Fans Want Gucci Short King Dion To Be The Next Bachie After His Unfairly Shit Run On MAFS

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Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Sure, The Bachelor bombed in spectacular fashion this year, but we haven’t given up hope on The Bachelor 2022 still going ahead! And if the rumours are true, producers are already eyeing off some stellar picks for next year’s leading lad.

The network dropped a casting call on its official Facebook page ahead of the new season and since they want both male and female contestants, it certainly sounds like they’ve found a bisexual Bachelor, doesn’t it?

The call-out says: “Are you searching for that special someone but just can’t seem to find them? The Bachelor is back with a whole new look for 2022 and we’re looking for single men and women who are looking for the love of their life.”

According to the casting call, filming is set to take place roughly between May and July this year.

Before long, the call-out had gone gangbusters across the media, with several sites taking this to mean that The Bachelor 2022 is following in The Bachelorette 2021’s footsteps with a bisexual Bachie season, featuring both male and female contestants.

To get to the bottom of it, PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to a Ten spokesperson and here’s what they had to say:

“Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is so 2020. Love is love and we look forward to casting our next Bachelor, whoever they may be.”

Well there ya bloody have it!

Here are the blokes who are rumoured to be in the running!

Dion Giannarelli

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Okay, first let’s put the rumours to the side for a minute because Married At First Sight star Dion Giannarelli deserves another go at finding love on reality TV. The internet is gunning for the Gucci-wearing short king to be the next Bachelor after his unfair and shit run on MAFS.

Giannarelli went on the reality TV show to find love and was married to Carolina Santos. But he was treated unfairly by his bride who ended up cheating on him with former contestant Daniel Holmes.

“Someone else could have had your opportunity, Carolina, to sit by me, to get married to me [and] to get everything I offer as a person,” Giannarelli said.

“You’ve taken that away from that person and you took it away from me.”

Fans began to petition the blazer-loving property developer to be the next Bachie king when Santos and Holmes walked into the Commitment Ceremony on Sunday night and had the audacity to ask if they could re-join the experiment.

It’s unlikely Dion will be our leading man for The Bachelor 2022 given producers appear to be casting someone who identifies as bisexual or pansexual. But it’d be a cute redemption for the poorly treated romantic, huh?

Daniel MacPherson

According to a new report by New Idea, Aussie actor Daniel MacPherson is “officially on the top of the Bachelor wish list” for producers “who are on the hunt for a big name this year.”

“They want someone that is instantly identifiable and well known.”

“Daniel is a prime candidate… everyone loves him. He has massive appeal.”

Adam Todd

As pointed out in the new episode of the So Dramatic! podcast, Adam Todd, who appeared on The Bachelorette Season 6, shared a cryptic post on Insta over Chrissy and wrote, “Found me some roses in the garden, does anyone want them? Really excited for what’s coming in 2022. I hope you all have an amazing New Years.”

Could this be his way of hinting that he’s the next Bachelor or is he just pulling our leg here?

Todd King

Ali Oetjen‘s runner-up recently shared some tips on how to revive the Bachie franchise and according to So Dramatic!, it’s been speculated that he very well could be in the running.

Todd previously told NW that his Bachie mates “expected” him to be the next Bachelor.

“They expected me to 
be the Bachelor this year,” he said. “They also signed up because they thought I was going to be on the show. They were extremely disappointed 
to be honest.”

Todd says that if he’s cast as the next Bachelor, he’ll be the “friskiest” Bachelor ever. Well then!

The Inspired Unemployed

Jack Steele and Matt Ford, aka The Inspired Unemployed, stopped by Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa where they revealed that The Bachelor’s producers have been hounding them to sign up to be the next Bachelor(s).

The handsome duo revealed that their management have received many calls from the sneaky Bachie producers.

“We’re like nah,” Jack told the hosts. When asked if they’d ever do a reality show, Matt responded:  “Big Brother or maybe Celebrity Apprentice.”

Even though it’s a no for now, a lot can happen between now and 2022 and it’s certainly intriguing to know that the blokes are on the Bachie radar!

Tony Armstrong

Entertainment reporter Richard Reid recently floated the idea of casting king Tony Armstrong to put butts back in the Bachie seats, so to speak.

In a column for goss rag New Idea, the spicy reporter said Ten needs to “please go with Tony Armstrong” because the AFL star-turned-sports journo is “funny, flirty and oh-so easy on the eyes” and where’s the lie?

Dr. Chris Brown

I feel like every bloody year this bloke’s name gets brought up for Bachie and it’s happened once again.

During his recent appearance on Fitzy and Wippa, the famous vet was asked if he’d be joining the franchise and he responded, “I don’t know if there is a price [that would make him join].

“It’s appealing. If you re-open the bucket list for the finale I’ll probably do it for 20 grand and a drinks card,” Chris said.

The Bachelor 2022 is still a big ol’ mystery, but until then, The Bachelorette is currently airing every Wednesday night on Ten at 7:30pm.