Jimmy Nicholson has given his two cents on some of his girlfriends choosing to leave The Bachelor Australia due to a severe lack of chemistry. And to be honest, he was really good about it.

Speaking to Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa on Friday, Bachie Jimmy chatted about his time on the show and what it was like to say goodbye to some of the women. We are getting to the pointier end of the series, where Jimmy has made some real ~ connections ~ with the remaining gals.

“How’s the feeling of breaking hearts? Does it get easier as it goes on?” host MichaelWippa’ Wipfli asked Jimmy.

“Nah, it gets harder. It gets harder because at the start – I mean, you don’t really have that much of a connection with the girls, but as you grow forward, you go through the whole journey, you spend a bit of time with them,” Jimmy answered.

After choosing not to answer if any of the women were terrible kisses – absolutely none of our business, if you ask moi – host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald asked Jimmy how he felt about women choosing to leave the show.

At the end of Wednesday’s episode, Tatum Hargraves chose to exit the show after realising there just wasn’t a spark with Jimmy.

“There’s been a couple of girls that have left because they’re not into you. Honesty is what you’re looking for Jimmy, so if you go on a show like this, you don’t want a girl to stick around if she isn’t into you, so do you actually dig that a little bit that they’ve been quite honest with you?” Fitzy asked.

“Yeah, I think it’s good, “Jimmy answered.

“I said to all the ladies at the start, ‘Look, I’ll be honest with you guys, please be honest with me.’ And one of them said, ‘Look, I’m not feeling it’, so yeah I guess honesty is key and to be honest, I was feeling a little bit the same way, so you don’t want to waste each other’s time.”

Honesty is indeed the best policy, especially if it leads to Sierah Swepstone going off about Jimmy for not liking “tall, horny bogans” during the limo ride home.

The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10.

Image: Channel 10