Gen Z Has Absolutely Roasted Millennials On TikTok & Ouch, I Guess ‘Doggo’ Is Cancelled

millennial tiktok

Millennials have long copped hate from their more-senior counterparts for everything from having a shitty work ethic, to not being able to afford a house because of their brunching habits. But now they’re facing backlash from an entirely new group, Gen Z.

As a Gen Z baby, I have faced my fair share of backlash for being an “entitled millennial”, so I get where the rest of Gen Z are coming from when they want to dish out some of the hate they’ve wrongfully received for so long. But hoo boy, some of these Gen Z babies are brutal.

Thanks to this incredible TikTok thread, we now know exactly what the not-quite-millennials think of them.

“I’m awake at 3am and I just want everyone to know what Gen Z says about millennials on TikTok,” the tweet reads.

Whether you’re a millennial or a Gen Z baby (a Zoomer? Is that a thing?), you can’t deny how painfully accurate some of these descriptions are. The world is going to be a brutally sassy place when these Gen Z bebes take over in a few years.

Before we kick off, I’m just going to warn you that if you’re a millennial, or one of those cusp-babies that relate to both millennial and Gen Z things, you might want to grab the tissues before you read this.

“They be 34 talking about “I’m a Hufflepuff” like grow up and do a line of coke already,” one commenter wrote.

Warning: Gen Z are NOT here for your Harry Potter bullshit. Liking Harry Potter is NOT a personality. We all like Harry Potter.

“They’re worried about their Harry Potter house bt they live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Y’all worried about the wrong houses,” another wrote.

The same sentiment can be used for millennials’ love of dogs, or “doggos” and Buzzfeed quizzes.

“And they say doggo,” one Gen Z TikToker said.

“Or that Buzzfeed knows their favourite wine,” another added.

Oh, and don’t get Gen Z started on “adulting”. This is probably one we’re all guilty of, especially if you’re old enough to, you know, have to… adult.

“Or people that still say “adulting”,” one commenter said.

Another elaborated on the type of person who says “adulting” and ouch, it’s me. I am Rebecca. Give me a slice of pizza and a wine.

“Or “ugh I hate adulting, just give me a slice of pizza and wine.” like sis Rebecca you are 32 and an alcoholic, pls sit down.”

Obviously, it wouldn’t be a shitting-on-millennials post without an avocado reference, would it?

“Millennials b like: yikes I’m adulting right now ugh I need to go get avocado toast!”

Millennials! What can I say? They can really be summed up in one sentence:

“All they do is drink wine, post cringe “90s kid” meme, talk about tech start-up and lie.”

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