We Asked A Bunch Of Gen Z & Millennial Aussies If They Really Think Boomers Fucked The Planet

There’s nothing we love more than a little bit of generational warfare to make everyone mad. Millennials are killing the diamond industry. Boomers fucked the planet. And all Gen Z knows is TikTok, eat chips, and lie.

None of those are remotely true – except maybe Boomers fucking the planet. But let’s be honest, we’ve all played a part in that one (including you, Gen X, who always whine about being forgotten in the generational sniping).

Recently, a TikTok about what Gen Zers really think about millennials went viral. It not only cementing the fact that millennials are no longer synonymous with youth, but revealed that actual young people think millennials are kind of pathetic.

“They be 34 talking about “I’m a Hufflepuff” like grow up and do a line of coke already,” one person said.

But given the millennials vs boomers fight has been playing out for a decade, we wanted to both bring Gen Z into the conversation, and find out if the millennial stereotypes were true.

So for our seventh episode of 27 Pedestrians, we asked our young Aussies – who are either Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2015) or millennials (born between 1981 and 1994) – what they actually think about boomers.

Did they really screw the planet, buy all the houses, and refuse to leave the cushy jobs we’ll never, ever see? Or are they just a flawed group like any other?

TBH, the answers were a real mixed bag.

“Listen. The majority of them could just get in the fucking bin,” Sarah May, 33, said.

“I mean, there’s good and bad in everyone, and I think regardless of age bracket, there’s just people who refuse to grow as a person, or to learn new things, and the boomers are big on that.”

Ayeesha, 27, took a gentler approach, pointing to her grandma as an example.

“So my nana is a boomer, she’s born in 1944,” Ayeesha said. “She’s really cool, she’s open-minded, took my mum and my aunty to the first ever Mardi Gras, but I feel like she is maybe an exception to the rule.”

Quite a few people included a #NotAllBoomers answer, and some, like Zoe, 22, said we had heaps to learn from them and should probably stop shitting on an entire generation.

Claudes, 25, might have been the only person who turned the lens on his own peer group.

“People in general frustrate me immensely,” Claudes said.

“I could probably pick up the same amount of things that piss me off about Gen Z that piss me off about boomers.”

Fair enough.

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