It’s no secret that The Bachelor hasn’t been raking in the views it used to lately, and one entertainment expert reckons that Tony Armstrong is the answer to the franchise’s woes. Since Tony is the answer to all *my* woes, this seems like a fantastic idea to me.

After Jimmy Nicholson‘s season of The Bachelor premiered earlier this year to only about half the amount of viewers as Nick Cummins‘ season, it seems that the show needs a refresh to win viewers over again.

Entertainment reporter/gossip guru Richard Reid reckons the answer to saving The Bachelor‘s popularity is for Ten to cast Australia’s husband, Tony Armstrong, as the lead, and I have to say, this would definitely get everyone I know watching the show as religiously as I do.

In a column for New Idea, Reid said Channel 10 needs to “please go with Tony Armstrong” because the AFL star-turned-sports journo is “funny, flirty and oh-so easy on the eyes”, making him perfect Bachie material.

I’d like to second that suggestion not just because we’re all obviously in love with Tony and that there’d be no shortage of people trying win his heart, but also because of the potential this has for us to get a season that hits deeper than some of the other Bachelor seasons.

A proud Barranbinya man, Tony Armstrong has always been vocal about the racist treatment of Aboriginal people in Australia. He’s constantly pushing the wider public into critical and overdue conversations around Australia’s racist history, and he’s a really important voice in the (largely white) Australian media space.

Basically, yes he’s hot, but he’s also a genuinely interesting and important voice in media with a lot to say. And he’ll make you blush when he says it.

We’re tired of boring, vanilla Bachies, so someone start a petition to get Tony Armstrong on the red carpet ASAP.