As The Bachelor season wears on, it’s been reported that contestants who have not gotten a rose from Jimmy Nicholson and left the show have got a snarky group chat going. And apparently it’s not gone down well with our current Bachelor.

Sources let slip to The Daily Mail that a private WhatsApp group chat has emerged between the booted-off babes, and they’re using it to share tea, gossip, and memes about the man that sent them packing. Yep, we’re dealing with sources chatting to a tabloid here so please take everything with a pinch/handful of salt – though an ex-contestants group chat isn’t that much of a stretch, to be honest.

According to reports, a source said that Jimmy got wind of the group chat (and it’s memes), was shocked by what he read, and showed the show’s producers the screenshots of the chat he was sent in an effort to distance himself from the women.

“Jimmy’s shocked with the girls and thinks that they’re quite mean,” the source said to The Daily Mail.

“The girls were writing nasty things about him in the group chat, sending memes and spreading gossip in a private WhatsApp group chat.

“He doesn’t think it’s normal and doesn’t understand why they are acting this way, the girls obviously didn’t take the rejection well.”

The discovery of this alleged Bachelor group chat comes after it was rumoured that evicted contestant Annabelle O’Regan was kicked off the show for talking shit about Jimmy once she realised she’d recognised him from dating apps before filming.

It’s also believed that the production company sent out a mass email to all contestants, stressing that negative behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated, and contestants could risk breaking their contract if the rogue behaviour is continued.

Look, it’d be remiss of me to act like I haven’t dunked on someone in a group chat at one point or another, but when it comes to contractual agreements it’s probably best to just keep your lip zipped until you’re in the clear, right?

Image: Channel Ten / The Bachelor