good vibes from start to finish.


Reply to @_theyankee_ so my 10 second explainer vid wasn’t enough?! #storytime #wheelchair #skiing #paralyzed

♬ original sound – Jimmy Jan

A few weeks ago Jimmy Jan uploaded a light-hearted “boyfriend application” video. At the time of writing, the video had an absolutely bonkers 13.5 million views.


hi i’m Jimmy, and i’m looking 4 love #boyfriendapplication #applywithin #wheelchair

♬ sonido original – Shy ☽。⋆

In the application video, Jimmy Jan compiled a bunch of reasons why he’d be a fab boyfriend.

These include “will never walk away from you”, “premium parking, always”, the ability to cop “the key to the wheelchair swing” and finally the smoothest reason of all “the key to your heart”.

The top comment on the boyfriend application video is a user asking “can we campaign for Jimmy to be the next Bachelor??”.

The comment initially had 103,300 likes but immediately rose to 103,301 after I liked it. Don’t @ me, I’m on Jimmy’s Bachelor train too!



Jimmy appeared on last night’s ep of The Project and was asked about his thoughts on being the next bachie.

“‘I might have to. It could be the next step,” he replied.

“You know – if I don’t find something through all of these applications, I may as well find love on the telly,” as per the Daily Mail.

In January, The Bachelor‘s official social accounts published the callout for their new season.

Jimmy Jan, pls sign up.