Gen Z’s Found Yet Another Thing To Bully Millennials For & This Time It’s Their Cringe Instas

Every few months, Gen Z finds a new reason to ridicule millennials. 

First it was skinny jeans and side parts. Then it was their incessant need to sort any living thing into their respective Hogwarts house and girlboss-ify complicated political figures.

Those crazy Gen Z kids even went as far as to laugh at the way millennials respond to nudes

Stop! Stop! They’re already dead!

But Gen Z will never stop, because it is every generation’s sworn duty to make fun of the generations that came before them. Millennials have had it too good for too long!

Now it seems the latest source of millennial-targeted derision is their Instagram feeds. 

Is nothing sacred anymore!?

@portab.ella Reply to @kk.12212 ♬ blurred lines – haley

TikTok user @portab.ella came for millennials HARD in this roundup of the worst millennial Instagram posts. 

There’s a terrifying amount of hashtags. An engagement at Disneyland. A Nokia brick phone throwback. The word ‘doggo’. 

The comments suggested even more millennial social media hits. 

One user added “‘#adulting’ or ‘we did a thing.’”

“I am a millennial and I do not claim this energy,” said another. Millennials are getting roasted so hard they’re renouncing their millennialism.