Millennial Managers Are Changing The Workforce For The Better And It’s About Bloody Time

Millennial Manager

Did you know that we’re supposed to go through not five, not 10, not 15, but 18 jobs in our lifetime? It seems like a crazy number, but looking back I’ve realised that I’ve had six jobs already at 23. (Not including internships, my gosh.) That’s like a job a year since 2018. Not ready to accept that I’ve got 12 jobs to go, statistically speaking. Moving on.

With all these jobs Gen Z is likely to experience, we’re gonna need an actually supportive boss to get through it all. Which is where millennial managers come in. Looking back, I’ve realised I’m so much happier with a millennial boss than a boomer boss. A millennial boss doesn’t care that you’re a couple of minutes late to work, they know it’s out of your control. Whereas a boomer boss would send a passive-aggressive reminder in the group chat when your train was late. (True story.)

Let’s dive into how millennial managers are changing the workforce for the better.

Improving your skills

We’ve probably all had a boss at one point who wants us to fail. If constantly bringing up your past failures and not acknowledging your wins sounds familiar, then you know the kind of behaviour I’m talking about. My past and present millennial bosses have created a fostering work environment where they cheer on my success and create plans to help enhance my skills.

For example, they might show you the actually fun upskill course from NIDA Corporate Training for your specific learning style. From a book and a game for visual learners, an app and audio guide for oral learners and even activities for kinesthetic learners. (Did I have to look up what activity-based learning is called, definitely not.) Arming you with everything you need for the next Karen you encounter in the office.

Keeping up with the times

Not to mention that Millennials, for the most part, are not afraid of using technology to help speed things up. It’s not being lazy, they just want to save the company time that is better spent doing other things. (Like going on a coffee run, which is very important for morale.)

Plus, millennial managers are always down with the latest trends, so the business stays relevant. Compared to asking what a TikTok is, “Does it taste like a Tic Tac?”

Encouraging collaboration

There’s nothing worse than having ideas, but not feeling comfortable enough to to speak up. Especially when a Stanford study found that people stay on task 64% longer when they are collaborating. What’s really helped me feel confident is the millennial phrase, “no dumb ideas.” Where they’ll use your thought starters as building blocks and help you turn them into a solid foundation. Gosh, look at me go, using corporate lingo, I’m so professional.

If you’re struggling with collaboration sessions or just want to smash goals in that next review with your boss (so you can get that pay rise you deserve), Prologue by NIDA is a great place to start. The toolkit will have you prepared to take in the brief, bounce off people’s ideas and create even better ideas on the spot. I know I certainly need this…

Now go off and thank your millennial managers for changing the workforce, I know I am.